The 4 Technical Features About Sex Doll Skeleton


 What is Sex Doll Skeleton?

The human body is composed of the muscles and skin wrapped in the skeleton, as is our simulation doll. A good sex doll skeleton is very important for making high-quality sex dolls. A sex doll skeleton is usually composed of alloy materials. Each skeleton consists of hundreds of parts and imitates human body structure. A series of simplified human joints are made at the dry limb connection so that dolls can put various types of postures.

different skeleton

Sex doll body skeleton structures generally include the neck, shoulders, hands, waists, and legs; the internal skeleton of the sex doll torso is generally made of a triangle to support. Currently, the skeleton on the market generally has a standard skeleton and EVO skeleton (shrugging skeleton, yoga skeleton). The sex doll skeleton gives you more secure support when using sex dolls and puts more sexy and realistic postures to convey visual aesthetics.


curvy sex doll torso

 How to Adjust the Posture of Sex Dolls?

Although the sex doll skeleton mimics the human bone structure to the greatest extent, it is composed of metal, which is not the same as the activity trajectory of human bones. When adjusting the posture for sex dolls, reply to the original action according to the movement trajectory to the original point and switch to other movements. This can not only easily adjust the posture of the sex doll but also extend the life of the joint.

For example, after the arms of the sex doll are straightened forward, you need to restore the arms of the sex doll to the original position and then open it to both sides. Adjusting the doll’s arm directly from forward to straight to both sides may cause the doll's shoulder joint dislocation or even break.

Which of The Standard Skeleton and EVO (Evolution) Skeleton Is Better?

  • Standard skeleton

①The shoulder of the standard skeleton is generally composed of a metal rod and the shoulder gear, which cannot make the sex doll shower.

②Only one joint connection at the spine of the most standard skeleton and the waist can only bend back and forth or tilt slightly left and right.

③The elbows and knees can be bent slightly, about 90 degrees.

standard skeleton
  • EVO (Evolution)skeleton

①The EVO skeleton is installed with double gears on the shoulders. Sex dolls can make shrugging movements and show a real posture more truthfully.

②The EVO skeleton places double gears at the waist spine. The spine is more flexible. Sex dolls can tilt left and right.

③ The thighs can be adjusted with top and bottom, left and right, the knee is bent and twisting, and the legs can be bent into a" W "bit.

④Both feet can be twisted and can be placed in eight any posture.

EVO skeleton

Compared with the standard skeleton, the EVO skeleton is a more advanced and flexible skeleton that can make it more natural and simpler, and the price of the EVO skeleton is also more expensive. Generally speaking, standard skeleton dolls can basically meet your needs. If you want higher and more detailed needs in the styling posture of sex and shooting, then the EVO skeleton doll will be your better choice.

 How to Maintain the Doll Skeleton?

  • Replace the posture promptly, don't let her keep a posture for too long to avoid the body skeleton deformation.
  • Don't put too much pressure on sex dolls or stretch the joints too tightly. Therefore, the metal skeleton is damaged, or the screws are loosened and dropped at the joints.
  • When cleaning, do not put the neck and head of the sex doll in the water to avoid rust of the skeleton.
  • Storage correctly, do not place sharp objects near the sex doll, avoid the sharp objects from piercing the silicone layer, and then damaging the skeleton. You can also buy a suspended storage kit for your beloved doll if necessary.


    We recommend you check her the first time you receive a sex doll. If you have damage or quality problems, please take pictures, and contact us in time. We will provide you with a return and exchange policy. You can contact us at any time during the use process. We will help bring you good after-sales service for the first time.


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