Big Booty Sex Dolls

A big booty sex doll is ideal for guys with a fantasy for women with big asses. The incredibly realistic design means you can live out your fat girl fetish with one of these dolls. And the best part about it is the big-ass sex dolls are submissive, and it’s always go-time with them.

1、What is A Big Booty Sex Doll?

2、Why Guys Are Obsessed with Big Booty Sex Dolls

3、How To Use A Big Booty Sex Doll For Sex

4、Top 3 Best-Selling Big Booty Sex Dolls

1、What is A Big Booty Sex Doll?

A big booty sex doll is a type of sex doll that has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique features. As its name implies, this type of doll has a large posterior designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural person.

Unlike most sex dolls with a hip circumference under 40 inches, big booty sex dolls typically have a hip circumference of 40 inches or more, making them more appealing to those looking for a more voluptuous figure.

Big booty sex dolls are typically made from either silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), giving them a realistic texture and weight similar to a human body.

They can be customized to suit individual preferences, with options for skin tone, hair color, eye color, and other features.

2、Why Guys Are Obsessed with Big Booty Sex Dolls

Big booty sex dolls have become increasingly popular among men in recent years. There are several reasons why guys are obsessed with these dolls, including the following:

Big Booty Sex Doll Can Inspire Sexual Fantasies in Men

The appeal of a big butt is not new and has been a prevalent feature in art and media for centuries. It is a symbol of fertility, sexuality, and femininity that has been celebrated in various ways. The popularity of big booty sex dolls is just another manifestation of this cultural fascination.

One of the main reasons why guys are obsessed with big booty dolls is that they can inspire sexual fantasies. Many men find a big booty doll's curvy shape incredibly attractive and arousing. These dolls provide a way for men to indulge in their sexual fantasies and desires safely and privately.

It's More Comfortable to Have Sex with Big Booty Dolls

Another reason why guys are obsessed with big booty dolls is that they are more comfortable to have sex with. The dolls are large but light in weight, making them easier to manipulate and position during sex. This can lead to a more pleasurable experience for men.

Moreover, these dolls are designed to mimic the feel of real human flesh, which makes the experience even more realistic. The softness and suppleness of the material used in these dolls add to the overall comfort and pleasure.

Pop Culture Loves the Big Butt

Pop culture has played a significant role in the rise of big booty dolls. Many celebrities have popularized the trend of having a big butt. This has led to an increased demand for products that cater to this aesthetic.

Apart from celebrities, social media influencers and adult film stars have also contributed to the popularity of big booty dolls. They often feature these dolls in their posts and videos, which further promotes their appeal among their followers and fans.

3How To Use A Big Booty Sex Doll For Sex

Having sex with a realistic big booty sex doll amplifies sexual pleasure and makes the experience genuine. The big booty sex doll’s incredible body, human-like skin, and textured orifices make the experience better than any masturbation session you’ll ever have.

Below are some ideas on how to fuck a big booty sex doll.

Kissing and Touching Your Big Booty Sex Doll

High-quality life-size big booty sex dolls have human skin-like materials, so it feels like you’re touching a woman. The skin is super squishy and responsive to touch, everything from the face to the arms, inner thighs, and breasts.

The lips also have soft and squishy material, so you can enjoy making out with your new partner. Some models feature realistic tongues and rubber teeth, further demystifying the experience.

What's more, she has big sexy and bouncy ass - just like you've always wanted.

Vaginal Sex with Your Big Booty Sex Doll

Vaginal sex is the most enjoyable part of owning a big booty sex doll, and the orifice mimics a real vagina with proper texture and grip to get you excited. What’s more, you don’t need much to enjoy vaginal sex. Simply position her as you’d like, dab some water-based lube, and enjoy the party.

Pro Tip: Using a condom makes cleaning easier.

Anal Sex with Your Big Booty Sex Doll

For anal play lovers, a realistic big booty sex doll is a great way to indulge all your sexual fantasies. The ass is usually super tight, more so than a vagina, and hugs your penis a bit better.

So, why continue burying your anal play fantasy for lack of a willing partner, when you can enjoy it with a sex doll?

Like vaginal play, position your big booty sex doll at your favorite angle, sprinkle some water-based lube, and devour her from the back. Sex doll manufacturers employ high-end designs to ensure the anal orifice feels unique, and you won’t even tell the difference from a real woman.

Yes. It’s super realistic and stimulating.

Oral Sex with Your Big Booty Sex Doll

No one hates a sloppy toppy, especially if it happens when you least expect it. Luckily, lifelike big booty sex dolls come with a mouth that pretty much has one role – to please you with a sex doll blow job. And unlike your ex-girlfriend, you don’t have to worry about her gagging mid-session.

In addition, she doesn’t have position preferences; she can suck your dick from any angle, no stiff neck, no gag reflex, and no moaning!

Big booty sex dolls have more ways to play waiting for you to unlock

4、Top 3 Best-Selling Big Booty Sex Dolls

Doria: Best Big Booty Sex Doll

Doria is the best big booty love doll for a reason. The 5ft1 fat butt sex doll is the woman in every man’s dreams. Unlike most big-ass sex dolls, she has thick thighs, huge E-Cup breasts, and a cute innocent face. And especially if you treasure a massive behind, she’s the one.

The big booty doll boasts vaginal, oral, and vaginal capabilities. Whether you want a quick blowjob, intense vaginal penetration, or anal sex, Doria is all accommodative. In addition, the submissive beauty is always ready to please.

Carmel: Red Head with Huge Ass


The gorgeous love doll is an ideal choice for guys obsessed with booty. Carmel has a 5.3ft big butt, a set of I-cup boobies, and thick thighs to complete the big girl look. Outstandingly, she has a tiny waist, which adds to the perfect body image and provides ‘handles’ for when you’re drilling her from behind.

Shavonne is made from high-quality TPE material. In addition, her body is fully articulated with a metal skeleton with movable joints to improve her flexibility and enhance realism.

Coco: Blonde with Big Butt

If you’re looking for a big-ass blonde sex doll, Coco is the one. She has a vast 5.2ft ass, a sweet, innocent face, and squishy K-Cups to match the aura.

Coco is the playful and always excited girl you want in your life. And while her sweet, innocent face might be deceiving, her goddess body is the center of attraction. Everything from the big ass to the K-Cup boobies and slim waist makes for one of the curviest love dolls.

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