About us


Linkdolls was founded in 2021 with a mission to provide users around the world with a safe, high-quality sex doll buying experience. We only provide high quality genuine sex dolls. We have a good relationship with the best quality doll manufacturers, including WM dolls, 6ye dolls, xingse torso dolls.


our value:
Customer satisfaction is our only goal. Buying a doll is a lot of money. We hope to provide high-quality dolls that bring you happiness and satisfaction, which is our core value.

Why choose to buy dolls at Linkdolls?

Linkdolls only provide high quality products

We have strict supplier access standards, we choose to cooperate with experienced manufacturers in doll production, and will visit on-site to understand the true level of manufacturers. At present, we have established cooperation with JINSAN (manufacturer of WM DOLL), 6YE, XISE and other manufacturers.

We are a TDF certified online seller

TDF is the world's largest sex doll forum, and sex doll users in various regions will share various information about dolls on the forum. linkdolls is a TDF certified seller, a ghostwriting endorsement from professionals in the sex doll field for the products we sell.

Fair Price

First of all, I want to say that we will not promise the lowest price on the whole network like some websites, because that is probably a website selling fake and shoddy dolls.
We believe that customers are willing to pay for the quality products and services of our website. We only make reasonable profits.

30-days Money Back

We allow "unconditional returns and refunds" within 30 days of receipt of your item.

"Unconditional Returns" must meet the following conditions: Returned items must be in original condition: Due to the nature of the product, your order must comply with federal health regulations in order to require a return or exchange. Each of our products will be packaged in an airtight transparent bag and put in a carton. Transparent bags keep the goods in their original condition. Items must be returned in their original condition as we will never sell unpackaged products. The so-called initial state means that the transparent bag is not damaged, and the original seal of the goods must be intact. Just imagine, just like underwear, no one wants to use a sex doll that has already been used by someone else, please understand. Returned items were not damaged during return shipping.
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7*24 hours customer service

At any time, you can communicate with us via online chat tools, phone calls and emails.

Free shipping 3-7 days delivery (US only)

We know that when you buy, you want to get your favorite sex doll quickly. In order to achieve this goal, most of our dolls are already in our warehouse in the United States, so you don't have to endure the pain of waiting for a long time.
We choose to cooperate with well-known companies such as ups, fedex, etc., to provide a good shipping guarantee for your doll.


Privacy package 

All of our dolls come in an unmarked plain brown box with no identifiable information or indication of the package contents.

Maintenance support

You will receive our maintenance support throughout the life of your doll. This includes short email/video tips on how to do a quick fix at home or full surgery at our repair center. This mainly applies to dolls you buy at linkdolls (proof required).