Alien Sex Dolls

Features of Alien Sex Doll: Not Be Defined Appearance: The appearance and dress of ordinary beauties have been unable to attract the interest of some people. Maybe we can extend our imagination to outer space and imagine what it would be like to have sex with an alien. Alien sex...

Features of Alien Sex Doll:

Not Be Defined Appearance:

The appearance and dress of ordinary beauties have been unable to attract the interest of some people. Maybe we can extend our imagination to outer space and imagine what it would be like to have sex with an alien. Alien sex dolls have human bodies, but look very different. They have gorgeous skin that humans don't have, smart ears, charming eyes or three eyes, evil faces, peculiar sex organs, and cruel characters.

These images, outside the rules and social morals, can awaken strong desires on the other side of you. The vicious and brutal, the multi-headed snake-shaped and the insect-shaped aliens that look like cockroaches, or the four-different aliens mixed with humans and insects are all immoral and rational. Bound aliens who act only by instinct, and their identities are often thugs or even destroyers.

Of course, with us, you can conquer her at will. Some are ugly, but your experience is very different. What man is not adventurous? Let's conquer the aliens together and defend the majesty of our earth men. 

Sexier And Prettier Look Needs to Be Explored:

Imagine that you came to an unfamiliar planet. All kinds of strange alien women here are attracted to you. The BBW image that is taller than you makes you feel full of security; your protection.

Aliens and humans grow up in different environments, and they can look more peculiar than normal humans, or they can be more beautiful and sexier than normal humans, as you might expect. Our alien dolls are prettier, sexier, and very gentle, you can do whatever you want. They are not inferior to normal BBW sex dolls.
The following is an introduction to the two classic types of alien dolls:

 On behalf of earth men, the wicked, evil spirit conquers her evil thoughts!
Eishabe grew up on an evil planet for a long time. She is only 150cm tall and is a petite alien elf. She will seduce earthlings with her beautiful M-cup, attract men, and transmit her evil into your body. Your mission is to make her evil disappear, and she only serves you. You can tie her up and beat her, but not too hard; warn her. Because she, in the end, still belongs to you, is your property.
Evil Value: ♥♥♥♥♥
Charm Value: ♥♥♥♥♥
Conquer Difficulty: ♥♥♥♥♡


Uniquely shaped alien sex doll

Noble and glamorous female assassin, conquer her or be dominated by her?
 Samantha has received intense physical training since childhood and is a loyal female assassin.  Although she is only 150cm, her only mission is to defend her home and eliminate intruders. You will be attracted by her cold and beautiful appearance and want to get close, but the closer you get, the stronger the breath of pressure will be.  The more dangerous, the more beautiful; her body is a sexy S-curve, like a machete, stimulating your heart.
 Venture Value: ♥♥♥♥♡
Charm Value: ♥♥♥♥♡
Conquer Difficulty: ♥♥♥♥♥


Sexy and beautiful alien sex doll

Why Choose Alien Sex Dolls:

The aliens don't look like we are familiar with; they are far away from our world. Humans are always curious about the unknown. So much so that some people, when they talk about aliens and see pictures of aliens,  are easily sexually aroused. The human desire to bond with aliens is a natural sexual phenomenon. Human sexuality manifests itself more deeply under the combined action of the unknown and the mysterious. Having sex with an alien sex doll will give you a different sexual experience with good preparation.
While many people love aliens and would love to have sex with them, it's hard for the real thing to happen. We usually called it exophila. Ignore these virtual conjectures, real sex life can be achieved with alien sex dolls.


Fantasy Sex Positions Become Reality!

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with a blue-skinned alien beauty under the god tree, stroking her blue skin and long black hair? Numerous aliens have human-like bodies, but they are slimmer and stronger than humans. Have you ever fantasized about an alien with elf ears and 3 big boobs giving you oral sex?

Live Out Your Sci-Fi Sex Dreams!

Alien sex dolls help you have a passionate collision with sci-fi characters from movies and bring you alien sex. You can live out your sci-fi sex dreams without going through a movie in reality. Life-size sex dolls for any position you want, doggy style, titty sex and more. We also sell male masturbators.

Soothe Your Stress:

In your reality, you can also make your alien sex doll your best friend, or even your lover or wife, to give you physical comfort when you're tired, and comfort when you're happy Share with her your joys as an Earthling. Having sex with an alien can take you out of the real world. She doesn't exist in the real world, so she doesn't make you feel pressured by reality. Whether oral or anal, she can satisfy you. Your sexual intercourse spans the planet, spans the human race. Your sex doll can help you build your self-esteem and confidence, so why not make her your partner? 

Unconditionally Accommodate You!

As a human being, you can talk to this friend from aliens about your ideas, your ideals, and your imaginative ideas, and she will only support you silently and unconditionally. Regarding sex, you may no longer be satisfied with human women, or want to change your taste, alien sex dolls are definitely your first choice.  

How To Find High-Quality Alien Sex Dolls?

Whether they are beautiful or ugly, fancy clothes, or which part is more peculiar, you can contact us to customize it for you. This is your happy planet. Come and find the alien that belongs to you.

The alien dolls here are more beautiful, with more female human characteristics, and are very gentle, at your mercy. Buying sex dolls has become a new trend for people nowadays. If you like cruel and alternative dolls, you can also contact us in time, we will tailor your favorite sex dolls for you.

High-Quality Alien Sex Dolls:

The alien sex dolls we sell are from the most well-known top manufacturers in both medical-grade silicone and TPE material. The pros and cons vary.

One: Silicone usually feels slightly harder, while TPE is very soft; of course, silicone can also be very soft, but the cost will increase a lot.

Two: Silicone dolls of the same size will be heavier than TPE dolls, and the specific weight depends on the manufacturer's craftsmanship.

Three: Silicone needs to be vulcanized and heated to form, while TPE can be processed and formed without vulcanization. Silicone processing is difficult to form, while TPE production and processing are simple.

Four: Silica gel has advantages over TPE in terms of high-temperature resistance. The temperature resistance of silica gel is generally between 200 degrees and 300 degrees, while TPE theoretically generally has a high-temperature resistance of 130-150 degrees Celsius.

Five: The price of silica gel is generally more than 30,000 yuan per ton, while the general price of TPE is between 13,000 and 30,000, and TPE has an advantage in price.

Six: Silica gel has advantages over TPE in high-temperature resistance. The temperature resistance of silica gel is generally between 200 degrees and 300 degrees, while TPE theoretically generally has a high-temperature resistance between 130 and 150 degrees Celsius, and it will age and crack if it is higher. Silicone dolls hardly react with anything. TPE soft plastic dolls are not resistant to high temperatures, and their anti-aging properties are not as good as silicone products.

Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, we provide you with basic comparison information of the two materials, choose according to your preferences, and our products do our best to meet your needs.

Seven: Most dolls will be equipped with stainless steel skeletons, which are stable. Solid doll bones generally have 14 movable joints, namely neck joints, shoulder joints, elbow joints, wrist joints, waist joints, double hip joints, double knee joints, double ankle joints, etc. The fingers are also made of metal The silk is made into a universally bendable phalanx. The actual situation is subject to the final doll.

The range of motion of joints can reach 85%-90% of the range of motion of human joints. Therefore, the movement of the doll is more flexible, and it can change various sexual positions you want, such as kneeling, rear entry, riding position, etc. so that you can have a more comfortable experience during sex.

The most suitable additional features for alien sex dolls

Many sex dolls from Linkdolls come with a variety of additional feature options. Do you feel confused about how to choose? We have recommended some options that are most suitable for pairing with alien sex dolls. (Not every sex doll offers the following options, usually irontech, WM. Climax, etc. have these options, you can consult online customer service for specific details.)


Realistic body painting: Imagine imprinting your own patterns or tattoos on your alien sex doll! You can even get couple tattoos with her. Isn't there a kind of extra intimacy and satisfaction when you kiss and touch these brands that belong to you during sex? And this is free, no need to pay extra money.

Articulated fingers: Hinged fingers have a larger range of motion than regular fingers. They can tightly fix objects, and the joint is less likely to loosen due to long-term use. Hold your alien sex doll's hand and masturbate yourself, adjust her finger tightness according to your feelings, look at her beautiful and strange face to enjoy. Moreover, WM's new hinged fingers are designed with a ball joint at the wrist, which can achieve 360° rotation.


Movable jaw: With a movable jaw, your alien sex doll can better adjust the range of facial expressions. This kind of chin will not attach to a part of the bottom silicone face, so the mouth can move more freely, and it will be much more flexible and soft than sex dolls with ordinary chins, oral sex or kissing will have a more pleasant experience.

Removable vagina: Cleaning after sex is always the most headache for full-body sex dolls, but if your sex doll is equipped with a removable vagina, then after sex, you do not need to move her to the bathroom for cleaning, most of the time just remove it for cleaning, isn't it good? Be careful not to let the liquid inside flow out and dirty your bed or carpet when disassembling.

Additional Charge:

Pubic hair type: Usually 70 dollars. In addition to the regular pubic hair type, you will usually be offered 6 other types of pubic hair. Why choose a unique pubic hair for your alien sex doll? After all, it's a special sexy beauty! Like The Martini Glass pubic hair type, her pubic hair is only above the labia, so your penis will have a very smooth thrusting feeling.


Insertable penis add-on: Usually 70 dollars, with two lengths of 15cm and 19cm to choose from. Don't be surprised and resistant! Who says alien sex dolls can only have one gender? Try the feeling of being overwhelmed by a thick penis, your anus will experience an extremely satisfying pleasure!


Why choose our dolls?

1: The price of full-size dolls is generally high. For some friends who love our dolls but do not have enough budget, it doesn't matter if you worry about the price. If you like our alien sex dolls, please contact us in time, I will not only You can customize them according to your needs. We will launch activities from time to time to reward the new and old users who have been supporting us.

During our activities, you will enjoy the biggest discount. You can customize her hair, eye color, hair, vagina and choose the size of boobs and hips you want.

2: We will not only do our best to meet your requirements for dolls, such as what size of big breasts you want, whether to support 3 channels and more beautiful-Japanese sex dolls from the East Or a BBW sex doll that's extremely sexy, etc., we will also On the dolls you like, try to fit your budget needs, while also guaranteeing that our sex dolls don't compromise the high quality for the price.

4: We will absolutely protect your privacy on the doll packaging. We will choose shipping carefully from your perspective. We will help you put the real sex doll in a plain box with no identifying information, no sensitive words on the box, no one will know what's inside, and we can also courier the order to your convenient pickup address.

5: If you want to buy the most special alien sex doll, don't miss these options. The height of these alien sex dolls includes 4ft10, 5ft, and 5ft6, covering your height needs. I would like to recommend the doll Samantha in particular.

She is currently the most popular alien doll which has three times more purchases than other dolls. Pointy ears are one of the linear features of alien sex dolls, and their charming ears add a lot of mystery to them. They can hear whatever is on your mind and remain loyal to you.

You don't have to worry that she will leave you and betray you. You can kiss her ear at any time, Most of your female alien sex dolls are petite, girls with a height of 4ft10 are liked by most boys, of course, if you need to have different heights, we can customize this sex doll for you. Whether you prefer flat or big boobs, there's something for you in alien sex dolls. Some sex dolls have huge breasts and petite bodies, which are very rare in real life.

6:If you think you are on a budget, we also sell high-quality sex doll torso, she will not only meet your sexual needs but also have the same real-life skin touch, also in a variety of styles, including BBW sex doll torso.

sex doll torso

7: We have 24 online human customer service, one-to-one tracking of friends who love our dolls throughout the whole process, and timely help you solve and understand various problems before, during, and after purchase. After you successfully use our products, if you have any after-sales problems, we will always follow up and help you solve them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Cleaning and maintenance issues:
1. How to clean the doll: Sweat will affect the life of the doll, so it is necessary to bathe, clean and dry the doll. If there is dirt on the surface of the doll, please wipe it with soapy water (soap or shower gel). Of course, it is better to use antibacterial soap. If you choose to take a bath with clean water, remember to pad it with a towel or a soft pad and wipe it gently with a sponge or towel.

Remember not to use hard objects to prevent the doll from being injured, and dry it in time to better protect the doll. And never use corrosive cleaning agents, including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants and detergents.
2. How to clean the holes of the doll: General full-size dolls have three channels: vaginal opening, mouth and anus. How to effectively clean these holes and avoid the breeding of bacteria is very important. If you bought a sex doll that is removable, it can be completely disassembled and rinsed after sex, then wiped dry.

If it's a non-removable doll, clean the opening with a sponge or soft towel with antibacterial soap. And rinse off any residual soapy water with clean water. No matter what method of cleaning, be sure to wipe dry at the end of the cleaning to ensure that the doll is free of moisture.

Remember not to use the dryer, which will seriously damage your beloved doll. After cleaning the doll with prickly heat powder, wait for the surface to dry, and then powder prickly heat or talcum powder on the doll. Because doing so is beneficial to protect the doll's skin and keep it soft and smooth. 

clean the holes of the doll
3. How to store and maintain the sex doll after cleaning: After storing the prickly heat powder, if you do not use it, you need to save the doll and put it in a dry and clean place.

Be careful to keep the doll away from direct sunlight (after the surface is dry, apply prickly heat powder or talcum powder to the doll. It is beneficial to protect the doll's skin), too much gray layer (the surface of the doll is sticky and static, and it is easy to stick to dust), high temperature (The material of the doll is flammable, please be sure to place it away from the fire source), and do not put heavy objects on the doll, which will deform it.

4. If you want to makeup a new alien sex doll, you should learn how to remove the original makeup first. You need to prepare many tools and do it carefully when it touches the face.
Accessories problem:
Buying our dolls, some accessories will be added according to your requirements, such as hair, accessories, clothes and other accessories, and even the head, we can change it to your favorite look according to your needs, so that your doll looks more beautiful, more attractive.

Because everyone's preferences are different and there are too many types of accessories, we can't present all the accessories for you to choose from. When you find that you want to have other doll accessories or want to get better suggestions, please contact us and ask We express your needs and we do our best to meet them. Or you can try your best to makeup your alien sex doll.

Real feedback from Linkdolls customers after purchase a alien sex doll

T**m 2024/04/19

I received my order after about five weeks. It looks and feels authentic. The features work and I am quite pleased with how things turned out. These particular type of dolls do need some extra care. BUT linkdolls sent some lubrication separately as well. The doll is quite a work out. For what it's worth, the experience was new for me and I am blessed to try it. Also I am very careful when taking care of things. I recommend to others to follow safety instructions and be patient when waiting for your orders. Thank you.


D**n 2023/10/28

Man, I gotta say, my Jena is just amazing! I switched up her wig and even customized her sound on advice from customer service - I'm cracking up, it's perfect! Her blue skin is totally like the Avatar movie. I've got my bedroom decked out with lights, and it feels like we're putting on a show under the Tree of Life. And the back-entry style? Cherry on top, haha!


T***n 06/30/2022

super soft boobsI wasn't sure if it was a solid breast or a gel breast when I bought it, and the customer service staff finally made it clear that it was better go with a gel breast, which is why it looked so attractive. I have to say that kneading her is a great feeling. She's the size to accept any pose I take and won't say no.

After-sales commitment:

We adhere to the principle of the most favorable price, the most considerate service, and the most reliable product quality.

We not only sell high-quality sex dolls produced by the most well-known manufacturers but also have a complete after-sales service system. 24-hour online customer service, always solve your pre-sales and after-sales questions and needs. The complete logistics chain allows your baby to arrive at the destination safely and promises to return unconditionally if there is any damage when opening the box, you can start to leave a video before opening the box. And will protect your privacy on the box.

If you have better suggestions and questions about our products, you are welcome to write to us at any time, we are happy to solve and answer any questions for you.
If you don't find the sex doll you like, please tell us your needs by email or leave a message on our website in time, no matter which brand doll you like, which country's cultural style or unique aliens Sex dolls, whether they are BBW or shemale sex dolls, or other sex toys.

If you can't find them on our website temporarily, please contact us in time, we will give you the best service according to your needs and budget. We will regularly hold preferential activities to give feedback to new and old users.

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