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Japanese girls are known for being petite and cute, a trend that has become part of Japanese culture and has a considerable appeal to men worldwide. During sex, numbing moans, the temptation of nurse uniforms, all kinds of bangs, big, cute eyes, exquisite makeup, and smooth and firm skin are all elements that make Japanese girls popular all over the world.

And the derivative products brought by this popularity - Japanese sex dolls, are loved by most users. This article in Linkdolls will give you a comprehensive introduction to this hot product - the Japanese sex doll and explain why she is so attractive.

Background on the popularity of Japanese sex dolls:

 Japanese sex dolls are an accessory product of Japanese sex culture, and Japanese sex culture is an essential reason for the vigorous development of Japanese sex dolls to be loved by more people. The story of Japanese sex culture has benefited from these three critical events:

1.Cultural phenomena such as ukiyo-e in the Edo period were widely spread in Japanese society.

2.The popularity of geisha in the U.S. military has promoted the spread of Japanese sex culture internationally

3.The bold creation of adult videos and anime has promoted the spread of Japanese sexual culture among the younger generation.

Japan's Edo period laid the foundations of Japanese sex culture.

During the Edo period, Japanese folks began to create pornographic products on a large scale. This painting mainly describes the daily life of Japanese folk but adds the color of eroticism.

For this reason, Japan also generated the primary art genre of Ukiyo-e. These ukiyo-e woodblock prints are a large part of erotic daily activities, such as erotic wrestling matches. Men and women, rich and poor, all have the right to enjoy the most daring erotic art and unleash their sexuality.



The popularity of ukiyo-e and spring paintings is the basis for developing Japanese sexual culture. So far, Japan's sexual culture has been hidden in secular life with the torrent of the times and changes in laws. The emergence of the US military has brought this phenomenon to the international stage.

The widespread geisha culture has promoted Japanese sex culture to the world.

Geisha culture was born in Tokyo and Osaka in the 17th century. The original geisha were men who made their living playing traditional drums and rapping in brothels and entertainment venues. Around 1750, the first female geisha appeared. In the mid-18th century, the geisha profession was gradually replaced by women.


However, Japanese geisha have received artistic training in music and etiquette. Customers can appreciate not only their creative performances but also experience caring services.

When Japan surrendered in Asia after World War II, the United States armed forces took over administrative power in Japan. During this time, American service members became exposed to Japanese sexual culture.

The first thing they came into contact with was Japanese geisha. Many prostitutes followed the influence of Japanese geisha, recommending themselves as Japanese geisha to American soldiers.


The image of sexy and elegant geisha is beginning to be known worldwide, and geisha sex dolls are also one of the most popular styles among Japanese sex dolls.

Japanese adult films and anime let young people know more about Japanese sex culture.

In the Edo period, there were artistic expressions such as woodblock prints; in modern society, there are pornographic films and hentai. After World War II, erotic elements gradually entered the field of movies and comics. Promoting VCR technology in the next ten years directly allowed Japanese AV to occupy nearly half of the adult entertainment market.

On the other hand, Japan's high-quality comics have also begun to expand into adult sex culture. Hentai and Seijin comics originated in Japan. Many men love exaggerated female images, large breasts, and beautiful faces.

It is difficult for them to meet such women in real life, and the sexy pictures and sexual content presented in comics are widely sought after worldwide.

What are Japanese sex dolls?

The vigorous development of Japanese sex culture has made many men crazy about them. On every primary porn site, Japanese sex videos are one of the most popular genres.

This kind of exotic beauty temptation makes many men unable to refuse. However, it is very difficult to find a beautiful Japanese woman and have fun sex with her in real life. Purchasing a Japanese sex doll can make up for real regrets. Japanese sex dolls have the following characteristics:

1.Japanese sex dolls can perfectly reproduce the exquisite makeup and classic costumes of Japanese women

2.The Japanese sex doll is made of safe and hypoallergenic silicone and TPE.

3.The doll can bend freely and fix the posture.

4.The body proportions of Japanese dolls refer to the size of real people, with larger breasts.

Japanese sex doll

You can see sexy Japanese girls anytime, anywhere, at home!

Although you may need to become more familiar with how the makeup of Japanese girls was born, you must be very familiar with the distinctive looks of Japanese girls and their exquisite makeup.

Japanese sex dolls come out of the factory with gorgeous makeup, and different.  The dolls are customized according to various characteristics. Whether it is a geisha doll or an anime doll, she can achieve it as long as it is the shape you want.

Wear your well-matched kimono for her, Japanese classic high school JK and various anime uniforms; buy one, and experience a variety of Japanese culture.


japanese sex doll

Safe and hypoallergenic material, you can use it with confidence!

Japanese sex dolls are mainly made of medical grade silicone or TPE, which are high-quality bone dolls. Silica gel is a kind of thermosetting elastomer, which is safe and non-toxic, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable in chemical properties, high in adsorption performance, and good in thermal stability. It is widely used in adult products and food.

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, easy to color, smooth and soft to the touch, with a hardness range of 0A-120A, simple processing, recyclable and low cost.

The sex dolls made of these two materials can imitate the touch of real human skin to the greatest extent. Not only are they very soft, but they will not cause any harm to your body.

She is completely obedient to your commands; you can pose her in any position you want!

Like real people, most solid silicone dolls have built-in ergonomic alloy bones. They feature a new ball joint structure allowing free bending and positioning. The range of motion of joints can reach 85%-90% of the range of motion of human joints.

Therefore, the action of the doll is more flexible, and it can change various sex positions you want, such as kneeling position, rear entry style, riding style, etc. so that you can have a more comfortable experience during sex. 

She is the same as the beautiful girl you see in real life, even sexier!

The size of Japanese sex dolls is the same as that of real people, and the proportions of various body parts refer to the sexiest female figures. Most Japanese women are relatively petite, and most Japanese women aged 20-30 are between 5 feet 3 inch-1 inch in height.

The length of the Japanese doll is also within this height range, but the weight is about 30kg, 70lb, and it will not be tough to lift her.

sex doll size

The coexistence of cuteness and sex is an essential characteristic of Japanese girls and the biggest highlight of Japanese sex dolls! The average breast size of a Japanese sex doll is above a C cup, and some can reach an F cup! Their breasts are so soft that you can relax and enjoy sex with her.

Why Buy Japanese Sex Dolls?

Petite and dark-haired Japanese women are the sexual fantasies of countless European men. In Japan, Japanese men rely more on sex dolls than real people. Some experts have suspected that this is part of the reason for Japan's low marriage rate and low birth rate. However, Japanese sex dolls can satisfy your sexual fantasies more comprehensively. There is always one of the following types of Japanese sex dolls that will satisfy you. 

1.A virtuous Japanese wife doll that can fully vent your emotions.

2.The unique Japanese geisha dolls will take you to experience a different Japanese culture.

3.Charming anime doll: you can have sex with her in real life!

4.All kinds of role-playing Japanese dolls can satisfy you!

You don't need a wedding to have a good wife!

Full of romance and sincerity, Japanese women manage the relationship between husband and wife with love and respect. They are the beloved wives of Western men, devoted to their husbands and families.

If you find it challenging to start a foreign relationship but can't resist the temptation of a Japanese wife, you can choose a Japanese sex doll as your always-present wife.

japanese sex doll

You can help her change into the clothes you want as a good wife and put her in the most comfortable position for you. When you go out or come home from work and drag your tired body to close the door, you can see the lifelike wife doll waiting for your caress.

You can talk to her or vent your lust and make up for your exhaustion. From the kitchen to the bathroom, from the bed to the sofa, you can have sex anywhere, and she can obey as much as she wants without any complaints.

Japanese geisha dolls, you can appreciate the charm of ancient Japan alone!

Geisha represent mystery, sensuality, and elegance and are part of Japanese art culture. Most geisha have fair skin, hot red lips, and traditional Japanese clothes. The mysterious oriental features make many men feel itchy.

Nowadays, if you want to see Japanese geisha, you need to pay a high fee and appreciate it for a short time. You can choose a geisha sex doll, keep it at home, and always admire her beauty!


geisha sex doll

While our sex dolls can't sing or dance, they can be as caring and gentle as a geisha. You can help adorn the geisha dolls by putting on makeup, wearing elaborate kimonos, and doing Japanese hairstyles.

These are some of the most popular image traits of a Geisha. Getting you to sleep with a Japanese geisha is no longer a dream.

Otaku Goddess-Anime Doll, you can own it too!

Japanese anime women will appear on your computer desktop and the wall of your room, but it isn’t easy to occur in real life. Think about her big eyes, hot body, and sexy uniform. Are you always fantasizing about having sex with her and feeling her charm? You can choose a Japanese anime doll.

When She can soothe your tiredness when you are constantly worried about the trivial things in life or tired from work pressure, you can complain to her and express your desire to her; you do; you must care about it.

In the eyes of others, this is your chance to indulge, and you can touch it casually. Suppose you are addicted to Japanese anime female characters. In that case, you can dress her up as a manga character, incarnate as a hero, and have romantic two-dimensional kissing and exciting anime sex with her.

japanese amine sex doll

Experience different sex positions with her, even oral sex in the deepest part of your favorite's throat, without worrying about transmitting any STDs, let alone the risk of pregnancy.

She plays different roles and fulfills your peculiar erotic fantasies.

Suppose you are keen on Japanese AV porn. In that case, you can also satisfy your plot according to your requirements, including virtuous Japanese wives, pure Japanese college students, conscientious Japanese nurses, versatile Japanese geisha, charming neighbors, cute busty lovers, stern sexy bosses, and more.

japanese sex doll

And you can do all kinds of positions you want with her to get a perfect Japanese sex partner. Suppose your needs and wishes are not limited to Japanese girls. In that case, we also have beautiful Asian sex dolls from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries, including breasts, hairstyles, skin colors, body shapes, etc.

japanese sex doll

Through your customization, we can help you get one Perfect sex doll to fulfill your sexual fantasies of different races and styles. And a variety of BBW sex dolls/fat sex dolls. She is very obedient and cooperative. From now on, your sex with an Asian girl is no longer just a fantasy.

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