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Within the diverse and ever-evolving world of sexual expression, fetishists, and specifically those who derive pleasure from footjobs, have found a unique outlet for their desires. A curious product known as the 'vajankle' has emerged, garnering its own niche following within the expansive sex toy market. But what exactly is...

Within the diverse and ever-evolving world of sexual expression, fetishists, and specifically those who derive pleasure from footjobs, have found a unique outlet for their desires. A curious product known as the 'vajankle' has emerged, garnering its own niche following within the expansive sex toy market. But what exactly is this foot-related sex toy? How to use it, and what should potential buyers be aware of before making a purchase? If you're intrigued and want to understand more about the fascinating world of the vajankle, then we invite you to continue reading. This carefully curated article aims to guide you through the origins, development, and key considerations surrounding this distinctive product. So, please sit back, relax, and journey with us into the captivating universe of the vajankle.


  • what is vajankle
  • Vajankle development history
  • What are the categories of vajankle?
  • In Linkdolls, what version options are there for vajankle?
  • What's so interesting and sexy about vajankle?
  • How to use foot sex toys
  • What interesting accessories can be prepared by vajankle?
  • Why buy vajankle at linkdolls


1,what is vajankle

Vajankle is a sex toy that combines vagina and feet with different prices and skin colors, which can satisfy the sexual desires and interests of curiosity seekers and foot fetishists.

The word "Vajankle" is an unusual and interesting combination of the words "vagina" and "feet." It is essentially a sex toy modeled after a real foot, with the vagina designed at the ankle or sole.

It has precise details and textures such as blood vessels and skin folds to provide maximum vaginal orgasms in foot. This unique product is tailor-made to cater to those with special fetishes about their feet and offers a novel way to satisfy those desires. It is designed to provide a more immersive and satisfying experience by combining the allure of your feet with the physical pleasure of sex. 

Vajankle prices range from as low as $90 to as high as $1,000, depending on the specific material and version options chosen. Like similar products in the sex doll field, vajankles are available in a variety of skin colors and sizes, such as the cocoa-colored 23cm V233, to meet the preferences of different users. This allows for maximum personalization and ensures that each person's unique needs and wishes are met. 

Vajankle gives people an opportunity to experience sexual pleasure in a way they couldn't before, especially those interested in foot fetishes. If you've ever thought foot fetishes and footjobs were a weird thing, please know that you'll eventually You will find its loveliness.

2,Vajankle development history

Vajankle was first designed and produced in 2013 and was accepted by people in 2015. Then, in order to meet the different needs of customers, it gradually developed into various designs with legs or buttocks.

The invention of vajankle

In the year 2013, a unique sex toy known as the Vajankle came into existence. This was the result of an unusual request from a customer to a supplier, who asked if it would be possible to insert a vagina into one of the artificial feet they had previously made. The customer intended to be able to stimulate himself while simultaneously caressing the foot. This led to the supplier commencing the production of what would become known as the Vajankle.

The growing popularity of vajankle

By the year 2015, the Vajankle had caught the attention of a person named Dixie De La Tour. Dixie was not just a random individual, but the founder of the sex storytelling show known as Bawdy Storytelling. She started discussing the product on Twitter, which led to an increased awareness and popularity of the Vajankle. Ever since then, the sex doll market has seen a surge in the popularity of foot sex toys, leading to a greater diversity in the range of sex products being offered.

The designs of vajankle are gradually becoming more diverse

The original design of the Vajankle featured the vagina being located above the ankle or on the sole of the foot. Because some people get pleasure from the act of penetration into the soles of their feet, while others prefer the feeling of having sex with a woman's toes. Later, in order to cater to the wide range of aesthetics and preferences of other potential customers, such as those who prefer to stroke their toes while thrusting in the sex doll's butt, Vajankle's designers began developing other designs, such as the Footed Ass Sex Toy and the Legged Footsteps Sex Toy toys etc. 

3,What are the categories of vajankle?

Vajankles can be divided into two or three categories based on the material they are made of or whether they contain other body parts.

Classification according to material

Both Tpe and silicone materials are safe for the human body and are strictly controlled to ensure they do not pose any risk to the user. They are both very effective at maximizing the sensation of vaginal intercourse or footjob with a real girl. Of course they will also have their own unique features.


Thermoplastic elastomer, which is soft and comfortable to the touch and is a popular choice for many people. One of its main advantages is its lower price, making it more accessible to first-time or lower-budget customers. 


Known for its ability to imitate the texture of fine blood vessels and skin folds, as well as delicate toes and nail polish, it provides more realistic details, but products made of silicone will have a certain hardness. The price is slightly higher than products made of TPE. 

Classified according to whether it has other body parts

Foot only

This is the most original and classic vajankle. Some fleshlight foot can be sold with single feet (such as V636 and V25, etc.). The weight of a pair is usually 2-4lb, and the size of the legs is usually 22-24cm. The price for one feet is around US$150, and the price for a pair is around US$200-300.

Foot with leg

Vajankle with legs has appeared in recent years, because some customers not only love feet, they can't let go of slender legs and plump buttocks. Most of this kind of vajankle's vaginas are not on the feet, but on the buttocks, but their feet are still soft and elastic, their toes are cute and sexy, and they even paint their nail polish without losing the details. The weight is 13-70lb, and the price is around US$250-800.

Foot with ass

Vajankle with a butt is the rarest, but linkdolls still finds the most reliable product for you. This kind of vajankle is like a kneeling Japanese girl with her feet on both sides of her buttocks and her vagina in the middle of her buttocks. It is very convenient for you to touch her sexy feet while inspecting her tight and juicy vagina. The weight is 5-8lb and the price is around US$159. It is worth noting that this type of product A515 from Linkdoll is on sale for only US$99!

4,In linkdolls, what version options are there for Vajankle?

There are roughly two versions of foot love sex toys on our website, which are distinguished by whether there is a frame support inside the product.

Boneless version

The whole foot is made of silicone material only, without bone support - It is soft. Usually, the most original version of Vajankle is a boneless support version, because this will make the feet easier to play with footjobs.

Overall shapeable version

The foot has built-in bones as a whole - It follows a real human skeleton - and thus can be bent & positioned at the toes. ankles and soles. The touch is close to real human feet. This version of the vajankle with legs is usually used because it makes it easier for the client to put the legs into various positions, such as kneeling doggy style horse riding, and other sex positions.

5,What's so interesting and sexy about vajankle?

Due to the shape of the feet and the sexual passage of the vagina, Vajankle provides a special way of making love for foot fetishists, and the feet are one of the most erotic organs, which enhances the sense of pleasure and allows you to have your own uninterrupted self-sexual exploration time .

The appeal of the Vajankle lies not only in its fascinatingly unique concept but also in its tangible, physical aspects. It serves as an object that can be held, stroked, and touched, providing an intimacy akin to human touch. In addition, it can be used for penetrative sex, offering a dual functionality that caters to various desires. The Vajankle is light in weight, This makes it conveniently portable and easy to handle. It allows you complete control over different postures and frequencies, letting you customize the experience to your preferences. 

Feet are considered one of the most appealing organs for many, possessing an allure that can arouse freshness and excitement. The Vajankle ingeniously marries the allure of feet with the stimulation of a vagina, providing a unique sexual experience. This unique combination is designed to stimulate the neurons of the brain to a greater extent, intensifying the pleasure derived from the experience.

The Vajankle is designed with a built-in vagina that is both delicate and tight, aiming to replicate the most realistic and thrilling sexual experience possible. Every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the overall sensation.

The Vajankle provides an opportunity for creating your own private, uninterrupted sexual experience. It allows you to indulge in your desires without the fear of being disturbed by others. It's a tool for self-exploration, offering a unique sexual experience that is completely under your control. 

6,How to use foot sex toys

After preparing the lubricant, you can continuously unlock non-stop positions or different sex areas, while avoiding excessive force, and please maintain it properly.

To begin, it is important that you ensure you have a suitable lubricant at the ready. This lubricant should be applied generously to the area in which you are intending to engage in sexual activity. The lubricant not only enhances the sensation but also adds a layer of comfort and protection during the act.

Next, you are free to explore the unique sexual pleasures that the vajankle offers. You can stimulate yourself by rubbing your penis against the vajankle's foot soles, creating a unique sensation that is different from traditional sexual experiences. Alternatively, you can hold the vajankle in one hand, using it to perform spot checks. This allows you the freedom to use your other hand to caress its toes or other parts of its leg, further enhancing your sexual pleasure.

Finally, please enjoy having sex with the frequency you like and enjoy the organsm!

Please note that you cannot use excessive force or you may cause it to tear. Cleaning and storing your vajankle properly after use will help extend its life.

7,What interesting accessories can be prepared by vajankle?

In order to elevate the level of enjoyment and to spark an even higher degree of passion during your interaction with the vajankle, it is recommended that you consider purchasing some tantalizing accessories to complement it. 

Prior to making any purchases, it is of utmost importance to confirm the size of your vajankle. Usually, the standard size is US4, but given that each product can be unique, it is essential to ascertain the correct size.

Once you have the correct measurements, you can embark on the exciting journey of choosing your favorite style of accessories. This might include an array of stockings and high heels, or even anklets and other types of jewelry that add a personal touch. For those who like to add a splash of color, you could also purchase some nail polish to adorn it with different hues and designs.

There are a multitude of platforms where these accessories can be purchased. Websites such as Amazon are a convenient and versatile option, offering a wide variety of products that can cater to your specific needs. Alternatively, local convenience stores might also provide a suitable range of options. So, go ahead and have fun personalizing your vajankle and enhancing your experience.

8. Why should you consider purchasing a vajankle from Linkdolls?

At present, Linkdolls stands out as the most comprehensive and complete platform for the sale of foot sex toys. It boasts an impressive selection of more than 18 different vajankles, catering for a wide range of preferences.

Linkdolls prides itself on its professionalism. Through years of cooperation with established brands and official manufacturers, Linkdolls has cemented its reputation for guaranteed quality. This ensures that every purchase you make from us meets the highest standards.

Our pre-sales service is also exemplary. Our dedicated customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about our products, making your shopping experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Post-purchase, you can expect fast and reliable logistics. We understand the importance of privacy, and so all our products are shipped in discreet packaging. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive return policy in place, to give you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

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