519(20.28LB) Curvy Lightweight 55cm Sex Doll Torso&Plump Breasts&Large round nipples

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Super charming curvy sex doll torso

This sex doll has crazy sexy curves. The four sexiest parts of girls: are plump breasts, big round nipples, sexy curves and buttocks. Do you want to try doggy style? Her big tight ass won't let you down. Her skin feels very real, and her weight is similar to a real girl! Not only can you have real-life sex, but you can also change positions flexibly. It's so easy to clean and store that you won't get annoyed!

519 (20.28LB/ 55cm ) Curvy Lightweight Sex Doll Torso-detail1

1:1 Equivalent Reproduction of A Real Vagina And Anus Fully Immerse Yourself In Realistic Sex!

The vagina appearance of this sex doll's torso refers to the design of real people. From the colour of the labia, the outer design to the inner tightness, it is the same as the real one. Whether it's a traditional missionary or a variety of new positions in porn, her vagina will make you experience orgasms. Anal will take you to enjoy another tight but the same thrilling pleasure of orgasm.

Realistic Touch and Teardrop-Shaped Boobs Make Your Eyes Shine.

Want a perfectly realistic tactile sex doll torso? She is your first choice! Her teardrop-shaped big breasts 23.22 inch are mouthwatering, and I can't help but want to suck! Only 20.28lb, 55cm, high portability, accompany you on every trip and business trip.

sex doll torso

You can also use her for practice before real sex. Want to try something different with your partner? Not only will she have safe sex practice with you, but she will also allow you to enjoy real sex. She can achieve the most functions in the same size sex doll torso and bring you a different sexual experience.

Sexy Curves, Showing the Truest Beauty!

Whether you were comforted by your tender sister, the power of mature women fascinated you when you were a teenager. This sex doll is the big sister you have been looking for. She is gentle and can calm you down. Her perfect curves, paired with sexy underwear, will instantly make you forget all your troubles.

sex doll torso

On the firm breasts are pink areolas, these two cherries are the most delicious part, suitable for tasting at any time. 23.22'' bust and 21.65'' body is the perfect proportions. Although she looks like a girl who has been reduced in proportion, she is already a mature woman with excellent physical development, and it is worth a try!

sex doll torso 

Sexiest Buttocks, Tapping Is Infinitely Charming!

She has round and full buttocks that look not only soft but also feel elastic. No one can say no to her bigass, and we captured this sexy moment on camera. The same feel and appearance as real skin, you don't need to worry about hurting her when you slap; she can fully bear your strength. Viewed from the back, her ass and boobs are a perfect S-curve, a slender figure with soft round boobs and an oversized butt. Put on a thong for her! She will be sexier!

bigass sex doll torso 

Missionary Or Dogie Style, She Is the Pretty Both!

She can lie quietly in bed, waiting for you to come back and wait for you to undress her slowly. The easiest position is missionary, which she can handle with ease. At the same time, the built-in skeleton can support her in different poses.

sex doll torso

Spoon and rear entry, she won't sway from side to side and won't make you scramble. The stable support of the built-in skeleton is the guarantee of your real sex! Enjoy this unique orgasm from behind, and you won't be disappointed!

Doll Measurements

*Please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display settings.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    looks smaller than expected

    Although a little smaller than expected, but still very satisfied.
    The rendering of the skin is very realistic, and if the head is covered with a quilt, it is even difficult to tell whether it is a doll or a real person.

    best doggy style

    It has few advantages, I have tried different positions, and I think the best one is doggy style.

    easy to stick hair

    This product is very interesting, is it because of its material, it is easy to stick to the hair, can you recommend a quick cleaning method?

    pink pussy

    Its pink pussy made my penis instantly hard and I forgot to use lube at first, not very comfortable. When I use lube and a heat stick, gosh, it's so cool. Next time I buy again I will consider getting a gel breast.

    perfect boobs

    She looks like a young woman, although the size is much smaller than the real life, but the skin tone and lines are the feeling of an Asian young woman. i like asian women lol

    519(20.28LB) Curvy Lightweight 55cm Sex Doll Torso&Plump Breasts&Large round nipples
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