▶️529(11lb/28cm) Male Sex Doll Torso For Women & Torso Dildo

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Video-529 Male Sex Doll

Male Sex Dolls &Torso For Women-Big Cock

Big Cock

The huge and firm penis satisfies the lonely void, the real fleshy feeling makes girls feel full, and the big dick can also rotate 360°, making it easier for girls to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, Most male torso penis dolls come with a stainless-steel frame for high stability.

Male Sex Dolls &Torso For Women-Powerful Pecs

Entry Level Male Torso Doll

The 529 sex doll is an entry-level torso doll designed mainly for single ladies. Its size is very space-saving, and you have many options to place in inconspicuous corners. It's lightweight and very lady friendly, and you can play games with him in the kitchen, sofa, bathroom or even in the car.

Male Sex Dolls &Torso For Women-Realistic Skin Touch-3D Design

Lifesize Male Sex Doll Torso

Compared to an ordinary phallus, a male doll torso can bring a richer sexual experience. The 529 doll features design elements such as abs, buttocks, and a big dick that are still retained in a limited size, and you can tell at a glance that this is a strong boy. That's right, it's designed based on the physique of a sprinter. Speed and impact are what it expects and what you want.


Doll Measurements


*Please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display settings.

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    Customer Reviews

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    feels good to touch

    I am happy with its privacy packaging, no product information will be reflected on the outer box. The doll is soft to the touch and the penis can be flexed. I waited 8 days to get it, I was hoping it would be faster.

    Very good touch

    I like to pat and knead his sexy ass, it's comfortable to touch and not too soft. perfect penis !l❤️❤️❤️

    ▶️529(11lb/28cm) Male Sex Doll Torso For Women & Torso Dildo
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