▶️531(12.1lb/53cm) Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso & Sex Doll For woman

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Video1-531 Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso

Video2-531 Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso

Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso & Sex Doll For woman--Big Cock

Big Cock

The huge and firm penis satisfies the lonely void, the natural fleshy feeling makes girls feel full, and the big dick can also rotate 360°, making it easier for girls to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm.

Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso & Sex Doll For woman--Soft Breasts

Shemale Torso Doll with Full Breasts

The 531 doll is a classic shemale torso sex doll inspired by Thai shemales. It's a masculine-style doll with sturdy 8-pack abs, plump breasts, and a big dick that can't be hidden. It has a flat back, which is for ladies to ride on it.

Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso & Sex Doll For woman--Realistic Skin Touch-3D Design

Lesbian Secret Sex Toys

In previous customer consultations with linkdolls, it was found that the 531 sex doll torso would attract more women or lesbians. It meets the needs of this group in terms of shape and functional design.


Doll Measurements

*Please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display settings.

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      good for threesomes

      My wife and I were hesitant between the 525 doll and this doll. We got it a week after buying it and my wife is very happy with its penis.

      ▶️531(12.1lb/53cm) Trans Woman Sex Doll Torso & Sex Doll For woman
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