4 reasons why milfs are so popular in 2023


Do you know what a milf is? Milf is an acronym for "Mother I'd like to Fuck." A milf is a woman who is older but still looks extremely attractive. Milf is somewhat similar to the word cougar, an independent, older woman who likes younger men.


When you see that a beautiful woman has children or is older than you, it is also an unflattering sexual compliment, meaning you would like to sleep with her if you could.


A middle-aged woman smiling confidently


So why are milfs so popular? Let's analyze it from the following four points:

1. The influence of milf porn.

2. Milf women are more confident and solvent.

3. Milfs are more sexually experienced and mature.

4. Having sex with a milf breaks traditional sexual standards.


Life is imitating milf porn

Milf porn is the second most-watched category worldwide and the first in the US. In Spain, the type jumped 11 places. But it's not just in porn; the idea of sexy, older women seducing and dominating has been around for decades and has found its way into movies, songs, magazines, and books.


The erotic potential and optimistic image of the sex acts of milf stars also have a profound influence on men.


Living in imitation of porn, the milfs see the stratosphere rising. Moreover, there is something powerful, even thrilling, in age reversal: mature women in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s don't mean sexual invisibility, but quite the opposite. This excites young men and grabs their attention.


An older woman closed her eyes and smiled


Milfs are financially independent and confident

In today's society, more and more career women, 30-40 years old everywhere. They can achieve economic independence, are confident and solvent, have a unique charm and temperament, and are very sexy and charming. 


The idea of older women is booming with BDSM because it is indispensable to a suitable game together. BDSM has become one of the most popular types of sex.


Older women are more likely to initiate sex. One study showed that women in videos in the milf category were 2.5 times more likely than men to start sex and nine times more likely to control it.


Feminism also impacted this dynamic behavior, a role reversal that no longer seemed to challenge traditional masculinity.


Middle-aged career woman


Milfs have the rich sexual experience 

Young men always fantasize about older, more experienced women. Perhaps the idea of being with someone who knows what she's doing in bed drives men down this cliff of fantasy.


Often leaving them wondering what it would be like to have sex with a friend's mom or the neighbor's woman, which they find incredibly sexy. Milfs are more sexually experienced and are more likely to bring happiness when they have sex.


When a milf does anything, she does it well, which means a thorough, mature, vibrant relationship. Because they know what they want and have worldly experience.


And the image of the milf also caters to the complex generated by the chaos of the contemporary erotic romantic landscape, such as the Oedipus complex; the sexualized maternal idea is a kind of comfort.


A young woman and an older woman back to back)


Having sex with a milf is a subtle role reversal

People like to explore things forbidden or not approved by society, and having sex with a real-life milf means a subtle role shift about who is in charge, which is a bit of a fascination for many men.


We are all in some way constrained by our impulses, and the thought of how exhilarating and natural it is to have sex with a milf may not have to be greeted with shame and guilt. Again, this breaks traditional sexual norms.


A middle-aged woman who exercises at home


Milfs are hot and cute, and milf is a unique and ultra-modern word. The word doesn't have to be just some backhanded compliment to an older woman who seems to be waiting to sleep with a younger man. Perhaps, milf is the safest way to address the allure of older women and a socially acceptable code way.


 The growing popularity of milfs has had a positive impact on older women, whether they have children or not. Thanks to gyms and social change, mature women are in much better shape than a generation ago, making women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s increasingly confident and high-quality.

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