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Linkdolls is committed to providing the best shopping service to its customers. Most people don't know much about high quality realistic sex dolls,Just ask us any question you want in the comment section below and we will answer you


  • by linkdolls on

    @Christopher Boyd on Jan 21, 2022
    Hello, if the sex doll you purchased is in stock in the United States, it will take 3-7 business days to receive your doll. I will track your product logistics for you, please pay attention to your mailbox.

  • by Christopher Boyd on

    How long does it take from when the product is ordered until the product is shipped out because I needed on a specific day. So the time it’s ordered it might be longer than 3 to 7 business days when I receive it.

  • by linkdolls on

    @Me on Jan 21, 2022
    If you don’t mind, please leave your phone number in the mailbox, we can know your needs in detail on the phone and help you.

  • by Me on

    So if I pay extra,can you build a custom doll?I want to pic a production body you already have advertised,then ad a full left arm,then rounded,smooth right full shoulder,then do the normal full upper left leg,but have the stump rounded,then a full right leg minus the foot,or I can trim the foot off myself if that’s the cheaper rout production and setup wise.i just want to end up with a below the knee stump thats nice and rounded about half way for the foot and the knee on the right side.i dont.mind trimming both legs,as long as I can make the stumps round and smooth and natural on my end.i need it to be as life like size wise as possible for use in a small prosthetics lab,but super curvy and natural to aid in making the practice prosthetic measurements and production complicating for students.need the hair to het in the way,need the vaginal areas there to teach restraint when building the brim of a socket and hand control for bed side mannor,and as natural as I can get the stumps for suspension belt production and prosthetic socket shape and form when casting.this is a small private practice and just cant afford the life like medical versions.any idea on price for something like this?and can be petite, to mid size,but has to be life like overall height.thanks for your time.

  • by Brian McGonigle on

    I placed an order and haven’t received the confirmation or any information at all

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