Stop Being Ashamed of Introducing Your Sex Doll In 2023!


 Introduce Your Sex Doll to Your Lover

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Would you feel embarrassed if someone came in a sex doll while you were having sex with them? Take it easy; the general public has accepted that sex dolls have been used for sex for over a decade. We live in a time of freedom, so why worry too much about what other people think when you should focus on taking care of yourself and accepting who you are and what you want?

It makes things more interesting for you. Our bodies cannot vibrate or continually enter, but sex dolls can. Threesome sex with sex dolls ensures variety and enjoyment in sex life. Of course, you can also have some fresh, potent orgasmic encounters to support your long-term relationship. Therefore, introducing sex dolls into your relationship can provide you access to new worlds.

It sounds nice, but most individuals find it difficult to tolerate a third person in a relationship. Even which embarrassment may drive your lover away even while the third party stays silent bringing a sex doll?

  • Consider the timing

Most of the time, we missed the ideal opportunity to present our proposition to the other side, which is why they rejected it. We must make the partner feel at ease and appreciate your suggestion for them to accept it from the other party. Accepting your counsel will cause anxiety and worry for the other person if he is not feeling good about the situation. Therefore, timing issues are crucial.

  • Don’t Force Your Lover

Don't force the other person into a threesome with the torso doll when you have an idea, and they refuse it. It would help if you simply made this suggestion when he expresses interest in playing the game, and the other person will gratefully accept it. However, pressuring the other party will make them uncomfortable if they are not particularly engaged in this or exhibit inappropriate feelings. If your spouse isn't intrigued by the torso doll addition, wait a while and make another attempt. He might not be as resistant this time.

  • Talk Publicly About Your Thoughts!

Waiting for the other person to talk is a really bad idea because you are the one who wants to do it, so you should first disclose your sexual preferences to him before explaining why you have them. Don't be scared to try; speaking is half the battle, and occasionally, a kind conversation makes things much simpler. Share your thoughts with the other person and explain the benefits of the torso doll. He might be open to trying it once and even falling in love with it.

To make your threesome more fun, make sure your partner agrees with them. Follow these steps, be flexible with them, guide your partners into uncharted territory, and you'll open up fantastic worlds.

How To Introduce Sex Doll to Your Friends

You must also desire to introduce a sex doll to your pals if you enjoy sharing and can find delight in doing so. You're overthinking it if you believe it's simple to feel embarrassed about discussing your sex toys with friends. Having sex dolls is no longer shameful, to start with. Your friends are not the only ones that have their sex toys. Like you, they might own sex dolls, jet cups, or electric dicks. They're also your friends so you can chat about anything with them, and, more often than not, they'll be waiting for you to start a conversation so they can introduce some sex toys to you.

  • Ask Questions and Wait for Them to Answer You

Asking them if they have sex dolls will allow you to introduce them to your torso doll. Or how do you feel about sex dolls? Then, as they talk, express your feelings to them. This may open up opportunities for you to offer suggestions. People need someone to respond to when they express their ideas, and you are the one who asked the question here.

  • Tell Your Friends How Awesome the Sex Doll Torso Is!

When you suggest anything to your buddies, what do you often do? I'll be honest with them: I recently fell in love with something, and you have no idea how amazing she is! Naturally, my pals are interested in this subject. Tell them how wonderful your doll is if you want to suggest your torso doll to them. You shouldn't worry if your friends dislike her; they are your pals.

BBW sex doll provides the most thorough sex doll guide, which also helps your partner get to know them, so please direct him there if he has any questions. We are also available to you at all times.

Introduce Your Sex Doll to Strangers

How And Where to Introduce Your Sex Doll to Strangers?

If you run into neighbors or total strangers, they are kind and want to talk to you. Then you may debate it with them since they accept other people's opinions and believe that others feel the same way about theirs. Embrace the opportunity to speak with them; perhaps they share your adoration for sex dolls.

However, if your neighbors or community members are extremely timid and, while they may be open to discussing sex, are ashamed to share their sexual partner and aren't genuine people, then that isn't impossible. You can host a party or tea party and invite every neighborhood friend who owns a sex doll to your home.

sex doll party

In a setting where you don't know each other, you can act as the host, help the guests share their dolls, and realize that you are both partners if you dress up and know how thanks to this, you'll rapidly come to know one another thanks to this, and while it's not a guarantee, there may be room for another party.

On the TDF forum, the biggest sex doll discussion board in the world, where members of various areas can post and share information about their sex dolls, I advise you to introduce your doll to strangers. They will take more notice of what you have to say, dolls, and you might even make some new friends who share your views.

How are sex dolls maintained? How do I decide? On their waist, hips, and bust? These are things that we are capable of doing. Just let them know how awesome it is that you are utilizing them! I love how they make me feel! Vanity should be fully gratified. offers a special door to visit the TDF forum directly, where you can write comments that we welcome and interact with other customers' babies if you also wish to display your torso doll to strangers. Please get in touch with us if you need assistance.

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