9 Funnier Sex Doll Movies You Can Enjoy!



How does daily living with sex dolls go? Perhaps you are the proud owner of a lifelike sex doll. You have a wealth of life experiences, priceless memories, and even sexual dreams to offer. If you watch one of the many sex doll-themed movies, you'll think, "This is so like me!" whether it's a fantasy novel full of fantasy or a laid-back and romantic sitcom.

High-Score Recommendations for Movies About Sex Dolls

1.My Sex Robot (2010) USA

The 45-minute sex robot documentary is really excellent and employs a multi-threaded narrative to introduce us to three distinct men. They explore into the not-too-distant future of artificially intelligent sex robots while putting forth some of the most interesting ideas. Our technology will only advance in the ethical dimensions of love and human interaction. How should people react if and when artificial intelligence truly enters the world?
The outskirts of men and smart sex dolls

2.Sex Doll (2016) UK, France

The entire movie has a lovely and sad vibe. The narrative of the French escort Virgin in London and how Rupert, the man who saved the kidnapped lady, fell in love is told in this movie, which is set in the world of senior call ladies in London. story. You will be enthralled by the movie's overall plot and exquisite rhythm.
sex doll movie cover

3.Crazy for Fixi (2016) Germany

This is a humorous and whimsical young adult romantic comedy. The good and virginal Tom is. In the midst of the graduation ceremony's contagious laughing, he received a life-size sex doll named Fixi. How humiliating! However, when Tom awoke the following morning, Fixi was still alive and lying next to him.
tom and his sex doll

4.Romance Doll (2020) Japan

The movie is about a dysfunctional marriage of a Japanese couple, Ainoko and Tetsuo, who are both highly unhappy and who both have deep secrets that not even their closest companions can reveal. Will they ever truly be happy, Outlet, if this sexless union endures?
movie cover

5.Monique (2002) France

A classic about vintage sex dolls with a fantasy element about married life and family troubles, Alex, the comedy's hero, orders a real person-size doll by accident and names it "Monique" since he is depressed and has marriage issues. Alex transforms his life with the aid of lovely woman Monique. But she quickly turned into her friends' envy.
movie cover

6.Psycho (2020) Russia

Oleg, a 40-year-old psychotherapist in Moscow, may look to his patients to be a successful and family-oriented man, but he is actually tormented by desire, his wife vanished more than a year ago, and he needs professional assistance help.
movie cover

7.Air Doll (2009) Japan

Sex dolls discover humanity when they unexpectedly awaken and flee their house. She develops feelings for Junichi without telling the owner. They begin dating and collaborate at work. An accident occurs when everything is going according to plan.

 sex doll movie

8.Lars and the Real Girl (2007) USA, Canada

Lars recently acquired a girlfriend out of the blue despite the fact that he is too shy to interact with people. His brother and sister-in-law were thrilled for him until they learned that the new girlfriend was a life-size plastic model. Everyone believed Lars was crazy, contrary to what the physicians had advised.
movie cover

9.Love Object (2003) USA

Watch it with caution as Kenneth develops an unhealthful attachment with his silicone sex doll "Nikki." It's a convoluted suspense narrative.
Love Object (2003) USA

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