4 More Eco-Friendly Usage Methods for Sex Dolls!


With low-quality, inexpensive, single-use plastics being created more quickly than they can be disposed of, plastic pollution has emerged as one of the most concerning environmental issues. Plastic is also extensively used in the sex toy industry. You will discover that most sex dolls and sex doll torsos are constructed of various sorts of plastic when you purchase them. Buy and utilize environmentally friendly products if you want to. Additionally, various difficulties must be taken into consideration during the finishing touches.

Be Wary of Buying Cheap Sex Dolls

1.Cheap Plastic Harms the Environment

Cheap plastic sex dolls are frequently created cheaply but with shoddy form and construction; they hardly ever have any realism, tend to feel and look very plastic, and some even have unpleasant-smelling noses.

The raw materials used to make cheap sex dolls will also be of relatively low quality are frequently not robust enough, and even some cheap plastics contain toxic substances like phthalates, which can be dangerous to humans if they come into prolonged contact with the skin. The environment may also be harmed by discarding. If the idea of green living is to be applied, it is vital to decrease the purchase and usage of inexpensive plastic products, especially sex dolls. If the idea of green living is to be applied, it is vital to decrease the purchase and usage of inexpensive plastic products, especially sex dolls.

2.Advantages of High Quality TPE And Silicone!

The primary raw materials used in the production of sex toys are these two substances. They have higher material performance, a more real skin-like feel, a longer service life, and are less poisonous, making them more environmentally friendly. This significantly lowers the waste rate. The expense of recycling, too. There is no question that high-quality TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls will result in high-quality sex, and a sex doll made of eco-friendly materials will improve your sex life.

To conserve money and boost raw material utilization for environmental conservation, choose a relatively small sex doll or sex doll torso. For instance, even though this flat-chested girl lacks big breasts, her slim, real-person physique exudes a distinct sexiness that will make you realize it was a great decision to pick her.

flat chested doll

How To Extend the Use Of Sex Dolls

1.Be Careful with Your Doll!

Love dolls are extremely brittle and are susceptible to injury, just like real people. Being careful with your dolls can lower the likelihood that they will be hurt or damaged, saving money and the environment.

Don't treat her roughly; although most full-size sex dolls have flexible stainless steel skeletons that can be twisted, rough handling will cause the skeleton to wear out or even break, which is something you don't want.

Avoid holding your sex doll in a bent position for too long, as this can cause wrinkles or fraying skin. Additionally, avoid leaving heavy objects or fading fabrics on the doll's body for an extended period, as this can severely deform her skin. Or be colored, which greatly influences look.

2.Proper Maintenance to Prolong the Life Of Sex Dolls!

A high-quality sex doll may typically accompany you for two to three years, and utilizing the right maintenance techniques can enable them to do so for longer. A crucial environmental practice is to make products last longer and replace them less frequently.

Most silicone or TPE materials are easy to clean; you only need warm water and mild detergent to clean the doll. It's also a good idea to apply some talcum powder after drying to keep the surface dry. Careful cleaning after each use is extremely necessary to protect your sexual health and the longevity of your doll.

bath the doll

Avoid extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, heavy things, and sharp objects when storing the doll. Depending on the size and weight of the doll, you may want to use a storage box or hanging bag.

Choose To Repair Sex Dolls Instead of Just Throwing Them Away!

Please refrain from throwing away your sex doll companions randomly to reduce waste and pollution since recycling and reusing abandoned sex dolls would cost a lot to dispose of and produce much chemical waste that is hazardous to the environment.

Please attempt to fix the doll first if it breaks. It may sound like much work to restore a realistic sex doll yourself, but if you're willing to give it a shot, you can quickly master the process.

1.Remove Stains

Most sex doll stains can be removed with just a light-colored towel and lukewarm water, though you may always keep certain cleaners made specifically for sex dolls on hand.

2.Repair Damage

Wear and tear are unavoidable with sex dolls that have been used for a while. Using glue to repair the injured part or a heat gun to melt the wound and heal it both work very well. You can find assistance with home sex doll restoration from Linkdolls.

3.Replace Some Small Components

When purchasing a real doll, you can also select replaceable components, such as a removable vagina, so that if those pieces fail, you won't have to discard the complete full-size doll.

sex doll torso

Correct Disposal Method

The majority of sex dolls are created by copying real people. They could result in unneeded misunderstandings and problems if they are thrown away at random. The dolls can be easily disassembled and discarded, but it is more environmentally friendly to give, sell, or send them to a specialist. We accept dolls from the most reliable manufacturers for sex doll recycling businesses like Linkdolls and assist in helping them find their rightful homes. Please refer to this page for more information.

Do not burn or dump sex dolls into the ocean to prevent environmental damage. This seriously damages the ecosystem!

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