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 Do you recall how you felt the first time you visited a website with sex dolls? Why do you intend to purchase a sex doll? Do you wish to meet a devoted, confidant partner, or are you only interested in having sex? If you choose a sex doll of your own out of concern for the latter, you ought to be in Alex's shoes.

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The male lead in the French pornographic animation Monique is named Alex. A photographer, he is. Even though he and his wife have been married for a long time, their relationship started to fail for several compelling reasons. He ultimately decided to dissolve his marriage after realizing there was no turning back their connection. After the split, Alex decided to acquire a pricey sex doll to fight his despair and hope that the sex doll would help him transform his life.

Alex hesitated at first after getting the present, gazing at the two delicate phrases on it while deep in thought. He didn't believe that a doll could fix his already chaotic life. He ultimately chose to keep her, nevertheless. Alex discovered a gorgeously packed doll named Monique inside the package after unwrapping it. The moment Alex laid eyes on Monique; he fell in love. He began to converse with her and even hand in hand with her while they watched football games. He thinks he has finally found the ideal lifelong companion.

He finally felt like a happy person with Monique. All of his needs want, and dreams were satisfied by Monique. He recovered himself and started to realize what he desired. He transformed from being miserable to joyful and appreciative of discovering the ideal spouse.

Monique demonstrates what she can do for you as a sex doll by helping you define your goals when unsure of what you want. You might as well purchase your own Monique after viewing this movie and learning about the advantages of sex dolls. You must, however, be sufficiently aware of sex dolls' drawbacks. It would help if you comprehended them completely to determine whether you require them.

Pros and cons of Sex dolls:


Pros and cons of Sex dolls

1.The Sex Doll Never Betrays You!

A great attribute of sex dolls is loyalty; as your property, they are only interested in you and have zero interest in anybody else. You two won’t be suspicious if you use a sex doll, and you'll always be aware of her location. Additionally, sex dolls can ensure your faithfulness. If you want to have sex but your partner isn't available or isn't in the mood, your sex doll can ensure you won't act in an unfaithful manner. Considering that you can let her out by opening the closet and taking out your frustration on her.

2.Sex Dolls Serve You Unconditionally.

A real person won't accept it if you're in a relationship only to release your energy. They cannot offer themselves to you unreservedly, but sex dolls can. The dolls don't beg, nag, or complain about you. It pisses me off when I don't question you about our relationship while having sex. Dolls won't object if you use them to detach from your emotions, focus on satisfying your cravings, and enjoy your sex life.

3. Sex Dolls Are with You All the Time!

Even though dolls can liberate you from your feelings, this does not exclude you from feeling affection for them. Like Alex, he sees Monique as his partner and discusses all the intriguing stuff with her. The dolls are always at your side and can provide security and long-term companionship. A decent companion must be able to speak. Hence the fact that they cannot speak makes them the ideal mate.

4.Sex Dolls Can Satisfy Your Magical Sexual Fantasies!

It is challenging for a real person to carry out this task, and it is never easy to discuss your sexual desires with a real person, which is likely to make you feel ashamed. But love dolls are naturally shame-busting experts who can fully adapt to your ideas and can be used to implement any feasible notion. She dresses Monique as she envisages, just like Alex, and expresses her needs and desires to Monique, his fantasy woman.

5.You Won't Feel Awkward with Sex Dolls.

Nowadays, many people struggle with social issues and encounter social obstacles with strangers. As a result, many people are socially awkward and avoid all social interactions. People, however, require companionship, and if you don't want to converse with strangers, you may converse with sex dolls. To feel companionship without engaging in social activities, Alex did exactly that by telling Monique everything he was interested in. This helped him to overcome his despair.


1.Some Sex Dolls Can Be Very Expensive.

Although it's offensive, you must put up with it. Realistic sex dolls are pricey; some high-quality TPE and silicone sex dolls may cost up to $5000. It's the truth, as much as we don't want to accept it. However, more affordable torso dolls are now widely available. Even some reasonably priced torso dolls only cost $300. Purchasing a sex doll based on your requirements and circumstance.

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2.Sex Dolls Can't Communicate Verbally with You.

Despite all of their advantages, sex dolls cannot communicate, and this is a fact. Unfortunately, your sex doll cannot converse with you if you need to. They are not allowed to kiss your forehead, inquire about how you are doing, or ask how you are feeling today. They are excellent partners if you can communicate with yourself, but if you don't, she can serve as a calm, kind listener experiencing a different kind of love.


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