7 Tips Tell You How to Heat the Sex Doll Torso!


She is too chilly! Do you voice complaints like that about your sex doll partner? Yes, sex dolls cannot have body heat like a real person. However, you can safely heat the torso or other parts of the doll so that they have a warm body temperature like a real person. This will enhance the realism of the sex experience.

Internal heating systems

1. How it functions

The WM doll is a love doll with a built-in heating system. The heating cable runs throughout the doll and will keep an outlet outside the body. To use the doll, the doll owner plugs the USB plug into the socket to connect the power supply and waits for the doll to warm up from room temperature to a level close to the human body temperature.

sex doll

Winni will be the bubbly young lady who initiates conversation with you on the beach, doesn't mind your crude remarks in bed, and will let her WM doll body heat up on its own to pique your interest and have some nice sex.

2. Weakness and benefits

Benefits include easy operation, the ability to instantly heat the entire body by connecting the power button, and a more realistic sex experience thanks to the heated sex doll.

Weakness: Not all dolls come with an internal heating system; buying a WM doll could be more expensive, and if the system breaks, fixing it might be difficult.

The external heating devices.

1. the use of heating rods

A heating rod can be purchased separately in the Linkdolls store, where silicone and TPE materials have differing specifications for heating rods. Purchasing a heating rod at the same time as a doll typically results in a discount. When purchasing a heating rod for a TPE doll, it is important to keep in mind that the maximum temperature of the rod should not exceed 120°F (48°C), which is the material's melting point. Silicone, however, has a good insulation function and can keep the heated part warm for longer.

heating rod

2. How to utilise

To prevent mishaps, please pay attention to the safety of electricity. Connect the heating rod to the power source, insert the hole where the doll needs to be heated, and wait.

3. Pros and Cons

Pros: cheaper, simpler to use, and simpler to replace

Cons: Only one hole may be heated at a time, and the heating area is modest compared to the internal heating system, which heats the entire body.

Different heating methods

1. A heating blankets

The use of electric heating blankets to heat the entire doll set can almost entirely replace the usage of a whole-body heating system. If necessary, you can also use it in conjunction with a heating rod.

2. A warm bath

You can take a warm bath with the doll and spend quality time with her while warming up the doll's body, which is a nice way to accomplish two goals at once. Avoid using overly hot water to prolong the doll's useful life.

sex doll torso


3. lubricant for heating

Applying the preheating lubricant to the doll's orifice and your skin also produces a warming effect, but please use a water-based lubricant to protect the doll's safety.

4. Take the doll to bed

It sounds quite romantic to sleep with your cherished sex doll companion. If you wrap the doll in a blanket, she will quickly absorb enough heat to become warm and will be content to sleep next to you in just one night.

The heated sex doll will offer you a warm hug; she can quickly kindle your passion and acts like a genuine companion. Just give it a try, and you'll fall in love!


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