10 Countries Where It's Legal to Buy Sex Dolls

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It doesn't seem like a huge thing to purchase a sex doll. After all, no one else will care if you own a sex doll and engage in domestic sex with her. But that's not the case; if your nation permits you to purchase sex dolls for your amusement, that's a positive thing, and you should consider yourself fortunate. Because of their cultural situations, conventions, or religious concerns, many nations still forbid the purchase of sex dolls.

We have therefore included a list of the nations where it is legal to purchase sex dolls; if your country is one of them, you can do so confidently. You need not be concerned if your nation is not listed; you can ask us to ship for you or research your nation's regulations online.

North America

1. the U.S.

Is purchasing sex dolls permitted in the US? The United States has 50 states, each of which allows the purchase of sex dolls. Because they respect your right to the freedoms you deserve, the government won't get in the way of your decision to buy a sex doll. You are free to use your sex doll however you choose.

But if you believe you can purchase any sex doll, you are mistaken. When you shop for and want to purchase sex dolls, you should pay close attention to one particular type of doll: child sex dolls, which is illegal in the United States. This type of doll is likely to cause problems if you purchase one. In the United States, purchasing this kind of doll is severely forbidden to avoid child sexual abuse. Don't look at these dolls; other dolls won't be concerned.

2. Canada

In Canada, sex dolls are entirely legal and are available in any adult store. All other dolls, including those made of silicone, tpe, and other materials, can be found in their adult store. Because if they resemble children is what matters, regardless of the material they are made of. Child dolls are a prohibited location for child pornography in Canada, just like they are in the US.



Is purchasing sex dolls permitted in the UK? Yes, as far as I'm aware, it's entirely legal. No limitations exist regarding doll type, size, height, or width. But they also disapprove of dolls for young children. However, they have never accurately defined children's dolls. What types of dolls fall under the "children's dolls" category? There is still no accurate definition for this point.

Dolls with large breasts but tiny statures cannot be categorised as children's dolls. Therefore, it is acceptable so long as what you purchase does not appear to be childlike and is not immature.

2. France

Sex dolls are not considered prostitution in France, despite this fact. As a result, France saw the rise of numerous brothels with sex dolls as its central subject. They are intelligent and using sex dolls as a form of prostitution brings them money. However, you can purchase your sex doll; France is the same as the UK in this regard. As long as you don't transgress morality by purchasing sex dolls that resemble children, any kind of sex doll is available for purchase.

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3. Russia

France and Russia both have unique situations. Because they believe that a brothel is always a brothel, whether, with actual people or dolls, many Russian regions have started to outlaw the establishment of sex doll brothel. The good news is that owning a sex doll is completely legal. You can still purchase a sex doll for yourself because who needs a doll brothel when you have a sex doll?

4. Germany

Contrary to popular belief, Germany is a major player in the pornographic sector. The sex doll market there is likewise legal because their porn industry is, so that makes sense. In truth, the sex doll industry is lawful in most European nations, including Germany, and individual sex doll purchases are also acceptable and legal.

Asia Region

1. Japan

Is the Sex Doll Business Legal in Japan? Of course, there is no denying that Japan is quite permissive regarding sex dolls and that any doll may be purchased and sold legally. any kind! Japan does not forbid the appearance of kid sex toys due to cultural considerations. Their child sex dolls are incredibly well-liked. Perhaps they believe that dolls with this appearance are inappropriate for youngsters. They define children differently.

2. South Korea

Sex dolls could not be imported into South Korea before 2018, but with the population's consent, it is now allowed to own one. It's possible that men in South Korea imported sex dolls they had purchased abroad before 2018, which led to the decision to legalise to suit the nation's needs.

3. China

China is perhaps the nation that is most misunderstood. Many people mistakenly believe purchasing sex dolls in China is illegal. However, this is untrue. China does not permit prostitution, but it does permit the purchasing of sex dolls. Since China's foundation, it has not been specifically forbidden.


1. Australia

Australia's legal framework is identical to that of the UK, where purchasing sex dolls is legal. However, it is against moral and legal standards to use dolls that resemble children.

At Link dolls.com, we typically don't turn you away if you want to purchase sex dolls from us, and if you could, we'd even be willing to sell our sex dolls to Mars. But to determine whether you can obtain your sex doll, we must do what we can and take into account regional laws. Nobody wants to see their doll buy delayed at customs and have the cops show up at their door the day after they place an order.

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