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Sex dolls have been used for three hundred years since sailors at sea first created the first ones out of fabric. Sex dolls have started incorporating more technological and social aspects in recent years, such as the emergence of artificial intelligence sex dolls and sex robot brothels, from sex dolls to silicone dolls and TPE dolls.

Sex Doll Brothels: From the First One to Widespread

1. The First Sex Doll Brothel!

The first sex doll brothel in the world opened in Germany in early 2017, thanks to sex worker Evelyn Schwarz. A flurry of press stories immediately thrust the studio in a sleepy area of southern Dortmund, Germany, into the spotlight, and many more are planning to open.

2. Popular, But the Development Is Impeded.

Sex doll brothels have sprouted up worldwide, and discussion and debate about them from all walks of life have gotten fiercer. Sex doll brothels are legal and even welcomed in nations like Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Japan, whereas South Korea and China have the exact opposite attitude, and many sex doll brothels are unable to operate or are forced to close due to ethical and moral disagreements or legal restrictions.

Several states in the US, like Texas, have blocked or shut down sex doll brothels, while attitudes in other areas are still iffy.

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Sex Doll Brothels' Advantages and Risks.

1. Another Sex Prostitutes.

Admittedly, the introduction of sex robot brothels does give customers who don't have anywhere to express their sexuality a more exciting new option. They can now have sex with sex dolls without worrying about respecting other people's rights or their dignity, and they can even indulge in more bizarre sexual fantasies like fetishising certain anatomical or physiological structures. This could add to the pressure put on sex workers to avoid getting wounded in sketchy situations.

2. Sex Health Problems Can Be Mitigated.

Like having sex with a real person, a client may also be infected with certain infectious diseases transmitted through sexual encounters because of their relationship with sex dolls. Although most stores promise to clean and disinfect sex dolls carefully after the end of the service, the hidden dangers of skin diseases and STDs in this area still cannot be relaxed, and human sex workers will at least think about their health, but the cleaning and maintenance staff of sex doll brothels may not be able to pay attention to every detail.

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3. Relive Sexual Assault

There are two schools of thought on this topic: on the one hand, it is thought that when potential suspects transfer their violent and sexual desires to sex dolls, the likelihood of rape and other violent crimes will decrease, and on the other hand, it is thought that when sex doll users become accustomed to having sex with objects that are lifeless, emotionless, and will not resist, they may lose respect for real women and result in more instances of sexual violence. However, establishing a firm idea still requires additional sexual experiments by pertinent researchers.

The Private Sex Doll Is a Safer Alternative.

Sex dolls are worthwhile to attempt in any case. A safer and more cost-effective alternative is to get a personal sex doll or doll torso that is solely yours if you require a submissive and obedient sexual companion or are just searching for excitement.

1. You Are the Sole Owner of Her!

You will own her entirely, and you have been your doll's only friend ever since you met her for the first time. You do not have to share your doll with a second person since she comes to you with a new appearance and will now solely fulfil your wants, providing you with gentle and devoted companionship, unless you permit it.

loyal sex doll

2. Several Choices Can Be Customized!

Instead of satisfying your sexual urges on a regular sex doll, if you choose a private purchase, you won't have to restrict yourself to a small selection of sex doll brothels. Instead, many different styles of dolls are available to suit your needs, and you can customize a sex doll that perfectly matches your aesthetic and preferences to get the most satisfaction.

You can create the ideal sexual companion based on your needs by using the Linkdolls store's extensive selection of sex doll styles, including fully customizable high-quality full-size dolls and sex doll torsos.

  1. More Sanitary and Security!

It may seem difficult for you to clean up the sex dolls yourself, but we will provide detailed tutorials, and it is better to take responsibility for your health than give responsibility to the clerk. Privately owned sex dolls can avoid many of the risks of infection for you that dolls in sex doll brothels pose.

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