4 Funniest Tales About Who Invented Sex Dolls!


From the "Dutch wife" made by sailors sailing at sea in the seventeenth century to the vivid sex dolls and torsos of sex dolls today, sex dolls have a history of more than three hundred years. An interesting anecdotal rumour is that Adolf Hitler invented modern sex dolls during World War II. These toys used to appease soldiers’ desires have been modified to become the attractive appearance they are now.

The history of the development of early sex dolls

1. The Dutch Wife in the Waves

It is generally believed that sex dolls first originated in the age of excellent navigation around the seventeenth century. Sailors stationed on ships often could not contact women and have sex with them for several months, so they used women's clothing and other materials to make dolls that could be used for masturbation, which spread from the Dutch to the Japanese, so the Japanese named this doll Dutch wife.

sex doll history image

2. Alma Mahler copied

Over the next two hundred years, such dolls for masturbation were widely circulated and developed, various female figures imitated them, and in 1916, a craftsman named Oskar Kokoschka made a very realistic sex doll based on his beloved Lady Alma Mahler to accompany himself, which also made people discover that this doll could have other meanings than for people to solve their sexual desires.

Did Hitler invent the modern sex doll?

This is a widely circulated claim; although it cannot be verified, a sex doll for soldiers to vent their desires can indeed be found in german health museums.

We can know from some news reports that when the writer Graeme Donald investigated the story of the inventors of barbie dolls, The American Ruth and Elliot Handler, he found information about Nazi sex dolls. Adolf Hitler ordered these blow-up dolls to be made for use by soldiers to prevent the spread of STDs in the military. "The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread uncontrolled presence of whores." These are excerpts from manuscripts of letters.

sex doll picture

The modernisation of sex dolls

The person who is the "father of modern sex dolls" is the German surrealist artist Hans Bellmer, who made a kind of sex puppet as early as the 1930s, and its energetic body and sexual use have been very close to the current sex dolls, which have attracted widespread attention from the international art world and have become the inspiration elements for many literary and artistic works in later generations.

Since the end of World War II, modern sex dolls have developed very rapidly in terms of sales models and production processes; from the first sex doll ads that appeared in American pornographic magazines in the 1960s to the present, you can freely order sex dolls through the Internet, and only a few decades have passed. Their bodies have also changed from primitive strip leather puppets or sex dolls to silicone and TPE materials.

Modernity dolls with diverse styles

Nowadays, there are already a variety of different sizes and shapes of sex dolls on the market; you can customise a doll through Linkdolls' Sex Doll Shop to meet any of your sexual fantasies; our sex dolls will give you the most gentle and loyal companionship.

1. Lifelike sexual partner, accompany you to experience the pleasure together

sex doll

Miss Dominique is very popular, and her proud and calm face and sexy and hot figure will make you unable to resist her. Who wouldn't want to try her big tits and big ass? Dominica is made from TPE, and the high-quality materials make her look and feel like a sexy girl. She has very flexible in trying various sex positions with you.

2. Surrealist design to satisfy your desired fantasies

alien sex doll

FIA is a lovely alien elf with playful, pointed ears in her surrealist design. She is also very unfamiliar with everything about Earth, especially curious about how Earthlings have sex. Her charismatic elf body is waiting for you to explore.

Future trends in sex dolls

Many people are looking forward to more sci-fi sex doll robots to popularise mass production, but they are expensive, and few people can afford them.

For most people, the sex doll torso is more like a great invention in the history of sex doll development, they combine the advantages of masturbation cups and sex dolls, and the price is favourable; if you are very concerned about privacy space, then the sex doll torso can also provide more convenience.

1. Better quality of sex, more robust privacy

If you're craving a sexual experience close to the real but with little privacy and not much locker to store a sex doll, this lovely sex doll torso can fulfill your wishes.

big boob sex doll torso

Despite just the torso, it can still provide a stimulating high-quality sex experience, including anal, vaginal, or even mast, which is only half the size of a full-size doll and is easier to hide: storage and cleaning.

2. More size options, more usage scenarios

Sex doll torso comes in a variety of sizes; you can choose a separate chest or ass according to your preference; of course, the combination is also perfect; her small and practical body can meet your needs in different scenarios, including but not limited to the sofa or in the car. The weight of a sex doll's torso is usually so light that you can control it well with almost just one hand so that you can focus more on the sexual experience.

sex doll torso

In addition to this, the price of the sex doll torso is also more friendly, and you can significantly improve the quality of real sex life at the least cost.

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