Sex can help lose weight!


3 more effective sex positions than exercise!

Are you still losing weight by exercising or controlling your diet? When it comes to losing weight or fitness, do you think of going to the gym, using fitness equipment at home, or running for a run? Have you ever wondered how much exercise you need to lose weight? To lose weight by running, you need to maintain a speed of 12 kilometers per hour to run about 58 kilometers. This way, you can lose a kilo of fat. But if you want to lose weight by sprinting or cycling, the number of goals you need to accomplish will be even greater. Don't want to be tired and troublesome? Have you ever thought that having sex can also lose weight? I know this sounds incredible, but it's a fact. Fat burning is mainly through aerobic exercise. Then you have to have sex with your partner more than 50 times to achieve the same effect.

sex position

After having sex with your partner about 60 times, you can lose as much fat as you do by running 58 kilometers. Many people don't know that sex is also a way to lose weight because sex is also a form of exercise. Click on for full details on weight loss through sex. 

Sex is also a sport

Having sex can help you lose weight!

Studies show that when you burn out in bed, you burn off some of your calories. This figure is that for every thirty minutes of passionate sex, you will burn 150-250 calories. Therefore, the longer and more active you struggle in bed, the less weight you will lose.

This also shows that sex is a form of movement. Most people will have a heart rate as high as 130 during the sexual process, which is completely in line with the standard of moderate physical activity. So, if you choose to run or play ball to lose weight, sex can bring the same effect. If you want stronger muscles or a slimmer ab, you must stay active in bed, and that's it.

Putting their spare time into the road or the gym, I think most people choose to have passionate sex with their partner. After all, the latter makes you feel happier. But sex can also change how you look and feel and improve your overall well-being. Using sex as a method of losing weight has many unexpected benefits.

Benefits of Lost weight by having sex

1. Sex is easier and more enjoyable than exercise

It's not so much the lack of time that we can't step into the gym to lose weight; it’s because we don't want to spend our precious rest time in the gym. It takes perseverance to step into the gym. Because taking this approach to weight loss will mean that you will lose a lot of rest time and endure the result of long workouts with slow weight loss.

We all know that long-term exercise can bring significant results, so many people fail to lose weight. But sex doesn't stop you halfway, it doesn't require you to go out, and it doesn't require you to persist. After all, sex is pleasurable; you only need to have sex when the atmosphere is right to lose weight.

2. More effective than regular exercise

It is responsible for saying that sex is much more effective in weight loss than general exercise, and half an hour of sex can make you consume about 150-250 calories. This is more effective and less time-consuming than many low-intensity exercises. But that doesn't mean that sex can't reach the exhausting levels of high-intensity training.

If you want to burn more calories during sex, you can choose to have sex in different positions; having sex in many positions that require different positions will make your body burn more calories. Of course, if you are a conservative traditional, you can also consider sighing and moaning more. This will increase your heart rate and burn calories.

You can also incorporate positions such as squats or push-ups into the sex process, which can exercise your muscles in different parts and burn off excess fat. Of course, you can also explore more sex positions of men and women to help you lose weight.

3. Reduce depression and stress

sex couple

We all know that obesity often brings emotional stress, you may feel depressed because of your body, and it may take much time to reduce this emotional stress through exercise.

This means you must endure this emotional stress for a long time. New York City weight loss expert Howard Shapiro, MD, says in his book: If a person has a healthy sex life, they are less depressed. When they feel less depressed, they also eat less. Performance helps you both in terms of mood and weight loss. Sex is great for maintaining your mental health.

4. Make you more confident!

Does having the perfect body make you feel confident? It should be possible to make the other party moan with satisfaction on the bed. And the performance does both. You can get exercise by having sex with your partner, which will give you a healthy body and a strong figure, and when you have them, your sex time will be extended due to the strengthening of physical fitness, which will allow you to Be more confident with others.

And research also shows that healthy sex life can make people more confident, which comes from the refreshed feeling that their harmonious sex life brings.

5. Completely free

I don't think anyone can say no to "free". What's more, it's "free" for health benefits. Going to the gym or buying your gym equipment at home will cost you the money you've worked so hard to earn, but sex is perfectly free. All you need is a partner you love and who loves you enough. Of course, she can also be a sex doll; if you love her enough, why not?

Useful sexual weight loss posture

If you're already planning to lose weight through sex, the right sex positions will help you get a perfect body faster. You can exercise different body parts in other positions places you want some features to look extra good; then you need to understand which postures are good for them.

1.    Doggy-style

doggy style

It's a pose we all love; let your partner pose like a puppy. Its posture is as graphic as its name. This position forces you to open your triceps, shoulders, and back muscles and exercises your "core." This position makes it difficult for you to stop your attack, and no one can hold themselves in front of the fat buttocks.

If you love this pose, I suggest you do it with Miss Viola. Because you need to stroke and bump their fat buttocks for a long time, Miss Viola has a more beautiful ass, and no one can refuse her fat buttocks. You can also knead her breasts from her belly, which can get you in

sex doll

You can also knead her breasts from her belly, keeping you from running out of work at halftime.

2.    Standing

standing style

This position is quite a test of your endurance and maintaining this position for a long time is the ultimate test of your hip, thigh, calf, and arm strength. If you choose this pose, you may be able to build muscle in a short period, and we encourage you to adopt this pose.

sex doll torso

If you need a partner to cooperate with you to complete this position, then a sex doll is not the best option because holding your partner for a long time may make you feel very tired, which may cause you to not hold on for too long. Sex is better suited for this pose, retaining only important parts but also in exchange for a lighter weight. She keeps you standing for a long time while guaranteeing you're staying power.

3.    Bridge

bridge style

If you're a newbie, don't try this posture lightly. For friends who have practiced yoga, this movement should make you feel very familiar; this is known in the fitness world as the "back chain" exercise; as can be seen from the name, this posture can be exercised to every muscle in your back, of course, with your arm as a reward. Although this pose is very difficult, its effect is very remarkable.

It would help if you chose a girl to experience your "bridge". If I had to recommend it, I would only be able to choose Miss Kiki; you can always look at her beautiful face, her gaze is inspiring, and her eyes alone can make you feel refreshed. If that's not enough, then her wobbly breasts are a reason you can't refuse.

sex doll

It is worth mentioning that when you are finished, you only need to go to the bath yourself because the girls' material only needs to be wiped with water, and even the inside is only a simple cleaning. This allows you to enjoy your rest time and not worry about them anymore. However, if you care enough for them, you can also give them maintenance. The next time you experience it, you'll fall in love with them again.


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