5 Practical Sex Positions to Help Your Sex Life


It's fantastic to have sex. The passion between you will be sparked by this, and as you explore your relationship in bed, cooperation and communication will further your intimacy and foster a feeling of familiarity and trust.

Why attempt various sex positions?

Try new things all the time, explore more possibilities with your partner, and incorporate an adventurous spirit into your sex life. Believe me, this will improve your sexual health and make life more enjoyable! Different sex positions will add a lot of freshness to your relationship with your partner.

The traditional sex stance

1. A position in a mission

A position in a mission

The depth of penetration depends on your skill. In this position, you and your spouse are face to face and deeply inside each other's bodies and minds. This results in a lot of eye contact, which will help the relationship heat up.

2. Doggy style

Doggy style

The dog stance can take on a variety of forms, such as both sides kneeling on the bed or standing up, or one side kneeling on the edge of the bed while the other is standing on the floor. Most significantly, this posture offers a powerful thrill of deep penetration from the rear entry.

3.69 postures

69 postures

For oral sex techniques, this is a very difficult position because you and your partner have to use your mouths to stimulate each other's sensitive areas. Men typically stimulate the clitoris, while women typically stimulate the penis or strap. If you and your partner are worried about support, you can also perform 69 poses while lying on your side.

4. A cowgirl or reverse cowgirl

A cowgirl or reverse cowgirl

Because of the influence of gravity, women's positions on top tend to bring deeper penetration, and women will be more likely to reach orgasm. compared to regular cowboys, women will change to sit on men with their backs, both positions are great, because it will exercise the muscles of women's buttocks and legs, all this position also helps women's health, and even helps lose weight!

5. Spoon


Women can lie on their sides in bed and wait for their partner enters, which is a position that is ideal for spot stimulation and helps to extend your sex time. It is a position well worth slowing down and savoring closeness in when you and your partner are weary but still interested.

Work on it with your preferred sexual partner.

With the aid of sex toys like Linkdolls' sex dolls and sex doll torsos, you can practice new sex positions when you're alone or your partner isn't present, improving your performance in bed. Once you've tried them once, the sex dolls and sex doll torsos will always cooperate with you, making them an excellent sex sparring partner.

1. Genuine sexual encounter

The majority of the dolls' appearance is composed of high-quality silicone or TPE materials, which gives them a very realistic appearance from the look to the touch. Sex doll production has advanced significantly in recent years.


male sex doll

Female gamers can practice many sexual positions with this powerful man—whose muscles are as strong as those of a real fitness enthusiast—such as female cowgirls or reverse cowgirls on top, and have an ideal experience thanks to his incredible penis size.

2. An adaptable skeleton

The flexible skeletons integrated into Linkdolls' sex dolls and sex doll torsos enable you to practice a wide range of varied sex postures with your doll while having her pose in whatever way you like.

sex doll torso with head

With her flawless physique and face, this gorgeous Japanese lady is happy to attempt a number of different sex positions with you. You can even practice all 69 stances with her, and her tight and realistic lips will provide you with great oral sex.

3. Never say no!

 Luxurious Medium Sex Doll Torso With Super Soft Breasts And Real Skin Feel

Yes, the doll will always comply with your requests, just like this seductive girl. It is your most devoted sex companion and will go along on any exciting sex adventure with you, regardless of the time or location.

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