8 Practical Tips for Safely Disposing the Used Sex Dolls!!


Sex dolls can accompany you for a long time, and with proper maintenance, a sex doll can accompany you for ten years. But she won't be with you forever; one day, she needs to say goodbye to you. I know it's hard, but goodbye is a lesson we must learn. When you choose to say goodbye, here are some suggestions for your reference:

  • Trash Can

Trash can

A trash can near your home can be your most convenient option. If what you're trying to throw away is a full-size sex doll, throwing it away may be a complaint from neighbors or garbage collectors. The best way is to dismember the doll and put the dismembered doll in a box. It's best to write a note saying, This is just a doll; please don't panic. The sex doll torso is easier to disassemble than a full-size sex doll, and you only need a small case to fit her whole body.

  • Send To a Recycling Company

Recycling sex dolls is an ideal method. Sex dolls are generally made of TPE and silicone. They can be recycled. These two are high-quality plastic materials, and some local companies operate recycling businesses. This is also a more environmentally friendly choice, and you can reap some benefits. Dolls can also own a new life. The only thing it takes is your time to find these companies.

  • Bury Her

There are two options for burying the doll. First, you can choose an environmentally friendly option and send your doll to a landfill. Workers can save time by directly disposing of degradable dolls. This solution still requires you to decompose the doll to ensure your privacy.

At the same time, the doll will not look like a corpse, avoiding some unnecessary misunderstandings. You can also bury yourself and give your doll a solemn funeral. But some states prohibit burying plastics, and you can check your local laws before carrying out a funeral.

  • Find a New Owner for Her

Finding a new owner for a sex doll is very human thought. Not everyone has the budget to buy a new sex doll, and you can offer them a more acceptable solution. You can post your sex doll information in some sex doll communities, such as TDF, Quora, Reddit and other sex doll sections.

sex image

You can start by posting well-designed photos, but make sure to be real! Tell the story of you and her and why you had no choice but to abandon her. I believe there will be people like you who will like your sex doll and be responsible for the rest of her life. To reassure new owners, making sure to do the sanitizing and cleaning is the most important thing you need to do, and isopropyl alcohol can help you do that.

  • Donate To Some Places That Need Her

Sex dolls can not only satisfy human sexual desire, but they can also play their value in various society industries. Some artists like to find inspiration in the human body, and sex dolls can also become the protagonists of the artwork. With life-size sex dolls, she is the most suitable clothing model and can try different clothing styles. Some shops need to use dolls to attract customers; I believe this is also a good solution.

  • Contact Linkdolls; We Can Help You Dispose the Used Dolls

If you have a used sex doll, the degree of wear and tear does not affect normal use, and you want to help her find a new owner, you can contact us. We accept dolls produced by regular manufacturers, mainly Piperdoll, WMdoll, YLdoll, and SEdoll.

We only provide a platform to help sell; to reduce waste, some dolls with good appearance and function can find new owners. Find an interested buyer; we will contact you for the next communication step. If you need it, you can email us.

The above suggestions are for reference only; you can choose according to your situation. But I suggest it is best not to try the following processing methods:

  • Do Not Throw Sex Dolls in The Water


This is probably the most convenient method you've ever thought of. The sex doll floats on the water, unlike a real corpse. Although this is a misunderstanding, there is a good chance that you will attract the attention of the police.

  • Do Not Burn Her

TPE and silicone are plastics that generate a lot of smoke when burned. Although these are healthy, non-toxic materials, the fumes from burning can cause harm to the human body. It's also not environmentally friendly, and a lot of smoke will make your neighbors pay attention to your privacy; you may also need to pay a police ticket.

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