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6 Practical Ways for Safely Disposing the Used Sex Dolls!!

by SmithColeen 23 Aug 2022 0 Comments
BBW sex doll

There will always be reasons why you don't want your doll! Sex toys such as sex dolls and sex doll torsos are made of TPE or silicone. If these materials are not disposed of properly, they will significantly damage the environment and may cause legal risks.

Knowing how to handle her properly is essential if you don't need her. Most people will adopt recycle, donate, sell, discard directly, and other conventional strategies.

However, according to your actual situation, you can choose the most suitable method among the following five processing methods:

1. Both TPE and silicone are recyclable materials; you can send used sex doll torsos to companies that recycle these two materials.

2. Landfill is also a good choice; abandoned dolls are "junk" that you don't use.

3. You can find a new buyer through the second-hand doll trading market for that.

4. Donating a doll is the most romantic way to deal with it.

5. Throw unwanted dolls in your bin downstairs; that’s the quickest solution

6. Contact Linkdolls; you can best deal with unwanted sex dolls.

How are sex dolls recycled?

Recycling sex dolls is an ideal method. Sex dolls are generally made of TPE and silicone. They can be recycled. Both are high-quality plastic raw materials, and some local companies operate recycling operations. It's also a greener option, and you get some benefits. Dolls can also have new life. All it takes is time for you to find these companies.

How to bury my sex doll?

There are two options for burying the doll. First, you can choose an eco-friendly option that sends your doll to the landfill. Workers can save time by handling the biodegradable dolls directly. This solution still requires you to disassemble the doll to ensure your privacy.

 bury in the dirt

At the same time, the doll will not look like a corpse, which avoids some unnecessary misunderstandings. You can also bury yourself and give your doll a grand funeral. But some states ban plastic burials, and you can check your local laws before having a funeral.

How do I find the responsible owner for my doll?

Finding a new owner for a sex doll is a very human thought. Not everyone has the budget for a new sex doll, and you can offer them a more acceptable solution. There are some sex doll communities where you can post about your sex dolls, such as TDF, Quora, Reddit, and other sex dolls social platform.

sex image

You can start by posting a well-crafted photo, but make sure it's real! Tell your story about her and why you had no choice but to dump her. I'm sure there are people like you who love your sex doll and are responsible for the rest of her life. To put the new owner at ease, making sure to sanitize and clean is the most important thing you need to do, and isopropyl alcohol can help with that.

Where can I accept donated sex dolls?

Sex dolls can not only satisfy human sexual desires but also play their value in all walks of life in society. Some artists like to find inspiration from the human body, and sex dolls can also become the protagonists of their works. With a life-size sex doll, she is the perfect clothing model to try on different clothing styles. Some stores need to use dolls to attract customers; I believe this is also a good solution.

How do I let my neighbors know this dumpster sex doll isn't mine?

Trash can

Trash cans near your home may be the most convenient option for you. If it's a full-size sex doll you're trying to get rid of, you might get complaints from neighbors or garbage collectors. The best way is to dismember the doll and put the dismembered doll in the box. Better write a note saying it's just a doll; please don't panic. A sex doll torso is easier to disassemble than a full-size sex doll, and you only need a small box to fit her entire body.

What are some websites that can help me dispose of unwanted sex dolls?

If you have a second-hand sex doll, the degree of wear and tear does not affect regular use, and you want to help her find a new owner, you can contact us. We accept dolls from common manufacturers, mainly Piperdoll, WMdoll, YLdoll, and SEdoll.

We also provide a platform to help sell; to reduce waste, some dolls with good appearance and function can find new owners. Find interested buyers; we will contact you for the next communication step. If you need it, you can email us.

 sex doll

The above suggestions are for reference only; you can choose according to your situation. But I suggest that it is best not to try the following processing methods:

Do not throw sex dolls into the water!

This is probably the most convenient method you can think of. Sex dolls float on water, unlike real corpses. Although this is a misunderstanding, there is a good chance that you will attract the attention of the police.


Don't burn her!

TPE and silicone are plastics that produce much smoke when burned. Although these are healthy and non-toxic materials, the smoke produced by combustion will cause harm to the human body. It’s also not environmentally friendly, and copious amounts of smoke will make neighbors aware of your privacy; you might also have to pay a police ticket.

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