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9 Best Masturbation Places You Haven’t Try in 2024

by SmithColeen 22 Aug 2022 0 Comments
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Masturbation is the easiest way you can please yourself. In high school, I tried masturbating for the first time and couldn't stop feeling the pleasure. I start chills, from the dildo's nerves to the brain, to the limbs, to my body. Masturbation is also the quickest way I can orgasm without anyone judging my performance.

After orgasm, all negative emotions are released. All you can feel is happiness, relaxation, and ultimate joy. In addition to masturbating with your hands, there is now a very popular sex doll torso. You can masturbate in many places, bring a sex doll torso, and you'll be happier. These 9 places I recommend you are worth a try:

1.In the room (on the bed or the carpet)


The room is where masturbation occurs most often, whether on the bed or the floor. If you like, you can also install a mirror in the room and admire your performance. Masturbating in a place you are familiar with can fully relax your body. Most of the time, I choose to be in bed, which is softer. But on the floor, I feel freer and more unconstrained by space.

bbw sex doll torso

A soft BBW sex doll torso contrasts with a hard floor, allowing you to quickly orgasm in any position!

2. In your car

You must try masturbating in the car once! Someone might pass by your vehicle but can't see what you're doing. You can also turn on the music in the car to cover up your gasps, and the chills will make the sex even more memorable. (But be aware that some states don't allow masturbation in a car.)

3. Bathroom

Having sex in the bathroom is also a good place for privacy. Even if you spend half an hour in the bathroom, no one will doubt everyone has enough bath time. Bring a silicone torso and make your water sex more enjoyable.

bathroom sex doll

Whether it's a tub and shower that allows you to experiment with more positions, squeeze in some body wash or soap for a smoother entry into your body. After you're done, wash your torso, and you can clean it in 5 minutes.

4. In the park

There are a lot of trees in the park, which means any bushes and under the trees are your perfect masturbation spot. After dark, this will be more hidden. Choose to pause when you hear footsteps, and you'll get even more excited!

5. Wardrobe


How many people would choose to hide in the closet when they played hide and seek as a child? It's a small, dark space where all your senses will be very sensitive, including the dildo. But I suggest you open the door a little so that light and air can come in and you will be more comfortable.

6. Bay Window

If you have a friend with a bay window at home, this will be your favorite place besides the bed! You can draw only half of the curtains and maybe see the view outside the house while masturbating. Double treat: you have to try it once!

7. In the Hotel

When family members come to your house for gatherings, it is inevitable to stay overnight. But you also want to have a good masturbation tonight, and you don't want your relatives to hear the moan; what should you do? Go to a hotel near home! Not just for masturbation, you can even bring this torso doll. You can fit her in your suitcase and take her on a business trip with no problem!

8. Computer Chair

All veterans know masturbating while watching porn is the most immersive sex mode. Open your favorite porn video, hear the heroine's voice, and then the body starts to chill; that’s the reward you deserve. If you want more realistic sex, this portable and compact sex doll torso can fit you perfectly!

9. On Board


The most important reason I recommend this location is that one's limbs are very relaxed on a boat. The boat rocks gently with the waves, lie down, and your body will have a kind of sleep on the clouds. And that's what it feels like to have sex/masturbation on a cloud, the body is light, and the pleasure feels real.

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