3 Most Unexpected Facts of Sex Doll Torso and Sex Addiction!


Sex addiction is used to refer to excessive attention or frequent sexual activity. Is there pleasing or bad sex addiction, or should it be treated? The bottom line is whether sex has a negative or positive impact on the lives of sex addicts. So what's the connection between sex addiction and sex doll torsos?

A sex doll torso is a way to satisfy sex addiction. Its functional properties bring good sexual feelings to sex addicts and also protect sex addiction to a certain extent.


Have you ever heard of sex addiction? If so, how much do you know about it? 

 1.What is sex addiction?

 2.The sex addiction debate.


What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction, similar to "drug addiction," often refers to an excessive focus on sexual activity and is "addiction." A person with a sex addiction may have a compulsive need for sexual stimulation. This desire often interferes with their ability to go about their daily lives.


Sex addiction can have various forms, including extreme sex, spending much time watching pornography or consumption, often masturbation or sex fantasy, scopophilia , sexual feelings mixed with anxiety, shame, depression, or the feeling of regret.


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Sex addicts may become so preoccupied with sex that they have difficulty engaging in other activities. They may fall behind in school, work, or personal responsibilities or become withdrawn. They may also prioritize sexual activity over other forms of relaxation or hobbies. Relationships with friends, family, and partners may suffer as a result.


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The sex addiction debate

So, is this kind of sex addiction harmful? Some critics of the idea that sex addiction is a psychological disorder argue that the behavior may be a manifestation of depression or anxiety.

Sexual activity may be an attempt to remedy psychological distress, although it often has a range of negative consequences, from financial problems to disrupted relationships and careers.




Do sex addicts need treatment? Humans are inherently sexual species, and to deny our sexuality is to deny our humanity. Many clinicians believe that concerns about sex drive are best treated with psychotherapy, which explores an individual's feelings, self-beliefs, and past sexual experiences.

Only by fully embracing our sexuality can we come to terms with what it means to be human.





So is there a connection between sex addiction and sex doll torsos?

  1.A sex doll torso can satisfy a sex addiction.

  2.The function ofa sex doll torso can bring good sexual feelings to sex addicts.

  3.A sex doll torso is partly a protection against sex addiction.


A sex doll torso is a way to satisfy a sex addiction.

Sex addicts are known to look for different sexual partners to satisfy their sexual urges, so buying a sex doll torso can be an option to be used as a second partner to express their sexuality. 

Sex dolls torso , made of silicone or TPE materials, is a keep-anybody torso sex doll; authenticity is powerful, although not a complete sex doll, but it can meet all the sex demands of a sex addict.


Round chest sex doll torso



Sex doll torsos are available in various sizes and shapes, as well as in different collocations, such as only chest and lower body or lower body. And it's not just female torsos; male torsos are also sold for female addicts. With an affordable torso of about one-fifth the price of a full-size doll, a sex doll torso can provide you with the same sex experience as a full-size doll, making it the perfect way to satisfy your sex addiction.


Sexy sex doll torso



The function of a sex doll torso can bring good sexual feelings to sex addicts.

Compared with traditional masturbation devices, which are stuffy, have no beauty at all, and have only one function, a sex doll torso is a perfect upgrade version. It has not only significant visual effects but also has complete parts and brings people an extraordinary sexual experience that is beyond description. 

In particular, the reality of a sex doll's torso, from the feel of the skin to the touch of the folds in the vagina and anus, is not different from having sex with a real woman.


Silicone chest sex doll torso


And sex dolls have a variety of torsos, a full-size life-size torso , mini torso , big ass torso , even vibration torso , which can meet the demand of various sex and sexual addiction.

Thanks to the upgrade, most sex dolls have a self-cleaning function for their torsos, eliminating the pressure to clean themselves afterward and allowing more attention to sex. This leads to better sexual experiences for sex addicts.


Mini sex doll torso


A sex doll torso is partly a protection against sex addiction.

In some cases, sex addiction can lead to inappropriate or risky sexual behavior. This may include exhibitionism, publicity, unprotected sex, and sex with prostitutes.

Sometimes it may cause suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases of HIV . And in some extreme cases, sex addicts may engage in criminal activities such as stalking, rape, or molestation.





The presence of a sex doll torso, on the other hand, largely sidesteps this situation. Those who are sexually aggressive may reduce their risk by interacting with a sex doll torso rather than a natural person, acting as a protective agent.


 Formal sex doll torsos are made from safe and harmless materials to humans and can be customized to suit people's preferences. Whatever sexual needs or fetishes you may have, a sex doll torso can satisfy you, and it is a wise choice for sex addicts.


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There is no clear definition of whether sex addiction is good or bad, and the torso of a sex doll is one of the better options. Many sexually active people seek out therapists for symptoms of psychological distress, but many are also perfectly happy with their highly active sex lives.


Some even many people engage in excessive sexual activity and are relaxed rather than distressed, such as using a sex doll torso, which is likely to increase positive mood and mental health. Thus, people's attitudes toward sex determine whether they judge their sexual behavior to positively or negatively impact their lives.

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