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Live like a dildo, the 2024 top guide to the most authentic dildos.

by jimray 09 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Learn about the dildo history

Dildo evolved from our desire for sex

When you think of sex toys, are there still gadgets in your mind that simply rely on battery? But actually, sex toys have been around for centuries. The sex toy industry today is already worth more than billions of dollars and is launching new products through countless upgrades. It was not easy and took a lot of time.
Since ancient times, people have been constantly exploring sex. In addition to the degree of sexual satisfaction brought by different bodies and progressive sexual activities, people have also been studying for thousands of years sex toys that can meet their own sexual needs at any time.

The development of sex toys

This all began in 29,000 BC when a rock carved in the shape of a penis was excavated along with the present-day Swabian Jura region of Germany. While it is not sure whether Neanderthals living here at the time used it as a sex toy, it undoubtedly paved the way for sex toys today.
In 500 BC, the development of sex toys began to undergo innovative changes. People in ancient Greece began to innovatively make their sex toys with brass or leather fillers or even old bread. In 1300 AD and 1600 AD, China and France all ushered in the development of sex toys.
In 1800, women in England were labeled as hysterical by vulnerable men, only because they began to feel anxious and unhappy. After 1950, the doctors invented the vibrating machine to relax them, which quickly brought them to a climax and brought them joy as the "manipulator". The machine was named Granville's hammer. Now we call it a vibrator dildo. That way, sex has long since ruled the world.

Dildo History

Stand out from the sex toys

Humans have a clear understanding of gender, and the dildo has existed since the word female began. From stones and sticks shaped like a penis to a real penis today. Dildo's development has undergone animal haploid as the type, human phallus as the type, traditional and automatic evolution, Dildo has come in different shapes, colors, sizes, have completely not penis shape and real reduced penis shape, have to need manual and completely need no manual.
To meet the needs of different groups of people, sex dolls and sex doll torsos have also been developed to pursue a more realistic sex experience.
There are so many kinds of dildos, and, according to the women themselves, Sex toys enable them to be more independent and confident. They can no longer simply rely on men, which also gives men a sense of crisis. Men are starting to face some real competition because their cock is not the only player in the game! That may just be the real reason for choosing a dildo.

Why to use dildo

Unmentionable but reasonable Sex Reuqirement

Although in today's open sexual relationships and attitudes, women are free to choose their sexual partners. But in England in 1800, women were also labeled with hysteria by vulnerable men for being unable to obtain sexual satisfaction. And for many adults, even today, it is difficult to express their sexuality and views on sex.

The benefits that Dildo brings to you

It also prevents their sexual partners from mastering their sexual needs. Dildo is a loyal partner who can help you without returning. Compared to traditional sex partners, it takes a dozen or dozens of experiences to master your body and achieve the ultimate experience. But you can reach that level with your first dildo.
Toys lets you know more about your body and explore more areas that will give you a wonderful experience. Orgasm can achieve the purpose of pleasure, of course, in addition to you can use your toy, it can also be used when meeting with a partner for virtual sex, when unable to meet using it for your virtual sex, will make you feel more realistic, the experience is both sides can feel, it can improve the satisfaction of both sides and pleasure.
Sex toys have helped many people make them more open to their sex lives, which also makes them more confident and beautiful in their lives.

Dildo Selection Tips

How to choose the right dildo is a worthy concern, and the first experience often determines what you think after it. Its choice compares the appearance, texture and experience of authenticity. After all, the real sexual experience is the deciding factor in determining whether we pay for it.
In order to make it more convenient for you to understand and choose your dildo, I provide you with the factors to pay attention to when choosing a toy, and I hope to bring you a reference. Realistic shapes make you even more emotionally and visually, a qualified dildo has the same texture, size and even real penis state as a real penis, so a dildo makes you feel connected with a real penis when used.

Size and appearance

The same size as a real person gives you a more realistic experience, so you need to pay special attention to the insert sizes when choosing. If you are not yet familiar with dildos, it is recommended that you can choose from a smaller one. The visual experience is also a component of the sexual orgasm. Therefore, the realistic skin texture can give you a real visual experience.
If you are a fan of oral sex, whether a dildo can simulate a real penis state determines how you experience having oral sex. The real touch allows you to fantasize about it as anyone's solar harness when you experience it.

Material and texture

Its silicone material and flexibility are equally important for people who need to pursue both hardness and softness. Buy the soft silicone dildo with dual density, which keeps you fit while experiencing sex. Most toys on the market also have a powerful suction cup base, which keeps them fixed to any smooth surface, free your hands, and you can experience real sex on the floor or bathtub.

dildo toy

If you are an anal sex lover, you can choose the anal dildo with a partially 5 '' inch insert, and this size can better protect your anus. For people familiar with dildos, customization is the best solution for you, because you know your body better and know your needs. Have semen hobby lover for, still can choose can spray type. Of course, you can upgrade them to automatic with a vibrator, hands-free play, which makes you satisfied faster.

The difference between Sex doll/sex doll torso and a dildo

Overall, sex doll/sex doll torso is also a kind of sex toy, and there is no difference in the very nature of their purpose to meet people's sexual needs. The development of sex doll/sex doll torsos and such products is designed to more truly restore and satisfy people's fantasies about sex.
Individual dildo is limited in their ability to satisfy people's sexual fantasies. The toy alone doesn't make people feel that it is your sexual partner. It doesn't give you a sense of security and companionship as a sexual partner. Products like sex doll/sex doll torsos solve this problem very well, and they also raise the ceiling for dildo development.
The sex doll/sex doll torso is more companionship in appearance and more enjoyable in aesthetics. Simply put, it can bring you not only sexual needs are satisfied, but also can make you feel happy and excited psychologically, that is, it is more realistic. If you are planning to choose to buy a sex doll/sex doll torso or you are full of interest in it, I will provide you with some references.

Abs and the king cock

dildo for women
Most women desire and prefer to have sex with powerful bodies, while the midribs are as attractive to men. For body enthusiasts, I suggest you choose torso sex dolls with attractive abs and big hard cock. Model 524 from Linkdolls can satisfy your urgent need for one-time love.
Huge and realistic dildos make it hard to resist the urge for oral sex while looking at them. Its penis can rotate at 360 degrees, and you can experience a different sex posture like a sex partner, and it can make you enjoy your sex process even more.
Strong abs can give you visual aesthetic satisfaction, and its eight-pack abs can indulge you in sex. The touch also uses the ability to restore the real skin simulation material, to give you restore the touch of real skin. The trunk part is made of silicone and TPE, and the silicone used is a strong, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic material.
The TPE is a hypoallergenic material that does not affect your body. However, it should be noted that the TPE material is easy to produce oil, and you need to use talc powder for maintenance. The advantage of the TPE material is the perfect reproduction of the natural man's body details. When you stroke the curves of your defined abs, chest, and hips, it is like touching a real man.
In addition, its material is easy to clean, and will not leave an odor, to ensure that you every one-time love experience. It has a total length of 21.2 '' inch, a penile insertion length of 6.7 '' inch, and weighs 16.7lb.
You can wear a variety of clothes you like, cross over them, and adjust the rhythm according to your own needs, which can make your orgasm come not only from the vagina but also from your brain. But it's not impeccable, and enthusiasts with a limited budget may have exceeded their expectations.
Compared to a single dildo, it is larger in size, and it is a nuisance for smaller enthusiasts to carry and wash their dolls. In addition, you cannot leave a single dildo in an unknown small corner as you would do with a single d I l do, which can embarrass your friends when visiting you.

Torso dildo

For you who are watching or budgeting, my advice is to choose this cost-effective sex doll/sex doll torso. This doll very well avoids the shortcomings of big dolls, which perfectly fits the lovers who want to have a more suitable torso sex doll on the one hand, and may not have enough budget on the other hand. Also, the 529 from Linkdolls will give you a perfect buying experience.
It is a super cost-effective sex toy, in addition to ensuring the super-high realistic feeling, it is smaller and lighter in weight, which will facilitate your handling and cleaning.

Male Sex Doll Torso For Women & Torso Dildo

You can put it in any corner when not used, and the smaller volume ensures that it doesn't stand out. In addition, it also uses a combination of silicone and TPE in the same materials, which can give you a human body feel better in the experience It surprises you more in terms of the torso, which retains 6-8 abs and stronger hips, satisfying your grabbing and slapping habits during sex.
The compact torso has a great large dildo, with a 7.9'penis length, which makes it easier to enter, allowing a 360-degree rotating penis to achieve an orgasm in any position. Just the 11lb weight and the total length of the 11 '' inch make it a perfect buying experience for beginners.

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