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These 3 types of people must choose vibrating sex dolls!

by IversonVincent 12 Feb 2023 5 Comments

The vibrating sex doll is a new sex doll torso; she mainly has 3 modes: vibrating, venting, and sucking. Each function can meet the needs of different groups of people. For these people, I strongly recommend that you must buy a vibrating sex doll and try it out!

vibrating sex doll torso

1.People who have been using masturbation cups before and want to try new sex toys.

2.People who hate cleaning sex dolls.

3.People who need to travel frequently or like to travel alone.

Vibrating sex dolls are masturbation cups at their best!

A vibrating sex doll is a masturbation cup + sex doll torso! The outer material is a soft TPE material, available in a torso state or a big ass only model. Whether you like soft breasts or just a big bouncy butt, you can choose from different types.

vibrating sex doll torso

Compared with the masturbation cup, she can take you to experience real sex. Because she also has the function of sucking and venting. You must use lubricant, turn on the switch, and completely free your hands!

At the same time, you can also experience her real skin touch, which is more orgasmic pleasure than a masturbation cup.

vibrating sex doll

You can even dress her up, choose your favorite sexy lingerie and choose the smallest size. When you're not using it, she sits there quietly. She is your most intimate and understanding lover when making love with her! 

Lazy bones! Her automatic cleaning function will ultimately conquer you!

Many people are discouraged from using sex dolls because they are difficult to clean. While they feel authentic to use, cleaning can also be a challenge. But what if there was a sex doll that cleaned itself?

Cleaning sex doll torsos is usually concentrated in the vaginal and anal areas, the most complicated areas to clean.

vibrating sex doll torso

The cleaning and sucking function of the automatic vibrating sex doll torso dramatically reduces cleaning time. This type of torso has two tubes, one for releasing gas and the other for draining water or other liquids. For quick drainage of vaginal fluid, use the suction mode. 

sex doll torso

The self-cleaning process only takes ten minutes, and all you need to do later is dry her. The time saved will not only allow you to have more sex but also allow you to dispel other concerns caused by inadequate cleaning.

She is your most faithful sex lover when traveling!

Although her volume is more significant than that of the masturbation cup, her power is not lost to the masturbation cup at all. And you can adjust 3 modes, vibrating, sucking, and exhausting!

After fully charged, it will allow you to release your sexual desire for 1 hour! You can lay on the couch, take her out, and have a great sex time, and she's tight enough!

realistic vagina and anal

You can imagine how amazing the inside of a virgin's vagina and anus is; that’s how she's always been! As long as she is fully charged, she is the best lover to release your sexual desire!

You can easily hide her in a closet or even under a comforter. She is confident enough to satisfy your sexual needs in limited places. If you have a roommate, she will be your safest, secret lover who will never be found out.

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13 Feb 2023 Amber

I am lazy so it’s good product.

13 Feb 2023 David

Vibrating doll? It’s really novel

13 Feb 2023 ALAN

Can it really have sex for 60 minutes?

13 Feb 2023 Colin

As a user of masturbation cup, I will try vibrating doll.

13 Feb 2023 Kim

I have bought vibration dolls before, she makes me very happy

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