L6(33lb/65cm) Sex Doll Legs--Slim and graceful sexy long legged torso
Foot Fetish If you have a soft spot for slender, white thighs, a long-legged torso is a way to go. She has life-size proportions and is soft and comfortable. Feel free to touch to satisfy all our fantasies about long...
80 Leg
$300-$599 65cm Sex Doll buying first sex doll Curvy Sex Dolls Lesbian sex doll torso Sex Doll Feet & Foot Fetish Toys sex doll legs Sex Doll Torso TPE Sex Dolls under 600
Foot Fetish If you have a soft spot for slender, white thighs, a long-legged torso is a way to go. She has...

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The size of the sex doll you choose to purchase should be a significant deciding element. There are some dolls whose size can be inferred from the name, in addition to the well-known full-size dolls. They are 65cm sex dolls, and because of their shorter height than an average person, they are also known as mini sex dolls or tiny sex dolls.

If you're a buyer who prefers charming styles over sensual and hot full-size dolls, 65cm sex dolls will more closely meet your needs. They work better with video games and anime elements, like some female characters in Japanese anime. However, they also have the benefits of real dolls and come in various styles, including huge breasts, curvy, flat chests, anime sex dolls, and others.

cute anime sex doll


Why purchase a 65cm sex doll?

For most guys, having sex with these adorable little dolls is rather exciting, and the 65cm sex dolls can pique their desire. It can feel like a master-slave connection when you have sex with these little dolls and impose your crazy beliefs on them; you control this sexual relationship.

Another justification for picking them is that 65cm sex dolls are exceptionally distinctive, realistic sex dolls that can very effectively meet some men's preferences. They are sufficiently open and combine innocence and sensuality. They are fully capable of squeezing your cock into their adorable little pussies despite only being 65 centimeters long.

The realistic folds on their pussy are a temptation you can't refuse because the depth of their pussy is 4.9 inches. Their anus, if you like anal, also has this capability. Your dick has a cozy place to live because of the 16.54-inch large buttocks and the identical 4.9-inch anal depth. The 65cm doll's detailing is very well done. You also have the choice of breast sex due to the delicate skin and 18.5-inch breasts.

Purchasing a 65cm love doll as your first doll is also a great decision. The 65cm sex doll offers a benefit that other dolls do not have, namely the price, whether you are doing it for the first time or want to try the sensation of having sex with a sex doll. You can afford their charges, and if the encounter goes well, you can use the remaining funds to purchase a full-size doll.

Benefits of a 65-cm sex doll

The most realistic sex dolls are 65cm dolls, which can help you avoid awkward situations and save you much hassle.

Simple to handle/carry!

They don't weigh much because they are shorter than humans, and because the advantages of being shorter are so clear, you can always carry her with you. Because of their size and weight, you can pack them in a suitcase when you travel or go on a business trip, which is impossible with full-size dolls. This benefit is also readily apparent in the bedroom; you can take them to the kitchen, balcony, or any other location you desire for private affairs.

Beautiful mini torso doll

Easy to hide!

If you don't live alone or have frequent visitors, hiding dolls can be a significant hassle. Additionally, there are few locations to hide full-size dolls. However, 65cm sex dolls are more miniature; therefore, there are many places you can conceal them. They can fit in closets, wardrobes, or suitcases.

Simple to clean

Dolls also require baths, particularly if you need to thoroughly wash their private parts after using them. For full-size dolls, cleaning requires carrying them to the bathroom if you don't have specific cleaning equipment, which is a strenuous task. The same issue does not exist with 65 cm sex dolls. You don't need to purchase special cleaning equipment for them, such as an extended water pipe to let you take them quickly to the restroom. Additionally, 65cm sex dolls are smaller and simpler to clean than full-size dolls.

Sex doll being cleaned

Changeable sexual positions!

With 65cm sex dolls, you can virtually set them in any position that suits you, making it very comfortable to have sex. Pull one of her legs up, and you can easily pierce her pussy if you want to shove her up against the wall. No matter which positions you switch to, her tiny size enables you to be in the ideal setting.

The 65cm small doll is only one of the various varieties and sizes available; there are other sizes. Mini dolls are a fantastic option if you struggle with doll carrying and concealment. Additionally, you can acquire stuff from them that corresponds to your sexual fantasies because they can better match anime or video game characters. Why not order from Link dolls immediately to benefit from the pleasure and fulfillment the 65cm sex doll will provide you?

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