7 Sex Doll Delivery Steps That 70% of People Don't Know!


Have you ever wondered how your sex doll shipment got to you? Where is the thing that you ordered now? Why did it take them around two or three weeks to get to you, and how did she get there? If you place an order on Linkdolls.com, you can easily check your order and the doll's production and delivery processes. This is the next step if you're interested.

Check order

Are you concerned that you might purchase additional sex dolls that you are not interested in after placing an order due to your own errors? Don't worry; you can verify your order at any time by visiting the information and help page of the website and clicking the link to view your order's details and order number.

If you purchase additional dolls, you have 12 hours to customise them at no additional cost. If it goes above 12 hours, you should start paying attention because the manufacturer might have already received the production order, and changing it at this point might result in fees. Confirm your order as soon as possible to avoid this. Nothing is wrong.

Made-to-order and factory photos

The doll may take 1-2 weeks to prepare because the factory receives the production order 12 hours after it is verified and begins manufacturing it. It takes time to customise some unique or customised models. However, most of our products are already stored in US warehouses if you're a US customer. This will enable us to ship your cherished doll directly to the United States, where it will be delivered as quickly as possible.

We will give you access to factory works if you are interested in learning more about the doll's manufacturing process or the factory setting. To guarantee the images' authenticity and prevent posing, all of these manufacturing workers took photos of their work and shared them with us.
To assure the quality of the dolls given to you, the manufacturing period for bespoke dolls is lengthy because it involves the creation of torsos, wigs, and cosmetics.

Linkdolls.com guarantees that you will be able to watch every step of the doll-making process if you ask us to.


Your favourite doll will be placed in a sealed, clear bag when it leaves the manufacturer or warehouse, helping to prevent contamination or mould growth while in transit. To prevent the doll from shaking in the express box and becoming damaged, fix her in a specific white foam box. The unique foam box is designed to fit the contour of the doll and is good at holding the doll in place. Avoid collisions.

The doll and foam box should now be placed into the express box. The privacy product we employ is an express box. There is nothing recognisable about this dark box. Your privacy and your doll.

The doll and foam box need to be combined in the express box as the final step. We employ a privacy bag express box, a plain brown box devoid of personally identifiable information. At Link Dolls Assure, you can have your doll and your privacy.


I want to congratulate you if you ordered a doll from Link dolls.com and you are a US user. Link dolls.com, one of the many doll websites, promises that you will have a doll in your hands in 3 to 7 days. Some websites require 14 days. Express shipment is free; there is no cost to you whatsoever.

Regarding express requirements, we have worked with numerous express firms, including ups, FedEx, and many more well-known express companies. Give your doll a solid delivery guarantee. Additionally, our dolls are sent to you in a privacy bag, a basic brown box devoid of any identifying marks, information, or indication of the contents. You can relax completely about your privacy worries.


Please don't be too eager to open the package when it shows up. Before contacting the courier to return the cargo, please check the parcel for damage. If there is damage, you can video it with your phone. Of course, the interior of our container is sturdy enough. You can record it on your phone and open the courier to check if you don't want to bother them. If the courier is damaged, please get in touch with us immediately so we can return it for you.

Please don't be concerned if the doll has a faint fragrance or factory residue; this is typical and won't affect its quality. You can clean the doll as soon as you have it.

Return policy

Within 30 days of receiving your item, you may return it without penalty and receive a refund. But please note that there are requirements you must fulfil.
Unconditional returns must meet the following prerequisites: The returned item has to be undamaged: Your order must adhere to federal health standards due to the nature of the product to be eligible for a refund or exchange. We will wrap each of our products in an airtight transparent bag. Since we never offer unpackaged goods, everything must be returned in its original state.

Initial condition refers to the undamaged transparent bag and the product’s original seal remaining intact. Just envision. No one wants to use a sex doll that has already been used by someone else; please realise that, just like underwear. There was no shipping-related damage to the returned item.

7*24 hours service

If you have any questions after getting your package, you can contact us by phone, email, or through our website. We'll be available to you 7 days a week and promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Care and Maintenance

Our maintenance assistance will be available to you throughout the doll's life. This includes quick email/video instructions on performing a full operation at our repair centre or quick mend at home. You must provide evidence of purchase for most dolls purchased from Link Dolls.

After you buy dolls from Link dolls, the entire procedure of getting the dolls into your hands is described above. We encourage you to contact us for support if you have any questions. You can shop for dolls at Link dolls with complete confidence because our doll shipping process is open.

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