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We have written numerous posts on this topic and received customer feedback about choosing a TPE sex doll that suits you. I'll introduce you from various perspectives, including material, cost, hair color, function, etc. I hope the information on this blog might be of use to you. Recently, doll breasts have been a hot topic of discussion.

Customers want to purchase or modify a sex doll that is theirs and fits them. They must consider elements like sex doll breast alternatives in addition to look, pricing, and material. Therefore, we offer all the information about sex doll breasts on this site, including breast size, substance, and various breast touches. Hopefully, this will give you the information you need to choose the best sex doll.

real attractive boobs

For some reason, guys are drawn to breasts. Men differ in their preferences for large and tiny breasts and how they feel. None of them were able to resist the allure of breasts. If you enjoy breasts as well, choosing your preferred doll will be easier if you are aware.

Flat chest

The two main categories of wm dolls are flat-chested love dolls and large-breasted love dolls based on the size of their breasts. Flat-chested dolls often have a cup size of A-B. Although flat-chested dolls' breasts are modest, their smaller size gives the dolls a youthful, adorable appearance.

They also look lovely because of their excellent proportions. This is another distinctive charm that people with petite breasts possess. One hand may quickly grab the flat-breasted doll's highly bouncy breasts. Flat-chested dolls are your best option if you don't like huge boobs.

cute little boob elf doll

Big boobs!

C-cup and larger dolls are considered to have large breasts. Their benefits are plain to see. They appear more seductive due to their full breasts, which also highlight their body's curves. People find it challenging to refrain from touching their breasts as a result. You may still utilize the doll's big breasts for titty sex, a privilege only larger breasts have, and big breasts feel softer and similarly elastic.

The O Cup big-breasted dolls stand out among them as examples of big-breasted dolls. You are inconceivable because of their o-cup breasts' fullness. You will wonder if it is accurate and pure if you haven't seen it with your own eyes. It's also impossible to imagine the softness of the full O-cup breasts.

You have to try it for yourself if you're curious. No matter how comfortable you are with your dick, I'm sure you can't last five minutes in front of O cup's boobs. Big-breasted dolls are more suited for breast-obsessed persons, and the dolls' large breasts may also evoke mother affection.

Solid chest!

You can infer from the name solid breasts are breasts composed of a particular material just by listening to the title. This material is generally TPE or silicone. The appearance and feel of solid breasts are very similar to natural breasts, more firm and perky and full of flexibility since TPE and silicone can restore human skin texture.

 Choosing solid breasts can make your doll appear more youthful and lifelike because they are composed of a substance similar to human skin.

However, solid breasts also have drawbacks because they are packed with silicone or TPE, making regular solid breast dolls somewhat heavy. This is especially true if a giant breast doll has a solid breast, making carrying it difficult.

Busty O-cup sex doll

Gel breast!

A gel breast is a jelly breast. The manufacturing method for jelly breasts is more complicated than other types of breasts since the core of this type of breast is made of incredibly soft TPE, and the remainder is built with gel implants.

 The best material for recreating the sensation of female breasts is why this material is used. Because gel feels like human flesh when touched, gel breasts have a remarkably realistic blend of elasticity, firmness, and softness.

It closely resembles natural breasts when you squeeze it. The jelly chest's adjustable level of softness is another factor that makes it the alternative that comes closest to reality. You only need to select the filling material's parameters to get the perfect touch you desire.

However, jelly breasts are typically not included with dolls. Since only a few brands offer gel breasts, and frequently an increase in price does not allow you to upgrade your beauty, you must have modification choices or add accessories to have such breasts. The size of the doll's breasts prevents an upgrade to a jelly breast. Link dolls offer gel breast choices. Although pricey, gel breasts are entirely worth it.

The most authentic jelly breasts

Link Dolls offers you the breasts of your fantasies and is constantly creating new breast varieties. You can leave a message for us under the blog if you still have any breast queries, and we will respond.

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