3 hidden secrets about sex doll hair/wig!


Different hair colors or wigs hairstyles will give your doll various temperaments and styles, making her more like a partner who matches your sexual fantasies and giving you a more realistic sex experience. Wig grooming is an indispensable important part of creating a lifelike sex doll.

When you order a cherished doll, the doll you receive will have the hairdo of your choice if you see dolls with natural long flowing hair or when you view doll photographs or videos online. Have you ever questioned the origins of and physical characteristics of doll hair?

We have developed this comprehensive wig introduction for new doll owners because sex doll wigs need to be carefully maintained and cared for like real people's hair.


Sex doll wig-making process


1. Implantable wigs


The texture of TPE sex dolls is too soft to keep the hair well, so implantable wigs are typically placed on the head of silicone sex dolls instead. The scalp texture of these dolls is robust and difficult to deform, allowing the implanted wig to be set to it securely, just like a natural human scalp.

Although this will produce lifelike dolls, the process requires a lot of time and effort, which drives up the cost of silicone sex dolls implanted with sex wigs. To implant wigs for love dolls, sex doll manufacturers must manually plant small tufts of human hair or artificial fiber hair into the scalp of sex dolls one at a time. Taking care of implantable wigs can be pretty tricky.


sex doll hair


2. Hood wig


Hood wigs are helmet-shaped and come in various sizes depending on the wearer's head. They can be placed directly and simply on the head of a sex doll and are simple to take off and clean. How to style and wear your doll's wig is shown here.


How to wear a wig for a sex doll


1. Wig caps and pins


You need to put on the wig cap, put the necessary wig on and use some pins or hairpins to fix the wig until it fits the doll's head correctly. Here is true whether your beauty came with an implantable wig or not. This approach is inexpensive for the doll owner personally.

2. Velcro the wigs


Another practical method of wearing a wig is using velcro; put on the wig cap as previously mentioned, and then use the velcro tape to attach one side to the wig and the other to the wig cap. The wig will then be securely fastened to your doll's head when you align and glue the velcro squares.

This technique has gained popularity among many fans of sex dolls since it makes donning and taking off wigs quite convenient.

Velcro the wigs


3. Precautions for wearing wigs for dolls


Avoid using glue when wearing or caring for your doll's wig because most glue will stick to the hair and scalp, causing your wig to knot and damaging the doll's scalp.

Excessive pressure from the elastic band may strangle the doll's skin and leave deep gouges that are difficult to cure.


Cleaning and maintaining wigs


1. Cleaning


The wigs on sex dolls must be washed regularly, with natural hair needing to be cleaned twice a month compared to synthetic hair's once-monthly recommendation. Take the wig off the doll's head and wash it delicately using warm water and a light wig-specific lotion. Rub a clean, dry towel over the wig to absorb as much moisture as possible.


2. Comb


You can comb the wig after washing it, or you can spritz it with water, untie the more complicated knots with your hands, and then use the comb to comb them all out. The process won't be harsh; it will be like combing your real partner's hair.


3. Use the oil


The wig can be air-dried or dried with a blow dryer. Once the wig is dry, massage the hair with wig treatment oil. The recommended technique is to apply the oil to your hand, hold the wig, and gently massage it until all the oil is absorbed. If you use treatment oil, your wig will look brand new and simpler to maintain.

Use the oil

Alternatively, you can shape the doll's wig to suit your tastes, replace it on the doll's head with care, and keep it so you can use it again.


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