4 tips to enrich sex experience with sex dolls/torsos, enjoy orgasms!


The following actions will help you completely feel the excitement of owning a sex doll or sex doll torso. When you have a sex doll or sex doll torso, you have an absolutely loyal and inclusive sex partner, and it will be a lovely experience to enjoy sex with them.


Customize a sex doll matches your sex appetite!


Although realistic sex dolls are excellent, you will both enjoy your time together more and have a better experience with sex and climax if the sex doll precisely matches your sexual expectations and aesthetic tastes.


1. Full-size sex doll or sex doll torso


Full-size dolls are designed to resemble real women and can provide you with a realistic experience and ideal company, but they are typically big and heavy and more bulky when moved and switched into different sex positions.

The dolls' torsos are similarly quite realistic, but they are typically smaller, lighter, and simpler to handle with one hand, making them more versatile for sex positions. You may carry the doll to your car or just orgasm on the sofa with her.

To have the finest sex experience, you can pick the style that best meets your needs.


2. Boobs Cup


Both large and little breasts can be attractive, so going for your chosen breast size will increase your enjoyment of sex. One of the best things about sex dolls is that they can easily attain large breasts that are quite uncommon in real life, such as O-cup. You may also opt to choose to fill the breasts with gel, which will make your sex doll seem more like a real woman.

O cup sex doll


3. Skin tone and hair color


Distinct hair colors will produce different visual effects, which will also have an impact on your sentiments regarding sex. For example, red hair will make your doll lover appear passionate and seductive, while blonde hair will make people feel innocent and lovely.

The dolls from Linkdolls allow for private customisation, and you may make the doll seem anyway you like by selecting the option that most satisfies your aesthetic standards.


Dress up your sex doll!


1. Makeup


It is possible to transform a realistic sex doll's appearance and disposition by adding makeup to her. A few simple powder cosmetics are sufficient; avoid using liquid or oil-based products to prevent contamination of the doll.


2. Clothing


You can choose to dress the sex doll up conservatively, and she won't object. She will be delighted to wear the seductive underwear you got for her and engage in stimulating sexual activity with you, which will enhance your sex life in a special way.


3. Wigs


Since wigs are typically replaceable, you can experiment with various types to the greatest extent possible to make your love doll more resembling a partner who truly fits your fantasies in terms of temperament and style. Wigs with various hair colors or styles will give your love doll a variety of different temperaments and styles.


4. Perfume


Select your favorite scent and spray it on your sex doll's clothes before you have sex with her for a more pleasurable encounter. The scent will arouse you and make you feel more attracted to her. However, use caution when spraying perfume on the doll's skin because TPE and silicone sex dolls cannot withstand the corrosive effects of alcohol and typically contain high concentrations of alcohol.


Additional useful tools!


1. Heating rod


A warm cavity will make your silicone wife more like a genuine lover, and you will become addicted to that warm touch. The heating rod can help you effortlessly heat the orifice of the sex doll. You may relax knowing that the heating rod is of high quality.

Particularly in the winter when they come into contact with the doll, humans do not always maintain a consistent body temperature.

heating rod


2. Lubricant


When using high quality sex dolls, using a mild water based lubricant improves your sex comfort, reduces excessive and dry friction, protects the doll and your skin, and can lengthen the duration of your sex sessions. Some lubricants also contain slight paralyzing ingredients that will keep your penis firm for longer.


Keep exploring


1. Role play


If this interests you, the sex doll will be your most dependable practice partner. She will fulfill all of your sexual fantasies, whether they involve a lover who has erred or a young nurse eager to treat you, a missionary position or another, and she will work with you to the fullest extent possible.


2. Animal sex!


She will always comply with your wishes as your sex doll partner, and if you want to explore her anus or have rough sex, suitably add profanity and slapping tactics, etc., she will joyfully do so because this is what she was meant to do.


3. Try various sex positions


Explore additional sex positions with your doll that can improve your mood, will increase your enjoyment, and will cause you to have greater orgasm. Sex dolls and sex doll torsos both feature flexible built-in skeletons that enable them to reach a range of postures and different ways of playing.


4. 3P with sex dolls


More than one-third of respondents to the survey indicated that they are open to using sex dolls in a threesome. This does not only refer to using sex dolls with your partner during sex; you can also purchase different types of sex dolls and select multiple sex doll partners to join you in a single life.

If you and your partner agree that sex dolls or sex doll torsos are appropriate for your sexual encounters, working with this gorgeous couple will be a fantastic idea, and it will be preferable to get both items at once.


-Curvy Lightweight+Big Dick --Sex Doll Torso Combination Package For Couples.


At last


Linkdolls is a reputable online retailer of lifelike sex dolls; we work solely with the best sex doll manufacturers. For additional sex advice regarding sex dolls and sex doll torsos, please visit our blog.



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