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Sexiest Boobs: 8 Reasons You Choose O Cup Sex Doll in 2022!   Men love boobs, and while not all men prefer big breasts, a pair of super-exaggerated O-cup giant tits is sure to surprise you, so rare in size that you can almost only find them in porn. Indeed,...

Sexiest Boobs: 8 Reasons You Choose O Cup Sex Doll in 2022!


Men love boobs, and while not all men prefer big breasts, a pair of super-exaggerated O-cup giant tits is sure to surprise you, so rare in size that you can almost only find them in porn. Indeed, very few women can naturally develop O-cups, and they usually make the cup huge through breast augmentation surgery.

If you want to understand why big tits are attractive to men or need a female companion who shares big breasts of pleasure, read the following:

Why the O cup is so special

1. How big is the O cup?

O cups are the largest universal cup size in the U.S., which usually means that a woman's chest measurement is 15 inches larger than the belt measurement, which is an excessive number. If you have ever met a woman with a real O-cup chest, you will not forget her. She is the BBW girl you will love her definitely!

A pair of O-cup breasts are amazing; the internal tissue of the big tits will make them very soft and elastic usually, they will have different degrees of expansion and sagging, but only large enough breasts can also shake when their owners move.

2.She is rare and mysterious!

Unlike men's flat and firm breasts, swollen and soft breasts are unique to women's gender characteristics; since girls entered the development of puberty, men have always been curious about the two mysterious clumps of soft flesh covered by excess fabric, not to mention such rare and amazing big tits, no one can deny the sexual allure of a pair of soft and full breasts.

This teenage girl Jolin is an absolute giant tits girl, with a chest circumference of 38 inches, which is close to the O cup. She was only age of 18 years, and a pair of oversized breasts filled her adolescence with embarrassing memories only you could comfort her and tell her how wonderful those big tits were.

She has no sexual experience yet but will be happy to learn how to become a perfect breast sex doll under your guidance, and her huge pair of breasts is sure to bring you a lot of fun.

The O cup sex doll relax your mind!

1.She is very stress-relieving when touch

Only a large enough chest with enough internal tissue to provide a soft and elastic feel, especially in sizes as the O cups, they feel relaxed to the touch like any soft decompressed ragdoll and even make you feel familiar and safe.

2.Big breasts bring a sense of security

Mothers often get bigger breasts while breastfeeding their babies, and many artworks borrow large-breasted settings like O cups to highlight the maternal brilliance of the characters. For almost all men, a large chest awakens a man's subconscious feeling of being cared for by or with his mother, especially in men with an Oedipus complex.

Kyra is such a kind and gentle lady; she is a kind of life-like sex doll with a pair of full and healthy oversized breasts and does not mind how you treat them; she will never reject you and is willing to tolerate and satisfy all your sexual fantasies, she will bring you gentle and safe sex, become your best comfort.


The O cup sex doll stimulates sexual desire

1.Oversized breasts are a sign of fertility

Larger breasts tend to be reminiscent of more milk, which means that a woman may be able to feed more healthy offspring. And this concept of mate selection that has been handed down from our ancestors is preserved in the genes of men, allowing men to have sexual desire for large breasts naturally.

2.O Cups add fun to the sex life

I have to say that it is true that only large enough breasts can achieve the perfect breast sex, fat-filled soft breasts with different skin touch from any cavity will bring you a great sexual experience, and huge breasts like O cups will also bring a stronger sense of wrapping and gravity, believe me, you will fall in love once you try it.

If you want to streamline your budget, don't miss out on this beautiful sex doll!

sex doll torso

She is such a realistic sex doll torso that it almost allows you to experience authentic sex. As one of our best TPE sex dolls, her skin is made of high-quality TPE material that feels skin-friendly to the touch. In addition to regular anal and vaginal sex, her cups are huge and not easy to expand and sag; you can experience awesome cup sex with her, and her life-size sex doll body is sure to make you happy.

O cup sex doll is better and safer!

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult for you to find a pair of real O cups and large breasts in real life; in fact, too large breasts will bring many risks and even harm to women, whether congenital or acquired.

If you want to experience the fun brought by large breasts and do not want to cause trouble, don't miss LinkDolls.com, we offer sex dolls and lifelize sex doll torsos in all sizes that will be your better and safer option.

1.Your perfect giant breast companion

If you're single or want to try sex with a female companion with proud breasts, don't miss out on our o cup-size sex dolls, which can be transformed into your one-of-a-kind giant breast sex partner; her skin tone, eye color and hair color can be adjusted and customized, and you can even buy her special clothing and makeup to make her what you want to be.

2.Multiple breast types to choose from

We offer 3 breast types for your love dolls: solid, hollow, and silicone-infused, all of which are nice, but it's worth mentioning silicone-filled breasts. The soft silicone inside makes the sex doll’s chest feel realistic and elastic. They also add some natural weight that can be shaken and feel better,

There is only one thing to note: since silicone breasts increase the importance of the breasts, it is best to use a bra to maintain breast support to extend the doll’s life.

If you are concerned or curious about sex dolls and sex doll torsos, we have prepared a guide for you; this article can solve most of your confusion.

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