Sex Doll's Dressing Guide

      When choosing clothes, in addition to knowing which clothes cannot be selected, choosing beautiful clothes is also a topic worth discussing. Discover the enchantment of dolls! Changes in apparel can increase the attractiveness value of your sex doll. You can dress her up however you want, and she can transform into a pinup or other character to make you more aroused. Assume you're not particularly good at matching clothes and are seeking some ideas. In that case, this article will expand your creativity and provide you with numerous practical matching examples to help you discover the beauty of dolls.

  • Sfkimpy lingerie that's sexy!The first option that comes to mind is sexy underwear; this is the irresistible temptation. She'll quickly ignite your body, whether she's wearing black lace trim or heated stockings as an accent. I recommend going with this lightweight, lace-up underwear type. This underwear style is inexpensive and does not hurt the doll’s physique. You must select undergarments based on your personal preferences.

girl in sexy lingerie

Recommended: ★★★★☆


  • A frequent classic match is a soft cotton slip dress. To begin with, this slip dress is available in a variety of styles and petite sizes in retailers. You only need to know the doll's shoulder width to get a suitable size based on the shoulder width data. This suspender dress is effortless to put on and take off, moving with the doll's body. Pure cotton clothing is beautiful in softness and quality, and the damage to the attractiveness is minimal.
    sex doll in sexy suspender dress

    Recommended: ★★★★

  • Exotic clothes are also new ventures. If you want to feel more intensely fresh, try wearing clothes from various nations. Japanese AV actresses are well-known; they attempt traditional kimonos or Japanese high school female uniforms. In terms of comfort, I like the traditional Japanese kimono. The revised design of the kimono makes it simple to determine the right size for the doll and put it on and take it off.  
    Sex doll in sexy kimono

    Kimono Recommended : ★★★★☆
    Japanese Uniform Recommended: ★★★☆☆

  • Tight dresses are beautiful yet dangerous. Although the collocation mentioned above is not harmful to the doll's body, the exquisite body curve of the doll is not fully presented. If you're looking for utmost beauty and don't mind taking tiny chances, I propose trying on this bodysuit. The most significant risks are not finding the correct size and minimal harm to the doll's body. It is not the material's fault, but great care should be taken not to injure the beauty's head and limbs.
    sex doll in tight dress

    But this type of tight clothing is so seductive and gorgeous; I usually try this combo 3-4 times a month; it takes time but is well worth it.

    Recommended: ★★★☆☆

  • Denim is another option worth considering. The primary issue with denim outfits is that wearing them for an extended period can cause some harm to the doll's material. But who can resist a stunning woman in beautiful denim shorts? Dolls in cowboys have a natural disposition, and most men fantasize about conquering such beauty. I'm no exception; I usually have sex with her in denim once or twice a month.
    Personality Denim Sex Doll

    Recommended: ★★★☆☆

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