6 Sex Tips for Couples to Strengthen Intimacy!

1. Is foreplay necessary?

Foreplay is the sexual arousal link before sex, and good foreplay can improve the quality of sex life. Foreplay isn't necessary; it’s just optional. Foreplay can trigger a physical response that produces more fluid and helps you and your partner develop emotional intimacy.


Foreplay can be done in different ways. You can dim the lights in the bedroom ahead of time, light up the aromatherapy, play some relaxing music, and drink a little red wine. Kissing is also important in foreplay; use your kissing skills to soothe your partner and get her excited.

2. How long is sex normal?

According to the relevant guidelines, the normal sex life is within 3-15 minutes but does not include foreplay. Sex here refers to Virginal Sex. Many people think that the longer the sex, the higher the degree of sexual satisfaction; this statement is biased. The length of sex needs to consider the experience and feelings of your partner. Try different sex positions or use some sex dolls during sex; these are some tips for prolonging sex.


 3-15 minutes is just a normal medical standard, less than 3 minutes, and there is a problem of premature ejaculation, etc., you need to consult a doctor to solve andrology problems. Sex for too long, in addition to some potential physical problems, has a certain impact on the health of both parties.

You don't need to worry about how long the sex is; the important thing is to reach the orgasm point for both parties, which requires constant effort and cooperation from you and your partner. Stay relaxed and optimistic without too much pressure.

3. What are the risks of having sex for too long?

During sex, many human body organs and tissues are involved in the whole process, whether it is sexual arousal at the beginning, orgasm, or finally, the end. Too much time can cause these organs to be hyper-congested, where breathing, blood pressure, etc., will continue to increase.

Over time, people will feel tired and have muscle soreness and discomfort. Suppose the frequency of long-term sex is too high. In that case, men are prone to diseases such as prostatitis and impotence, and women are also at risk of gynecological disorders such as vaginitis.

4. How often is the sex acceptable?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question; it’s up to you and your partner to decide. Research shows that married couples have sex an average of 54 times a year, or about once a week. But there are different frequency changes at different ages. 

couple in bed

People in their 20s have about 80 a year, but people in their 60s have only 20. These are the frequencies of sex for most people and do not represent your personal choices. It only needs to be agreed between the husband and wife, and the agreement between the two parties is the most suitable frequency.

5. How should I clean before and after sex?

Before sex, you can take a hot bath to relax and better enter the state of sex. After happy and exciting sex, it is also necessary to take a bath. After sex, women need to pay more attention to drinking plenty of water and going to the toilet in time.

A woman's vagina is inside the body, and some body fluids or lubricants produced during sex will be left in the vagina. Just cleaning the surface may cause the cleaning to be in place. However, these body fluids can be excreted with urine to avoid the occurrence of urethritis. Men can wash the area around (not inside) the genitals with plain warm water. If you are using a sex doll, cleaning it after use can prolong its life.

6. How to protect yourself safely during sex?

Some people think couples can choose not to wear condoms for a better sexual experience. This is a personal choice; there is no right or wrong. But if you don't want kids, condoms are a better way to protect yourself. Not only can it effectively prevent STDs, but it can also prevent AIDS.

sex position

There are many sex positions that couples can try to increase their interest. In addition to the common missionary, back entry, etc., many poses are worth trying. However, it should be noted that many postures can be more dangerous. You can enjoy a new sex position with your partner after you practice it several times with a sex doll.





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