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16 Practical Tips to Make Your Sex Last Longer!

by VincentIverson 17 Aug 2022

According to a 2005 study, heterosexual men only need about 5 minutes to orgasm, about 8 minutes faster than women on average, which means that if men can delay ejaculation, it can help make their sex life and their partner's sex life better.

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a common form of sexual dysfunction. Still, not all cases of premature ejaculation are diseases, which can also refer to a man who ejaculates earlier during sex than they or their partner expected. More than 30% of men admit to experiencing premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Still, in general, ejaculation is only true premature ejaculation in three minutes or less.

If you are very concerned about your sex quality, then you will understand that more important than the specific amount of time, more important is the experience of sex with your partner; if a person ejaculates too quickly and causes his physical and mental pain, then you should indeed seek professional medical advice if your ejaculation time is normal. To enhance the sexual experience with your partner, you can also delay ejaculation in the following ways.


sexual experience

Use sex techniques to delay ejaculation.

Learning to master various sexual techniques can enrich your sex experience with your partner, make the relationship more intimate and harmonious, and effectively help you extend your time and improve your sexual performance in bed.

  1. Masturbate beforehand

Men need more time to recover to the state of excitement after experiencing a one-time orgasm, so in actual sex, masturbation in advance can delay your arousal and achieve the purpose of delaying ejaculation.

  1. Add foreplay

As mentioned earlier, women usually take longer sex stimulation to reach orgasm. Then give your female partner more attention during sex, give priority to providing the other person more caresses to sensitive parts, and move slowly and gently until it provokes her intolerable desire so that you can reach orgasm at the same time and partner close to the same time.

  1. Use the squeeze technique

The squeeze method is a safe and effective technique with no side effects, which helps train the body to control the timing of ejaculation better. The principle is to stop the flow of semen by physically squeezing to delay your orgasm.

The specific method is to pull your penis out of your partner's body as soon as possible when you feel like you are about to climax, squeeze the head part of the penis with your hand, and suppress your ejaculation impulse to prolong sex. This technique can be used several times until you reach your final orgasm.

In addition, a sudden and unwarranted stop during sex can cause frustration and dissatisfaction in your partner, so if you plan to use this technique, you must communicate with your partner beforehand.

  1. Try different sex positions

Experiencing various sex positions can add more fun to your and your partner's sex life. It will be a wonderful journey for two people to explore sexual skills together; you can share each other's feelings and keep the relationship fresh and vibrant.

The latest research shows that some sexual positions can slow down sexual activity and give the initiative to your female partners, such as taking a missionary position or various female superior positions can effectively help men delay ejaculation; please avoid the dog style, which will make your female partner's pussy wrap more tightly around the penis, making you ejaculate faster.

  1. Use condoms

Not only do condoms offer the benefits of birth control and safe sex, but they also delay ejaculation to some extent, allowing men to last longer, especially desensitized condoms that contain numbing medications, which rarely have side effects on your partner and are one of the easiest ways to increase the duration of sex.

  1. Sex Toys Are Excellent Assistants!

If you and your partner have been together for a long time, there are some sex toys you can use to add freshness. For example, cock rings and penis extenders can prolong a man's time. Cock rings can limit blood flow after a penis erection, making your erection better, and some products have a vibrating function that can give you and your partner more pleasure. Penis extenders are often shaped in various shapes to increase your size while bringing more stimulation to your female companions, making it easier for you to synchronize orgasms.

  1. Distraction on The Other Things

Being engrossed in sex may make you more sensitive to sexual stimulation and orgasm. If you want to prolong sex, you can distract yourself by imagining something else in your head that will help you reach orgasm later and delay ejaculation.

However, excessive distractions during sex can cause dissatisfaction in your partner, so grasp the scale.

Improve sexual health through good living habits

  1. Regulate emotions and mindset

Occasionally, a bad performance inevitably happens during sexual activity; please don't take it too seriously; you can take a few deep breaths, relax, and balance the stress through yoga or meditation.

Anxiety and self-doubt are the culprits of an inferiority complex or pessimistic complex, which can further affect your sexual performance in bed to form a vicious circle that ultimately causes true erectile dysfunction.

  1. Talk to your lover

If you are upset, you can even confide in your partner, and a partner who truly cares for you will be willing to give you understanding and tolerance and will always be by your side and with you through the difficult times.

Maintaining an optimistic mindset and seeing yourself and sex with self-esteem and confidence can have a significant positive impact on you and your partner.

  1. Quit medication and reduce alcohol consumption

Substance abuse and excessive alcohol intake can cause premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual problems. In addition to this, these substances can also affect your overall health. To perform better during sex, gradually quit medication and reduce alcohol consumption.

  1. Aerobic exercise

Regular exercise can benefit your physical and mental health, including sexual performance. Aerobic exercise can enhance your cardiorespiratory fitness, improve blood health, and give you a healthier appearance and a stronger physique, which will make you more endurance, and more confidence and even bring you a better erection during sex.

  1. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises, present in the professional medical advice given by many sex therapists, are medically reviewed and an effective workout in controlling ejaculation.

Kegel exercises can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. By consciously controlling the contraction and relaxation of these muscles, you can effectively improve your control over the pelvic floor muscles and increase muscle strength. This can help you better control the timing of your ejaculation, improve persistence, and can also allow you to perform better during sex.

The specific method is: after finding the right muscle, contract for a few seconds, relax, and then repeat.

Such exercises can be boring, but maintaining a certain frequency of practice and sticking to it will bring satisfactory results. You'll see noticeable results from your workouts in a month or so.

  1. Practice through masturbation or sex toys

The study results show that moderate masturbation or masturbation with the help of sex toys can also provide you with certain durability, reducing the sensitivity of the penis, thereby prolonging the time of sex and delaying ejaculation.

Sex dolls or sex doll torsos are quite fashionable and interesting choices now. They are usually very soft and well-behaved, never rejecting you, and practicing with a sex doll can also help you regain confidence and control.

Why The Sex Doll Torso Can Increase the Sex Duration

If you want to perform better during sex but are tired of masturbating or masturbating cups, then the sex doll torso will be a great choice for you; they will bring you a more realistic sexual experience, making you more confident in the face of your real partner.

LinkDolls is a store that specializes in making high-quality sex dolls and sex doll torsos; we only work with the best quality doll manufacturers, and every month, we sell a variety of different models of sex toys for you to choose from.

1.574 (8.22lb)Light Weight Sexy Sex Doll Torso Big Ass


574 (8.22lb)Light Weight Sexy Sex Doll Torso Big Ass

This is a big ass sex torso doll with a tight anus and a very soft pussy, full of folds that can give you a fairly realistic anal and vaginal experience. Her skin is made of high-grade silicone material, and her butt feels strong to the touch, like having undergone a good workout; if you like the style of a dog, then you can practice with her to master the tricks of delayed ejaculation.

2.663-(13.7lb/16.14inch)Lightweight Vibrating & Sucking Sex Doll Torso


.605-(53lb) Luxurious Medium Sex Doll Torso With Round Thigh

Are you still using a traditional masturbation cup with no new shape? This torso sex doll not only has a regular pussy anus and chest but also combines the most classic sucking and vibrating functions of the masturbation cup to give you a more refreshing and realistic feeling. This is a lightweight sex doll that is very easy to clean and store.

3.605-(53lb) Luxurious Medium Sex Doll Torso With Round Thigh


Luxurious Medium Sex Doll Torso With Round Thigh

If you're single or want to explore and practice new sex techniques and postures while your partner isn't around, this life-size sex doll torso will be your loyal and reliable sex partner.

Her breasts were large and soft, making nipple sex possible. Her vagina and anus also resemble a real woman.

So, if you don't behave very well, the sex dolls will never show disappointment or accuse you of laughing at you, and the only thing they will do is silently accompany you and give you the most gentle and wordless support.

Seek medical help

If your sexual activity persists and hurts your physical and mental health, seek help with psychotherapy or professional medical treatment promptly.

  1. Receive psychological counseling

Premature ejaculation can be caused by some anxiety, low self-esteem complex, or your subconscious fear of intimacy or even sexual behavior. Receiving appropriate psychotherapy can help you improve the situation.

  1. Visit a sex therapist

A professional sex therapist will provide you with professional and effective solutions in various aspects of your relationship, sex life and physical condition. You can also choose to receive counseling with your partner.

  1. Find professional medical diagnosis and treatment

If none of the above can improve your situation, consider having a doctor prescribe some medications. Consider this carefully, as most medications come with some side effects. Use the appropriate dosage for you strictly as directed by your physician.

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