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Sex doll torso blog

9 Things to Keep in mind When Dressing Up a Sex Doll

by VincentIverson 25 May 2022

When you purchase a sex doll, you are buying several. She can look any way you want if you dress her up in different clothing. Even with a sex doll torso, dress-up can make her perform better in their sexual life. This will also allow your doll to form a stronger emotional bond with you. She transforms from a doll to the cutest female when she makes love.

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We now either buy garments online or try them on in a store. However, you can’t take your doll to a clothing store to try it on. To assist you in deciding and purchasing the clothing you want her to wear, I have given the following points to help you choose and buy the clothes you want her to wear:

  • The length of the clothes is the first item to consider. Because doll clothes are generally smaller than adult clothes, you cannot choose S-size clothes randomly. Examine the outfit length data to see if it corresponds to the length of the doll. Ordinary full-size dolls have body proportions like actual humans, and their clothing options are extensive. For small dolls or sex doll torsos, you can also choose children's clothes or sleeveless clothes, but you need to confirm the parameters of each size of the dress.
  • A sexy figure is essential to the foil, and bust data is also necessary. Especially while purchasing underpants. Nobody can say no to putting a doll in seductive and sensual lingerie. Underwear with straps and relatively explicit material is preferable. Underwire underwear, which can leave streaks on the doll's body, should be avoided. If it's a sex doll torso, I highly recommend trying this sexy skimpy lingerie. For a BBW sex doll torso, it's a must-see!
    028-Kyra-Sex Doll-166cm(5f5)
  • Be cautious when purchasing heavier clothing or tights, stockings, The stains we leave on these clothes fade rapidly. The doll's substance is relatively distinctive. Wearing such heavy and tight clothing for an extended period will alter the skin texture on the doll's surface. You can have sex with her in tights, but you can't sleep with her in them.
  • When shopping for doll clothes,  look for dresses that are not readily dyed. Because TPE is a porous substance, the color quickly permeates the pore structure and is difficult to remove. As a result, you should dress in light colors. After receiving the items, wash them multiple times until the water in the laundry is clear of other colors. Simultaneously, you can try tying a portion of the dress to the doll's hands or thighs to see if it will stain after a while.
  • Toto garments are easy to put on and take off since they have buttons or little zippers. When putting on and taking off garments, be careful not to leave streaking marks on the doll's face from using too much force.
    WM Sex Doll-162cm(5f4)
  • Your best bet will be to wear stretchy, light clothing. I recommend that you try light, attractive underwear that is simple to put on and take off. Her erogenous regions will add a lot of intrigue, and during sex, you'll enjoy her more and become more interested.
  • Be cautious when purchasing clothing that will shed hair. Getting hair on your body is simple, whether you use TPE or silicone sex dolls. Don't outfit her in lint-filled garments or have sex with her on lint-filled sheets.

Although the color of some components is added when the doll is produced, the color of these sections will progressively fade with the passage of time and cleaning damage. If you have areola or vaginal discoloration, you can apply cream lipstick to cover it up.


  • A little jewelry would also be an excellent addition. Bracelets or necklaces are preferable because they will not leave too deep markings on the doll's body. There are fewer sizes to consider with this jewelry and more styles. You should think carefully about ear studs because they must be pierced, and the piercing is permanent.
  • You can spray perfume on your clothes, but not directly on the doll. The fragrance contains alcohol, which might be harmful to the doll’s body. However, you still want a perfume that can be sprayed on clothes, so that is one option.
  • It is better not to take the doll to the tattoo parlor. I know you want to express yourself, and tattoos are a great way. However, having a tattoo with attractiveness is not a good idea. Tattoo ink adheres poorly to TPE and silicone and stains the doll. Tattoo stickers might be an excellent addition. It would help if you kept in mind that removing tattoo stickers will be difficult.

You can dress up the doll in various clothing and play role-playing games with her. Using the selection above recommendations, you can discover garments that will not detract from your beauty. If you are unsure about how to dress, please see the following article. We've compiled a collection of wardrobe combinations to inspire you and help you find your romance.

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