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A high-quality sex doll or sex doll torso is not as inexpensive as a sex toy; the cost of sex dolls depends on various factors. If you want to buy a sex doll, keeping your wants and money in mind is essential. Here are some references to help you choose a sex doll companion that satisfies your demands and falls within your budget.


Budget less than $1500, selective doll torso


It is more cost-effective to purchase a sex doll torso for the same price as a full-size sex doll because cheaper models frequently have shoddy artistry or use inferior raw materials.








Less than 20 lbs

20~60 lbs

60~100 lbs

About 100 lbs


Less than 50 cm

50~100 cm

50~100 cm

Above 100 cm


TPE or rubber


TPE or silicone

TPE or silicone


1. Sex doll torso under $299



If you need a way to express your wants and don't care about dolls, you can purchase cheap sex doll torsos, only butts or only heads, dildos, vaginal masturbators, etc. At this price, you can also buy sex doll feet to suit your demands if you value women's legs and feet—your experience since Linkdolls' goods of silicone or TPE are of the highest quality.


sex doll feet


2. Sex doll torso from $300 to $599


Here is still an entry-level price for sex doll torsos. You can buy decent sex doll torsos at this price; they usually only have a specific body part of a real woman, are small in size and weight, and have relatively short lifespans, if you are not sure whether you need to hold a sex doll or sex doll torso for a long time, you can buy a sex doll torso at this price to test the waters. For example, this sexy lady is happy to be your sex-sparring partner.


631 (37.47lb/27.55inch) Lifesize Sex Doll Torso


3. Sex doll torso from $600 to $999


Try high-quality TPE and silicone sex dolls if you have the money; they are more technologically advanced, have more lifelike craftsmanship, and can stay with you longer. This lovely silicone girl can provide real sex because of her skin texture, which is identical to real people's.


Realistic Premium Silicone Lightweight Half Torso Sex Doll, Hollow Breasts,Slim Fit, Real Vagina And Anal Doll Torso


4. Sex doll torso from $1000 to $1499


The quality and shape of sex doll torsos costing more than $1,000  improve. They also start to match the head and arms with an integrated skeleton, opening up the potential for blowjobs and more sex positions. She hasn't had any sexual experiences yet, just like this adorable Japanese girl, and her large breasts are waiting for you to think of new ways to play with them.

Japanese Sex Doll Torso |BBW Sex Doll


Full-size sex dolls Over $1500!


Full-size realistic sex dolls are expensive to purchase, but they will give you tolerance and friendship like a real female. Dolls can also use them for male masturbation, but more importantly, they can help you gain confidence in the presence of people of the opposite sex.






Above $3000











TPE or silicone

silica gel


1. Sex dolls from $1500 to $1999


Although the selection of styles is limited, you may purchase a love doll of average quality for this price. Although you can only put her in a few different sex positions and take a bath with her, you can also dress her up, take pictures of her, and let her go about your everyday activities.

Jolin will stay by your side gently and devotedly, both in and under the bed, and she is happy to listen to all of your life's problems.

Sex Doll-150cm(5ft)


2. Sex dolls from $2000 to $2999


Yes, the doll at this price point is not only lifelike and functional, but the stainless steel skeleton built into the beauty also is flexible and durable. You can customize the doll's details, such as her hair color, skin tone, or breast size, until she is just right for you, just like this Japanese silicone beauty.

168CM Japanese Sex Doll-Full Silicone Implanted Hair


3. Sex dolls above $3000


With this pricing, they are no longer just basic sex dolls but rather works of art that incorporate cutting-edge manufacturing processes, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Looking at this fairy, you will notice how realistically detailed every part of her body is. The high quality of the materials used to create her makes her skin similar to the natural human body. If you take good care of her, she will accompany you for a long time—possibly more than five years—making her a virtual partner in your life.



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By law, we cannot ship to places like Islamic nations, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, Brazil, or South Korea. Linkdolls is a choice worth making because we only work with the most dependable suppliers.

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