Three most valuable guides to help you carry your heavy doll!


What happens if your doll is too heavy? Maybe the courier delivered the doll to your door when you could not carry him home. Or even because you did not think he was so severe when moving hurt your back.

This happens all the time. Only some people will pay attention to a doll's weight when buying it. People are more concerned about the doll's size, looks, and genitals. This also leads many people and his doll's first meeting, could be happier.

You will lose much fun if the doll is too heavy to move. This means that you can only find joy in the bedroom. And for your doll, cleaning is also troublesome if he is very heavy. If you want to avoid this, please prepare in advance.

move things

1.Please take full consideration before buying dolls

2.Prepare some props that can be used to move the doll.

3.Exercise or learn specific lifting techniques.


Receiving your own carefully selected doll is something to be happy about. It means that you will finally meet your doll for the first time. When selecting a doll, many people carefully browse the doll's hair color, appearance, and eye color. But it is easy to ignore the weight of the doll.

This also makes their first meeting less pleasant. Because it may not be able to move the doll, have you ever had the experience of having it right at the door, but you can't move it in?

This is a doll that you have spent time and money carefully selecting. I believe you want to avoid having such a start with him.

To prevent this from happening, I offer you solutions in three ways. Let you and your doll have a long-term happy relationship.

Please browse the doll parameters carefully


Before buying a doll paying attention to the weight of the doll is an essential preparation. Because this is the deciding factor in determining whether you will have a pleasant meeting with him. If you are not sure if you can lift your doll. You can browse the doll’s weight and then find an item of the same importance to try to steal in advance.

Here is a misconception, you can lift a maximum weight is 50kg. Do you have to buy a 50kg doll? This is the wrong concept. For your health, if you can lift a 50kg doll recommended that you buy a 30kg doll. The height of the doll will also affect your handling is easy. So when you buy a doll, buying one below your peak or equal to your size is recommended.

Office chairs with chairs or wheelchairs are good tools

Most of the time, we receive the doll only after the doll is too heavy to carry him. It is a hassle to return it at this time. And the doll you carefully selected before the order to buy. Returning the goods will certainly be unable to give up. So there is no need to return and can solve the problem of overweight dolls?

office chair

The answer is, of course, there is. Moving the doll from the living room to the bedroom is the same as a courier delivering a delivery from the warehouse to your home. The courier is not personally carried over. You need a convenient tool for carrying dolls. An office chair with wheels is a good choice.

Of course, wheelchairs are also available. All these tools can quickly help you solve the problem of carrying dolls. And the presence of office chairs at home will not make people feel strange. It is also something that can be practical in everyday life.

Moving the doll upstairs or downstairs, rope or sheets can save you much energy. But remember to lay a blanket on the floor to be.

A change of posture can be much easier.


The direct way to compensate for the lack of strength is, of course, to exercise. For the sake of your health, I also recommend your free time to go to the gym to exercise your body. If you don't have enough time, you can solve the problem by changing your posture. Some specific poses can help us save much strength.

Do not bend your back.

Many people constantly bend down and squat when carrying things and then stand. But this is the wrong way to do much damage to your lower back. You are keeping your back straight when squatting can save some of your strength. It is also a protection for your back.

Hold the force to a point.

The doll is too large, so you will spend more effort to carry it. You can fold your doll's arms and legs. This allows you to save a lot of energy when moving.

Use your waist

Waist strength is often greater than arm strength. Keeping your doll as close to your waist as possible can reduce the pressure on your arms.

These methods above can save you much strength but not increase your strength. Knowing your limits is the only genuinely safe behavior. Borrowing tools is intelligent behavior. Never put yourself in risky behavior.

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