The first step in alien sex doll makeup: remove the original one!


One of the best things about the Alien sex doll, which most people are obsessed with, is her elaborate makeup. From the hair to the details of the entire face, these are the most beautiful parts of the alien doll.

Many users want to create their very own alien sex doll. The sex doll head is a TPE head or silicone head; when the sex doll leaves the factory, the makeup is fixed. If you apply makeup directly on the original makeup, it isn’t easy to achieve the desired effect. The first step in applying makeup is to remove it!


alien sex doll

The silicone head uses the factory's special pigment, which will not fall off quickly after cleaning. Thorough makeup removal needs a professional to get it done. The scalp of the TPE head does not have strong adhesion to makeup, and it will fade after long-term use or frequent cleaning.

Suppose your alien sex doll is a TPE head, and you want to create a unique sexy, beautiful alien sex doll. Remove makeup first and follow the following steps and not do; makeup is also a simple thing!

Properly removing makeup not only makes the sex doll wear better but also reduces cosmetic damage to the sex doll’s skin. The following 3 steps teach you how to make up properly.

1.Prepare correct and complete makeup remover items

2.The process and technique of makeup removal

3.How to maintain after removing makeup

makeup tool

Makeup remover items for TPE dolls

What items need to be prepared for makeup removal:

TPE-safe makeup remover (or baby oil),

Non-woven cotton pads (or baby wipes),

Talcum powder,

Soft cloth (at least 2, one soaked in warm water and one dry),


Warm water and

A stand for the doll's head

Disposable medical gloves.

Before removing makeup, be sure to prepare these items at once. Otherwise, it will take too long to remove makeup, and the makeup remover products will damage the skin of sex dolls.


The process and technique of removing makeup from alien sex dolls.

1.First, remove the head, and put the sex doll head on the stand. This makes it easier for you to handle without wetting the rest of the sex doll.

2.Remove the sex doll's wig and eyeballs. If your doll has detachable hair, it is recommended that you detach the hair, which can maintain the luster and softness of the hair.

If it is fixed hair, you need to prepare a shower cap to protect the hair. Gently pull down the doll's lower eyelid and use tweezers to remove her eyeballs, which come out quickly.

3.Use a cotton pad, or baby wipes dipped in a little TPE-safe makeup remover or baby oil. These two makeup removers are easily available in online stores.

cotton pad

Apply the cotton pad to the makeup area for a few seconds, and gently wipe off the blush, lipstick, and eye shadow. Eyelashes need not be removed, but sticking eyelashes requires very high makeup skills.

4.Do not reuse cotton pads to avoid unclean makeup removal.

5.The force when removing makeup must be gentle. If you encounter parts that are difficult to erase, you can extend the time of applying the cotton pad to the doll and control it within 1 minute. Do not erase forcefully.

Maintenance points after makeup removal.

1.After removing all the makeup, you must wet a soft cloth with warm water to clean the doll's face.

2.Use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry the water.

3.Use baby powder and dust on the doll's face

4.After waiting 1 hour, you can create more beautiful and uniqu


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    Beautiful doll, but I won’t try makeup, which is too difficult for me.

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