3 Typical Sizes Bigass Sexdoll You Must Know in 2023!


Those who like Bigass sex doll can choose! Linkdolls has prepared various sex dolls for Bigass fans. Whether oversized real big butts or a small, big butt torso that is best. You can find the type that suits you. Mainly divided into 3 main sizes:

bigass sex doll

1.Oversized Butts can bring you a sexual experience you have never enjoyed!

2.Life-sized buttocks in sexy proportion; real sex is easy!

3.Portable vibrating big butt, open the orgasm moment anytime, anywhere!

The oversized bigass gives you unique enjoyment!

bigass sex doll

A must for big-ass fans! She can fully satisfy your hobby if you like super big butts very much and are not satisfied with the regular size. Her hips are 195cm, and your hands can't quite grasp her petals.

You can even use her as your pillow, lie on her body and feel her soft touch, which can quickly relieve stress. The look is sallow skin tone, real touch, and real skin color; you are fucking an Asian hottie!


Bigass sex doll

Her shortcoming is also apparent: too heavy! A whole body of 88lb. Not only is it the top weight in a sex doll’s torso, but it is also the weight of most full-body sex dolls. Only those who love big butts the most can understand her charm.

bigass sex doll

Advantages you can't refuse: more than perfect sex experience, big ass you have never seen before! If you're serious about doggy style and raw sexual stimulation, she's the perfect companion.

Of course, she can also cooperate with you in the classic missionary position. With such a big butt, any position will bring you a unique sexual experience.

Real people's proportions and skin design are exactly the same as big butts!

This bigass sexdoll, both in appearance and size, will not make you feel she is a sex doll torso. With a hip circumference of 20.47 inches and a weight of 57.32lb, this is a very classic sexy beauty figure.

bigass sex doll

If you have the habit of exercising, then you must know how attractive women are with beautiful buttocks. How much effort do they have to put in to achieve this figure? And now, you have this opportunity to have sex with the top women in humanity. 

Her skin does, exactly replicates the details of natural human skin. If you look closely, you can see tiny pores on the skin. The design of the vagina and anus can completely accommodate you and clamp you; you will never be willing to leave her!

bigass sex doll

To make her look more natural, buy sexy panties to satisfy you. She's true to size, and standard underwear sizes fit perfectly, so you don't have to pick it out!

Disadvantages: There are no shortcomings; everything is perfect!

Advantages: Moderate weight, friendly price, relatively simple operation! 

The must-have sex companion for errands and travel – a big-ass vibrating doll!

The above two sex dolls are the most suitable for you at home. But if you are on a business trip or traveling alone, it is the easiest choice to bring this vibrating mini big ass doll! She is only 36.6lb and 17.71 inches tall. Petite, but not cheap. She feels the same as a real person, and the actual function is also excellent!

vibrating sex doll


When you have just experienced a period of travel fatigue or troubles at work, relaxing and exciting sex will be your best decompression artifact. This vibrating sex doll has the functions of vibrating, venting and self-cleaning. You need to flip the switch and let her do the rest.

vibrating sex doll

Are you feeling not motivated enough? Try turning it up to full gear! Don't want to clean? Just give her a few minutes, and the self-cleaning function will provide you with a brand new her.


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    It must be very comfortable why lying on her

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    Sex robot…. never try that befoe

  • by Biop on

    Hard to say no to bigass

  • by kosman on

    I have never seen such a big size before!

  • by Nick on

    They are both sexy! Love them!

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