5 Steamy Sex Positions to Explore with Japanese Sex Dolls


 When it comes to sex, many people love exoticism because of the fascinating differences in appearance that come with such different races and traditions.  

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Japanese sex dolls stand out for their cute, youthful appearance and have quickly attracted many men. If you do not have a Japanese girlfriend, a Japanese sex doll will satisfy your sexual desire.

You can lead them to explore your inner world, and they will ignite you, so you can have a different kind of orgasm than you ever had. In this article, we list five exciting and steamy ways to help you play with them: linguine, cowgirl/cowboy, missionary, standing anal sex, and wheel pose.

Japanese sex doll

Meanwhile, Japanese sex dolls have long, straight black hair and oriental femininity, making them more attractive. It is also remarkable that people can cosplay with them, dress them up, and explore more.

When you cosplay your sex dolls, you can buy sex doll suits from online stores because there are many options. And, if you want to spend less, you can check out local selling social media groups or use your second-hand clothes like t-shirts and shorts to dress them up like following:

Japanese sex doll


You need to sit across one of your sex doll's legs to push your thighs into her lap and have her clitoris rubbing against you as you thrust. It will be better to be between an upright kneeling position and bending over like a missionary. Don't worry about your weight crushing your partner. The silicone material stretches and bounces back to simulate natural skin and body, accumulating your pleasure.

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The cowgirl sex position puts the sex doll on top. You can also try the reverse cowgirl so that your sex doll faces your feet, which is the best for men, as they not only provide a sexy view of themselves but are in your control simultaneously.


The missionary is the king of sex positions. It is preferred when people first make love and is often the most frequently repeated position in long-term relationships. This position requires you to lay your sex doll on the back while you are on the top. You can also try various missionary variations, such as using the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) technique.

Standing anal sex 

If you enjoy slamming during anal sex, you'll especially enjoy the all-over burning sensation of the standing anal position. The most important thing to do when trying the pose is to have a table or couch ready for your sex doll to get down on the table or couch in front of you so that when you lean over the table, you have immediate access to her anus. It also means that if you like wild sex, you will love this sense of conquering led by you. 

Wheel pose 

In this position, you need to stand or sit upright and hold the legs of the sex doll, then lift them off the ground and keep them at waist level. This pose resembles the shape of a wheelbarrow. It is quickly done with a bit of core strength. Apart from this, you can also consider the mouth and anus if you want to try something other than vaginal.

What you like should be up to you, so bring your sex doll, try new positions, and unlock the sex world.


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