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Several full-size sex doll torsos closest to human proportions

by IversonVincent 28 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Sex dolls are growing in popularity every day, and sex doll torsos are going with the flow. Do you know what a sex doll torso is?

A sex doll torso  is a kind of sex doll keeping any body torso, having different tie-in choices, such as only the chest and lower body, or only the lower body, etc.

The torso is usually made of silicone or TPE, of which TPE is the most popular. TPE gives your sex doll's torso a soft, elastic feel.

Black lace sex doll torso

Sex doll torsos offer another alternative to playful fun, with the same quality features, but in a smaller package. Girls are the sexiest when the ratio of bust, waist and hip circumference is 3:2:3, and the full-size sex doll torso is the closest to the life-size sex doll torso.

The body proportion is exactly the same as the natural person. There are breasts and a lower body, and it is simply a sexy object! If you like realistic experiences, this is your best choice!

Green lace sex doll torso


Here are some of the closest full-size sex doll torsos to human proportions, and see whether there is your love:

1.502(29lb/55cm) Giant breasts sex doll torso.

2.501(3lb/45cm) The most realistic BBW sex doll torso.

3.523(32lb/80cm) Life-like sex doll torso.


502 (18.29lb/55cm) Giant breasts sex doll torso

This is a three-in-one full-size sex doll torso with a large, firm, but not sagging chest. The vagina and anus are tight and realistic, measuring 15cm (5.9 inches) and 13cm (5.1 inches). Whether you want to have breast sex or pump the vagina and anus, it is an unprecedented pleasure!


Giant breast sex doll torso


At 20.86 inches tall and weighing 18.29 pounds, it's small and realistic enough that you can cuddle it to sleep. Arms around the slender waist, touching the big breast and round buttocks, feel soft and can give you the most comfortable comfort on every lonely and tired night.

With a 22.83-inch tapered chest and a 25.19-inch hot butt, this perfect chest-to-hip ratio will make you want to explore its secret garden.


Big chest and round hip sex doll torso

Her vaginal buds are so pink and firm that you might be tempted to lick them, and there are irregular bumps deep down that are pretty friendly to your penis. 

The inside of the anus is full of folds, and the crushing stimulation after penetration is sure to send you straight to orgasm. Such a sexy, perfect torso; sure, you don't have one?

Firm vagina sex doll torso


501 (25.3lb/45cm) The most realistic BBW sex doll torso

At the sight of BBW , which is the label of plus-size beauty, represents a plump women's sex appeal and explosive and unique curve shape. BBW fans should not miss this bikini girl.

At 16.53 inches tall and 25.35 pounds, her tiny body is full of surprises, no matter what position you want or the place you want to move to.

BBW sex doll torso


With a waist of just 9.84 inches, it can be held up with one hand, and the visible waistcoat line matches the full belly for an attractive look. 

The 24.4-inch breast is beautiful, both on the hands and mouth, elastic and soft. 36.22-inch hips, smooth lines, full feeling, and exaggerated proportion seems overbearing, let people can not help but want to conquer.


full belly sex doll torso


Such a powerful sex doll torso is no less potent in her internal work. The private moments between her sexy thighs are just waiting to be discovered, and the doggy pose may keep you entertained.

The vagina fits in at 15cm, and the anus wraps around a 13cm penis. Don't you really want to experience the firmness and excitement?


Vagina and anus folds

523 (57.32lb/80cm) Life-like sex doll torso

If you have a high requirement for a sex doll torso whose hand feeling feels like a natural person, you'll love this beautiful torso made of high-grade silicone. At 80 centimeters tall, weigh 57.32 pounds, and 58 centimeters waist, which is just like a real person.

It's life-like, so life-like that you look at it and love it. Three-in-one sex is the norm, with big breasts and round hips, full and sensual, and a soft touch that feels electric.


Life-like sex doll torso


97 cm chest and 98 cm hip circumference, S curve, then put on sexy underwear underpants, super realistic skin touch. Who can believe it is just a doll torso? 

What a sexy beauty! Firmness is its hallmark, and no matter how long you want to fight, the upper and lower summits will always stand in rhythm with your rhythm; what a fantastic match.


Firmness chest sex doll torso


When you get to its vagina, it's tender and tight more than you can imagine, and it stimulates your penis firmly but gently. If you try the back entry, the wrinkled nubs in the anus will also excite you. Act fast and take home such a fabulous sex doll torso!


Tight vagina sex doll torso


If you are longing for this sense of reality in the process of masturbation at ordinary times, but don't want to mature sex dolls to take up space, then the full-size sex doll torso is probably the most suitable for your sex toys. 

In addition to providing you with life-like visuals, it's also able to provide you with (almost) all the benefits of complete dolls at a fraction of the cost.

Sexy sex doll torso


A full-size sex doll torso will give you a higher state of arousal and more pleasure because the concept of it is fundamental. You can also customize it to suit your preferences (e.g., breast size, vagina style, color, shape, etc.).

It's also not as large as a full-fledged sex doll, making it easier to hide, store, and clean. Try Linkdolls'  full-size sex doll torso for an exciting experience you'll never expect!

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