Types of the sex doll head


People would like to see new and beautiful things, making us more energetic and excited. The same goes for the faces of sex dolls. If you have a sex doll , that only needs to replace her head, so every day can have a different sex doll. A new head completely changes your doll's personality, with a new face, eye color, and hairstyle. Different looks can provide you with vastly different sexual experiences.


Intellectual lady sex doll head 

So, what are the types of sex doll heads? Depending on the material, there are two categories:

  1. The silicone sex doll headis realistic, exquisite, and accompanied for a long time.
  2. TPE sex doll headis soft, pleasing, and the best choice for oral sex.

The silicone sex doll head is realistic, exquisite, and accompanied for a long time

Silicone is a kind of hard material, and the density is good also, thus making the price of the sex dolls head will be relatively high. This hardness and density make it easier to replicate a lifelike appearance.

Silicone doll heads are hand-painted by professional makeup artists who are responsible for making the heads look sexy, gorgeous, and sophisticated, and the makeup applied to the silicone heads is also more lasting. Due to the technological upgrade, it can produce soft silicone, which feels more like natural skin and has a higher degree of authenticity.

Korea sexy girl sex doll head


To add aesthetics, hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes can be transplanted on a silicone head; choose a silk wig or natural hair, both available. The hair transplanted on the heads of silicone sex dolls lasts longer, with less hair loss and less oil and odor. Doll heads are usually boat eyes; of course, there are anime doll eyes, especially suitable for anime doll heads.

Anime sex doll head


The silicone sex doll head has a relatively long service life, and the connector screws use M16 and quick head connectors. But the doll head can't be inserted into the tongue and teeth, so the silicone head is not a good choice for oral sex.

Japanese maid sex doll head

TPE sex doll head is soft, pleasing, and the best choice for oral sex

TPE is one kind of thermoplastic elastomer material, as its name suggests, is a relatively soft material that costs about $200 less than silicone head. Because TPE material is more peaceful and flexible, it can bring good oral pleasure and be bent back to its original state after use. As a result, the tongue and teeth can be inserted, and most people who enjoy oral sex will be very attracted to the TPE sex doll head.

Oral sex sex doll head

The softness of TPE material also determines that the makeup is slightly worse than that of silicone, and the realistic degree is medium, but you can dress up for the doll. It is not recommended to transplant hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes for TPE sex doll heads, the results are not very good, and hair loss is more common.

TPE sex doll heads usually have hemispherical eyes with the option of adding capillaries to the eye, which are blood vessels on and around the pupil. Connector screws are also used with M16 and quick-head connectors.


Oral condom sex doll head

TPE's wear and corrosion resistance is lower than silicone's, which is more likely to crack and occur micro-pore; It is also easier to stain and accumulate dust, and it is slightly inconvenient to clean compared with silicone. Therefore, the service life of a TPE sex doll head is relatively short.

Moreover, TPE is more greasy and sticky than silicone, and the smell is heavier. It is recommended to sprinkle the powder in time or put it in a well-ventilated place to prevent excessive grease and odor.


Blond sex doll head


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