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1What is a pregnant sex doll?

Do you have a sexual appetite for a pregnant woman's bulging belly? Do you fantasize about having nice sex with a sexy pregnant woman? According to statistics from the porn industry, searches for pregnant porn have soared since 2014. In the traditional view, pregnant women are unsuitable for sexual life because of the risk of injury; the seriousness of the concept of life itself will make many people stay away from pregnant women.

However, with the liberation of sexual images, more and more people understand that if you take safety measures and be careful during pregnancy, pregnant women can also have sex. There are also some people whose sexual orientation is to like pregnant women, and we believe it is desirable and legitimate to satisfy one's sexual orientation without harming oneself and others. There is no need to feel inferior or ashamed of it.

Pregnant sex doll is produced to meet this market demand. It is also a popular type of doll among the many curvy sex dolls, occupying an important position. A pregnant sex doll is highly simulated in the production process, and she can have the pregnant belly and plump breasts that a real pregnant woman has. And compared to a real pregnant woman, you don't need to be careful about a pregnant sex doll, and you don't need to have a psychological burden because she is truly and completely yours, and you can do anything to her without worrying about moral condemnation.


beautiful pregnant woman
2 Why pregnant sex doll is popular

Studies have shown that if a person has a lot of contact with pregnant women during the period of 1.5 to 5 years old, he may have a sexual preference for pregnant women and put on a sexual imprint of liking pregnant women in the process of growth and development. 

The image of pregnant women is usually fragile and full of vitality, and the delicate side can arouse a strong desire for protection in men, which is also one of the sources of sexual preference for pregnant women. The child in a pregnant woman’s belly is a bridge that shortens the distance between the two. Thinking that the child in the pregnant woman’s belly is her own and stroking the stomach to feel the rhythm of life at close range, men will have extra touch and intimacy with the pregnant woman.

Many men will think pregnant women exude a glamorous radiance, are involuntarily attracted to pregnant women and have a sexual response. Pregnant women are affected by hormones and progesterone, resulting in lustrous hair and skin, enlarged breasts and buttocks, and beautiful curves on the body. And our pregnant sex doll doesn't need a real pregnancy to permanently have plump breasts, plump bodies, and beautiful curves that last longer than a full pregnancy cycle.

Compared with other love dolls, pregnant sex dolls have a plumper body, fuller breasts and buttocks, darker nipples and areolas, and an extra round belly. According to different needs, some belly As big as they will give birth, and some stomachs are slight. bulging like in the first trimester. The round and smooth curves between the chest, abdomen and buttocks are more visually pleasing than BBW dolls, the simulated shape is more intimate than alien dolls, and the pregnant body is one more than ordinary sex dolls. The holy radiance of motherhood.

3. What can you get by choosing our pregnant sex doll?

  • Absolute security.

    Pregnant women should not have sex in the first three months and the second two months of pregnancy. Still, with a pregnant sex doll, you can vent your desires in the pregnant woman vagina and even contradict the uterus, and you don't need to worry about safety issues.
  • Use any pose.

    Due to the fear of squeezing the belly, pregnant women can use very limited sex; pregnant sex dolls can use any position. You can even do it backward, pressing the pregnant sex doll against the bed and stroking the doll's voluptuous breasts and belly while thrusting.
  • Simulation experience.

    Some people listen to the moaning of pregnant women and generate sexual pleasure by imagining having sex with them. With a pregnant sex doll, you can play audio or video while having sex with a simulated pregnant sex doll, combining multi-sensory stimulation to climax.
  • A reasonable way of venting sexual desire.

    When your wife is pregnant and unsuitable to have sex with you, our pregnant sex doll can accompany you through every erotic moment. Your wife won't have to worry about cheating, and you can enjoy sex without any psychological burden. You can also have the pregnant sex doll join the two of you in sex if your wife wants to. Touch and kiss your wife, but insert the pregnant sex doll, and you can all have fun.

    The classic products TOP 3

    pregnant sex doll

    This is a more classic pregnant sex doll in our sex doll shop , it is made of TPE material, and the chest is a B cup. The stomach is about 4-5 months old; the height is 158, and the weight is 41KG. The overall body is relatively well-proportioned and highly simulated. The hairstyle and makeup of the head are also rather fine, and the vagina, anus and oral cavity can be used. She can wear whatever maternity clothes you buy and put her on the sofa in the living room. After a busy day at work, go home and see her stroking her belly, waiting for you to come home under the warm light; all fatigue will disappear.

    Pregnant Sex Doll

    This pregnant sex doll is very meticulous about her chest. As the pregnancy progresses, the breasts will be fuller, the nipples will become larger, and the color of the areola will become darker. The breasts of this doll are almost identical to those of pregnant women. Her long golden hair and pink lips hint at her hidden desire. With a height of 158 and a weight of 41KG, the right size and weight will allow you to take her into the bathroom and have good bath sex together. It would help if you kept her clean and dry when it's over.

    Pregnant Sex Doll-

    This pregnant sex doll features an emphasis on the buttocks. With her slightly bulging belly and rounded buttocks, put her in a doggy position on the bed, and you can admire the beautiful curves of her chest, belly, and hips. You can knead and slap her buttocks as much as you want, knead her ass while stroking her stomach, play related audio or video, and have a wonderful orgasm.

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