The 3 most popular sex toys, which one is best for you?


What is the best male sex toy, airplane cup, sex doll or sex doll torso? What issues, advantages, and disadvantages do we need to consider when choosing for ourselves? Three different types of products are compared to tell you what the best male masturbation toy is.

Masturbation Cups: Lightweight Male Dolls

1.Airplane Cup 

The airplane cup is a long cylindrical male masturbator, which can usually only wrap around the part of the man's penis, like a reinforced version of the masturbation aid, and has developed to this day has had different styles and functions; users can choose what they want.

2.Pros and Cons

The small size of the masturbation cup can be easily placed in a very small storage space without being noticed, and the cleaning time is greatly reduced compared to various sex dolls. They're also less expensive, and you don't have to spend much money to have a lot of different styles.

However, the porn experience of a masturbation cup is not as real as a sex doll or a sex doll torso.

3.How to Buy

Linkdolls' aircraft cup products are very competitive. This electric airplane cup has different sucking patterns, and the internal structure effectively increases the granules that stimulate sensitive areas based on imitating the real female vagina.

Sex Dolls: Realistic and Expensive Lovers

1. full size sex doll 

Many individuals select life-size sex dolls to simulate the sensation of being with a real woman because full-size sex dolls have full-bodied and are frequently patterned after real women. It is big in size and weight, and most of the body's tissues offer customised options for users to have a better sexual experience at a higher cost.

2.Pros and Cons

However, the cost, upkeep, and storage issues with purchasing a comprehensive and realistic love doll are drawbacks. It will be a sweet burden outside your sex life because it is pricey, difficult to conceal or store, and difficult to maintain and clean. After all, having a lifelike sex doll allows many to enjoy friendship and the sexual experience they value most. 

3.How to buy a full-size sex doll 

This docile Japanese girl looks forward to being your partner; as a high-quality silicone sex doll, her body is very realistic both from the look and the touch; just like a real girl can pose in various sexual poses, she is eager to participate in your life.

Sex doll torso: a more cost-effective sex toy  

1.Sex doll torso 

A sex doll with only a portion of the body is known as a love doll torso, and it can have several matching options, such as just the buttocks and vagina. Different torso dolls will grow or shrink by various human body proportions, transforming into mini sex do. 

2.Pros and Cons 

Under a careful assessment, the sex doll torso comes out on top! It offers all the advantages of a full-size doll and a masturbation cup, plus more enjoyment, options, and far less bother.

The torso sex toy may deliver more of the true experience of sex than the masturbation cup since she has a real feminine portion of the body, and you can have more fun with the torso sex toy than the masturbation cup. The sex doll torso is comparable in weight and price to the premium masturbation cup.

Compared to full-size dolls, sex doll torsos maintain practically all of the pleasure, but they are lighter, cheaper, and the size is simple to clean, conceal, and store. If you want to try orgasming with a sex doll's torso while watching a movie in the garage, you can explore many scenarios for less money with the torso, upper body, lower body, or legs. 

3.How to Buy 

This feminine lady has both a sexy figure and a friendly price; she is a real doll, and if you like puppy style, she will also be happy to meet your needs; her price is 1/5 of the price of a full-size doll, and you can improve the quality of sex in real sex life at the least price. 

What are the best sex toys for men? 

Linkdolls offers all three types of male masturbation toys, and this form can help you better pick the right product.

Masturbation cup

Full-size dolls

Sex doll torso






Multiple vibration and sucking modes

Anal & Vaginal Sex,

Or even Oral Sex

Anal & Vaginal& Oral Sex,

Heating, moaning, etc

Usage experience

Simple and direct sexual stimulation

More gameplay,

More realistic

Complete sex experience, companionship service

Maintenance difficulty

Easy to clean

Simple cleanup after useRegular cleanup

Regular and careful cleaning and maintenance


About 1 year

2~3 years

3~5 years

Storage questions

Just draw a drawer or under a pillow

Use a pouch or box,

Place in a closet or closet

A dedicated storage space, pouch or box


A complete sex doll is still the best option for people who want to have a girlfriend experience, despite the numerous additional maintenance requirements that may be expensive, according to user feedback; those who need a short urge to vent choose a simple and practical masturbation cup; In the thorough comparison, the sex doll torso came out on top and is a cheap option for most users.



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