5 most practical ways to repair the sex dolls torso


If you accidentally hurt your love doll, don't panic; most small wounds may be treated by your hands at home using the how-to recommendations provided below. Love dolls are delicate and are just as easy to hurt as real people.

Preparation Before Repairing

1. Cleaning Sex Doll

It's a good habit to clean your sex dolls thoroughly after each usage, and cleaning your doll's entire body or removing stains, dust, liquids, or hairs from close to damaged surfaces will assist make your sex doll repair work easier.

sex doll torso

You can clean the doll using a towel, warm water, and diluted detergent, or you can use a professional sex doll cleaning kit. Some specialized procedures that can assist clean the doll more effectively.

The easiest way to avoid trouble during sex is to choose a partner who will clean up after themselves. This miniature lady's body has a revolutionary simulation vagina that combines vibrating and sucking functions. This can have sex more exciting for you while also using the fully automatic cleaning function to drain most of the liquid afterwards, ensuring your hygiene and sexual health.

sex doll torso

2. Assess The Extent Of Damage

You can decide which therapy to employ to repair your sex doll by assessing the extent of the damage, or you can perform a thorough physical examination on the doll and note every damaged area that has to be fixed to prevent further repeats.

3. Preparation Tool 

Once you've determined that the doll's condition is suitable for your repair, you'll need to prepare a repair kit, which usually requires different types of glue, heat guns, hot towels, and some detergent, and you'd better wear another pair of gloves to protect your hands.

Repair Indentation 

If you are not careful enough when using it, or if you have pressed a heavy object on the doll for too long, it is easy to leave a pressure mark. The good news is that for sex dolls made of TPE material, the repairing process will not be too difficult. 

1. Hot Towel Method 

Wet the squeezed deformed part with a hot towel and gently pat until the doll's skin returns to its original shape.

sex doll

2. Hair Dryer

Cover the deformed surface of the doll with a light-coloured towel, heat the wound using the hot air pattern of the hair dryer, and after a while, you will find that the indentation begins to heal, which can be repeated until you think the indentation becomes light enough.

Repair Worn And Cracked

More easily scratched or torn than the skin of actual persons, the skin of sex dolls can potentially suffer a more significant rip if used violently.

1. Glue Method 

Select the glue appropriate for your type of sex doll; for instance, TPE glue should be applied to the wound of a TPE sex doll. Carefully apply the glue to the inside of the wound that needs to be bonded, and leave the scar tightly closed. Apply the glue as soon as possible because it dries quickly. Wipe off any excess glue to prevent the wound from becoming damaged by too much glue.

2. Hot Air Gun 

Before repairing the doll, conduct a safety test on the hot air gun because using one without experience can be dangerous.

The melting point of TPE material is 110 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is sufficient, the surface of the doll's skin begins to melt and appear mirrored. You can then feather the surface with a cloth until a doll's skin returns to your satisfaction. When repairing, focus the hot air gun on the broken part of the skin. The hot air gun should be about four inches from the wound skin area.

3. Repair With The Same Material

To fill the wound, you'll need a tiny piece of the same material as the doll and a portable iron.

You can easily fix the doll by turning on the iron, waiting a few seconds, removing a small amount of filling material, and applying it to the doll's injured part. Then, use the iron to smooth the material gradually, and then use a cloth to polish the injured part until the wound is healed.

Ask For Help 

You can post on the sex doll forum or get in touch with a reputable sex doll manufacturer to get replacement parts or repair services if the damage to the sex doll is too serious about being fixed on your own.

If you have any questions about sex doll repair, recycling, or other issues, please reference the general problem guide or contact us. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Linkdolls is dedicated to giving clients high-quality after-sales support.


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