3 More Exciting Sex Slapping Tips to Fire Your Body!


Want to give your lifeless sex life a little new stimulation? Adding appropriate roughness to sex will make you feel more excited, bringing new feelings to your communication with your partner and making your relationship more intimate. Try the slapping technique. It may sound risky and even violent, but with your partner's consent, adding roughness to sex will make you feel more excited. 

Why Is Slapping Fun?

1. Pain Brings Pleasure

Slapping is an efficient way to induce pain, which can give you a powerful sexual experience. Sometimes pain gives pleasure, and when a real person receives a small dose of pain or other sensations during sex, that sexual experience is intensified so much that we can't ignore it.

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2. Slapping increases blood flow and makes you excited! 

The slapping technique can momentarily enhance blood flow to the area, causing its congestion to turn red. This increases the skin's sensitivity and the possibility of more realistic feelings and orgasms during sex.

3. BDSM Brings the Pleasure of Submission! 

In a sexual relationship, dominance and submission can give you and your lover great psychological satisfaction. This shows that you two have a high level of mutual trust and can handle this potentially risky interaction scenario.

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How does patting improve the sexual experience? 

1. Communicate In Advance And Set Safe Words

Maintaining open lines of communication and mutual understanding with your spouse is crucial when adopting rather harsh slapping tactics during sex. The safety word should be a colour or plant name without any romantic connotations, and both parties should abide by its rules to prevent the partner from being wounded during sex. If the other person's behaviour makes you uncomfortable, use the word to get them to halt and adjust.

2. Flapping Area!

While some body parts are highly delicate and should not be touched during sex, others are perfect for patting. On the other hand, avoid areas that lack fat and muscle wrapping, or even areas such as the neck, spine, and back of the waist, and slap these places that can hurt your partner if done improperly. It is safe to slap those parts of the body full of muscle fat, such as the back and inside of the buttocks, thighs, upper chest and upper back.

3. Slap Force!

It's a process that calls for you and your partner to get to know one another; some people are sensitive to pain, while others are completely indifferent; you and your spouse will become closer due to regular communication and various fresh tries properly. 

Keep Exploring! 

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