How To DIY An Sex Doll, You Will Know In 9 Minutes!


A realistic sex doll will give you a wonderful sexual experience. Sex pleases people, but the repetitive traditional masturbation method may have made you feel bored and added to your own sex life. You can spend only a few hours to get more freshness by creating a DIY sex doll, a time-honored homemade method that has gained new life in modern times.

Homemade Female Sex Doll

1. Prepare Materials

Duration: 1-3 hours

Wig, one female head mould, four to eight towels, bath towels, or fluffy blankets (legs), six 1.5-litre plastic bottles, several rectangular throw pillows, safety pins, sponges, cylindrical containers, needles and threads, paper cutters or scissors, rubber bands, vaginal masturbators (airplane cups), women's tights, fake breasts, prosthetic hands, and prosthetic foot models are all needed.

2. Install Vagina

Cut a hole in the bottom of the rectangle throw pillow, insert the sponge-containing cylindrical container inside, and carefully tape it to ensure it is firm. It's also smart to place items like vaginal masturbators or airline cups straight inside a pillow if you've already purchased them.



3. Combined Torso

If you want the doll's figure to look better, you can install her ass and breasts, making her fat and sexy. Attach two pillows to a pillow with attached genitals, and secure it with a needle and thread or safety pin.

Purchasing a sex doll torso, like this lovely woman's built-in life-size and can help you better fantasize about sex; it can meet your needs if you want the body parts on the doll's torso to be as lifelike as possible.

sex doll torso


4. Connect Limbs And Head

To create arms and legs, attach the plastic bottles in groups. Next, tie the limbs to the doll. Next, secure all of the pieces with tape and rubber bands. Lastly, wrap the plastic bottle in a towel or blanket and put on tights.

Your homemade sex doll is complete once the prosthetic hand and foot models are attached to the extremities of the limbs, and the female head model is attached to the torso.

5. More Dressing Steps

You can buy clothes and cosmetics for your sex doll to make her seem great in your eyes, which will help your sex life with the doll feel more realistic or merely add enjoyment.

Homemade Male Sex Doll 

The DIY process for creating a lifelike male sex doll is essentially the same as the process for creating a female love doll; all you have to do is swap out the sex doll's genitalia for a dildo and a sex toy strap, then dress him in some men's clothing to create a powerful and seductive male sex doll.

1. Prepare Materials

The following supplies are needed: a male head mould, four to eight towels or blankets, six 1.5-litre plastic bottles, several rectangular throw pillows, needles, thread, scissors, rubber bands, a dildo, men's attire, models for prosthetic hands and feet.

This large cock man will be pleased to assist you if you need a dildo, and his strong, rough lines guarantee the greatest sexual encounter.

big dildo


2. Simple Steps

Install the dildo, then fasten it with sex toy straps to a rectangle cushion. Finally, reinforce it with tape, needle and thread, or pins.

Then adhere to the directions below to create a female doll: Connect the doll's torso, limbs, hands, feet, and head one at a time using the cushion as the base and plastic bottles as the limbs. 

Can't make your own? Buy one! 

Even if the process of building DIY sex dolls is quite intriguing, it may be tough and time-consuming. If you don't want to make sex dolls, buying one is best instead of making your own.

1. Recognize individual customization

Linkdolls will assist you in selecting the most appropriate sort of doll for you and customize the sex doll to fit your needs, including changing the skin colour, hair colour, and even the breast size.

2. Better Sex Experience 

In addition, most of the dolls have flexible built-in skeletons that can pose the dolls in various skeletons that can pose the dolls in a variety of sexual poses, which will surprise you. Life-size sex dolls or sex doll torsos made by the factory using mature and delicate craftsmanship will look more like a real woman and give you a more realistic feeling.



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