4 suggestions Which is better? A new sex doll or a used one


Because what may fool even the most astute consumers? If you are very concerned about your health. New sex dolls should be your first choice. Should you buy a new sex doll or a used one? Could you take a look at my advice?

New sex dolls are very tempting, but sometimes we are always attracted to second-hand dolls for some reason. The reason may be the price of the used dolls.

Of course, it could also be the advertising slogan the seller has used only once or twice. Before people buy used dolls, they are worried about whether the dolls will give them an STD.

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Although AIDS has not completely disappeared, we do not live in the shadow of AIDS and STDs. With proper cleaning, used dolls may bring you a surprise. But it can also be a trap to fall into consumer attention. Remember that even the most astute consumers may fall for it.

So how exactly do you choose between a new and a used doll? If you still need to decide, I'll give you a detailed comparison of the differences between new and used dolls. It will help you with your decision.

1. New dolls are more secure for your health

2. Used dolls are kinder to your wallet

3. Used dolls give you the same high as new dolls give you

4. Buying a new doll is a solid investment


  In recent years there has been a growing interest in sex dolls. This interest includes not only new cuties but also used dolls. There is always a magical charm to second-hand stuff.

People are always attracted by advertising messages that have only been used once or twice. There is no denying that there are times when these used goods do bring us a pleasant surprise.   

But what you are buying is, after all, a sex doll, so please remain cautious. If you must buy them, please ensure you know them well enough.

New dolls are safe and trustworthy.

We all know that sexually transmitted diseases are spread from person to person. When your sex object is a doll, you cannot worry about contracting STD. But second-hand dolls can no longer be one of them.

The difference between a used doll and a new doll is that you cannot know if the last person who used her had an STD. If the previous user had an STD, then there is a good chance that you will also be infected. The seller certainly won't tell you if he has an STD or not.


  Suppose you do not want to deliver your safety to a stranger. Then it is recommended to buy new dolls. Because the latest sex dolls can not lie. New dolls are safe. Purchasing a new sex doll is also a layer of protection for your health because you are her first owner.

Used dolls are cheap.

  Most of the time, we choose to buy used dolls because of their price. Most of the cost of a brand-new silicone sex doll is bought for several thousand dollars. This could be a month or even two months of your salary. But the price of a used beauty is generally a third or less of a brand-new doll.


  So it seems as long as the focus is on high-temperature sterilization and daily cleaning. The use of used dolls is not so difficult to accept a thing. After all, they can save you a lot of money. Since there is the opportunity to save money, why give up?

Used dolls and new dolls are the same functions.

  Is there any difference in function between a used doll and a new sex doll? The answer is no. Yes, you heard that right, as long as the used sex dolls you buy do not look so broken. Then used sex dolls and brand new sex dolls in the function is not much different.

Of course, to ensure that your purchase channel is the common platform. Buying from individuals can be challenging to get a valid guarantee. Inserting a used doll's vagina and inserting a brand-new doll's vagina can both make you come. It is safe to say that if you don't even feel any difference in their vaginas.

New dolls can be sold after use

 What was a used doll before it was used? That's right, new dolls. Since other people can sell their sex dolls, then you can too. Buying a new doll, you can also sell her. There is no such opportunity to buy a second-hand doll. Because basically, no one will buy a third-hand sex doll.

Suppose you love your new sex doll enough. Maybe she can also sell for a reasonable price. If you can earn a little before, why throw her away to deal with it?

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