4 ways to show you how to enjoy bigass sex doll the best!


 Which one would you choose between BBW and skinny girls? If I were asked, I would select BBW. Her voluptuous body is one of the reasons why I choose them. But the most important reason is their plump buttocks; even veterans full of experience will surrender in front of the beauty's fat ass.

bigass beauty

If any female feature can be rated as a killer, it must be a big ass. Men are defenseless under the voluptuous curves and sculpted version of the fat buttocks. The turn of the buttocks is perfect, whether with tight pants or sexy swimsuit plump buttocks to men bring visual impact is unimaginable. And men like big buttocks are also their biological program. Fat buttocks symbolize fertility and will naturally stimulate male desire. Big ass sex torso doll is born for men's preference. Big ass sex torso doll allows men to realize their dream of having a girlfriend with perfect buttocks.

Now that the dream has come true, it's time to start thinking about if using your bigass sex torso doll can make you feel the most awesome. Here are 4 of the best ways to use a bigass sex torso doll. Referring to these methods will hopefully make you and your beauty get along well.

1.Slap and knead her ass to fulfil your desire.

2.The best place on her to relax your body!

3.Rear entry into her pussy and anus!

4.It would be great to put jeans on for them!

Four ways to get the most out of your experience on bigass sex torso doll

Slap and knead her ass-easiest way to feel orgasm!

Slapping big ass is like a drug. Once you try it and entirely fall in love with the feeling, a soft ass will urge you to punch and knead it. Once you turn this urge into action, you will get a sense of pleasure. If you like to play daddy games or are a dom, the punishment game of spanking must be something you want. This will give you the pleasure of controlling the other person. When you have a big-ass sex torso doll, one of the most straightforward actions can be infinitely more pleasurable.



Relaxing your body-her body is the best!

The soft part is perfect for a pillow or a hand warmer. Big ass sex torso doll's plump buttocks are so smooth that they are perfect for either letting go or leaning on. It's as soft as a pillow on your bed. If you have the idea, she can become your new pillow to accompany you to sleep at night. Sleeping with such a perfectly shaped fat ass at night, I'm sure she'll be in your dreams too. There couldn't be a better booty than this one.

hand on ass


Doggy position into her pussy and anus

How good can it be when the other person has a plump ass during sex? You can hear a crisp sound with every hit. It's like someone is encouraging your sex to motivate you to push harder next time. As your sex doll torso, you can get reasonable access to her forbidden area and explore her pussy. When you use the rear entry position to push your penis deep into her ass, her big ass will sway with your movements, bringing you a significant visual impact.

And their big asses will make their anus look more fascinating and divine. When you enter her anus from behind, it's like entering a gravitational black hole that you won't be able to escape from until you've given vent to all your desires in her ass.

doggy big ass


Wear jeans; she can be prettier!

Skinny jeans will accentuate the curves of your big ass. When you pair your big-ass sex torso doll with a different style of jeans, they will be held up by them. You will get a great sense of satisfaction in the process. It's like a fruit tree that has been planted and is finally bearing fruit. If you like to appreciate the curves of your ass, dressing them up in jeans with them is a suggestion you can't refuse.

big ass in denim shorts 

There is no winning between those flat asses and your big-ass sex torso doll perfection. Big ass is a natural winner.


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